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Jagex is the creator and publisher of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Old School RuneScape. Old School RuneScape was first released as an August 2007 upgrade to the game RuneScape. Since then, the game has had engine upgrades, fresh content, as well as quality of gameplay tweaks that were mostly determined by in-game surveys. OSRS includes a virtual currency that the players can use for performing various in-game microtransactions. Players may buy OSRS Gold at the most competitive prices on MMOPixel's private, safe marketplace. Buyers and sellers can access sales and offers on our site that aren't available anywhere else.

What is Gold in Old School Runescape?

The primary form of currency in the videogame is OSRS Gold. Since the game's beginning, the currency for OSRS hasn't changed. The most essential asset in the game is Old School Runescape gold, which enables players to purchase practically anything through trading or the Grand Exchange. Also Old School Runescape memberships can indeed be purchased with in-game currency by purchasing other players' Runescape Bonds.

Old School Runescape Guide

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How to obtain Old School Runescape Gold in-game?

The process of obtaining Old School Runescape gold may take long time. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to earn OSRS coins, so practically anyone may find the ideal grind for them. chopping down trees and developing other non-fighting talents, to PvP combat to obtain the epic riches of other players.

Players that know what they're doing can make a lot of Old School Runescape money by selling OSRS things on the Grand Exchange. Even new players have excellent chances to make gold, and these chances increase as players level their personas, gain access to new game areas, develop their skills so they can, for instance, slay stronger beasts that yield better loot, start to climb Magic or Yew trees instead of regular ones, or mine Runite ore rather than, say, coal.

Some techniques, like PvP combat, are inherently risky because you need to be reasonably well-equipped and willing to lose most of that equipment in the event of a defeat, whereas others, like woodcutting and fishing, are safe up until a certain point and region where they start to present their own difficulties.

Where to use OSRS Gold in-game?


The greatest way to use gold is to invest it in skills training. Nearly all skills, with the possible exception of combat ones (to a certain extent), cost a lot of gold to learn. If you utilize solely oak planks, leveling Construction, for instance, from 1-84 requires 21M gold. Given that a player will have access to the Ornate Rejuvenation Pool, this is definitely worth the price. In the long run, this saves a lot of cash because it enables the restoration of hitpoints, special attack energy, run energy, prayer points, and the cure of any lowered stats and most status conditions.

 Players might farm more quickly after unlocking Piety, a tremendously potent DPS spell that deals with the undead, at level 70 Prayer. These two succinct examples demonstrate that one of the best ways to spend gold is on skill training. In addition to being a long-term investment in the power of your character, spending gold on skill training "most of the time" pays off by making it possible for players to perform tasks or farm resources more quickly.


Consumables, like food and potions, are a significant component of OSRS and are categorical of investing in. For instance, stamina potions slow the rate at which run energy deteriorates while running by 70% for two minutes and replenish 20% of a player's run energy per dose. Though this may not appear to be a big improvement, the increased uptime on a player's run can nearly quadruple the speed at which they finish tasks. Another excellent food is the anglerfish, which not just recovers 22 health but also has the power to overheal the player, significantly increasing their capacity for survival. The player's ability to cook can also be levelled up by purchasing raw ingredients.


Almost everything in OSRS is tradeable, making it possible to buy top-tier gear without having to slog through challenging content. Mithril or Rune is a fantastic starter kit for gamers. Players will lose 29k gold on the former, and over 130k on the latter. Nevertheless, despite the steep price for novice players, any package will give a power boost right away and let gamers take on more challenging content. However, if they want to spend a fortune, gamers can choose an actual end-game set like Dragon, which will run them about 4 million gold. Even though this sum is excessive, it enables players to completely skip several end-game tasks because their character's strength will have been greatly increased. When it comes to choosing equipment upgrades to buy, the possibilities are unlimited. Always keep a look out for deals that are too good to pass up and products that will improve your build.


Players must spend a varying number and combination of "Runes," a consumable material used in the somewhat unusual magic system of OSRS, in order to cast a spell. Because most runes can't be used again, casting fixed spells can be very expensive. Rare runes, like the Soul Rune, can cost more than 3500 gold each, making it expensive to utilize spells that need them, which makes players reluctant to cast spells. The "save-the-potion" syndrome from any RPG is very similar to this. For the purpose of performing spells, it is highly recommended that players acquire a sizable collection of runes. By doing so, they may be sure to be ready for any circumstance and never be without the ability to cast the spell they require when it may be required.

Old School Runescape Runes


Original Partyhats from the 2001 Christmas event, which resemble crowns and are now discontinued products, are the highest prestige symbol in OSRS and sell for literally millions of OSRS gold each. The availability of original Partyhats is drastically decreasing as more players who possess them to leave the game or get banned. A buyer can look for one if they really want to burn money. They are utilized as investments due to how steady their prices are, given that their supply is constrained and kept under check. Furthermore, donning a Partyhat ensures that players become the talk of the neighborhood whenever they enter.

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