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What is  Palworld Gold?

Palworld Gold is the virtual currency used in the game Palworld. It's a crucial element for players, as it allows them to buy items, equipment, and upgrades within the game. Players typically earn this currency by completing various in-game activities, such as quests and selling items. Palworld Gold plays an essential role in the game's economy, facilitating trade and the acquisition of resources and tools. It's a key component for players aiming to progress and enhance their gameplay experience in Palworld.

How to earn coins in palworld?

To earn gold in Palworld, there are several effective methods you can use. Here's a summary of the key strategies:

Opening Chests: In Palworld, you'll find chests scattered around the Palpagos Islands. These chests, which come in different colors, contain gold coins and other rewards. The rarity of the chest usually indicates the amount of gold it contains. To open these chests, you might need keys, such as Copper or Silver Keys, which you can obtain from exploring or defeating enemies.

Selling Items: You can sell items to the wandering merchant who visits your base. The merchant buys various items found in the game world. Pay attention to items highlighted in blue in your inventory, as they are usually more valuable.

Slaying Pals: It might sound harsh, but defeating Pals in the game can yield extra gold coins.

Assaulting Faction Members: Attacking members of factions like the Rain Syndicate and Free Pal Alliance, who are usually armed and scattered around the archipelago, can result in them dropping gold coins.

Dungeons: Regular dungeons throughout the game are another source of gold. Faction members inside these dungeons can be defeated repeatedly for gold.

Selling Pals and Humans: Selling excess Pals and even humans to the Black Marketeer or other merchants can earn you a significant amount of gold.

Selling Materials: Gathering and selling resources like rubies can be profitable. You can set up a base dedicated to mining resources for selling purposes.

Raids: Defending your base against raids from Syndicate and Free Pal Alliance members can also earn you gold coins.

Loot Chests: Regularly exploring the world and looting chests is a consistent way to accumulate gold. Some chests require keys, which you can find in dungeons.

Selling Food: Cooking and selling food items like Grilled Chipiki and Lamball Kebabs to merchants in the Small Settlement can be a good source of gold, especially early in the game.

Catching Pals: Capturing and then selling Pals like Chipiki and Lamballs can be lucrative. You'll need to stock up on Spheres to catch them effectively.

How to Buy  Palworld Gold on MMOPIXEL?

Getting your required amount of  Palworld Gold at MMOPixel is easier than ever before. You will need to follow the steps below;

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Which Payment Methods Are Available at MMOPixel?

As you can notice in the screenshot above, at MMOPixel, we have over a dozen payment methods at your disposal. As a buyer, you can choose the one of your preference to complete your transaction. Keep in mind that any of these methods has its own processing fee. Anyway, our site has cheaper fees than any seller on the Internet.

And What About the Refund Guarantee?

We assure you get your money back if you give up the purchase of  Palworld Gold for sale. Of course, refunds work only before you have the Gil in your account. 

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