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Buying FFXI Gil Delivery Methods at MMOPIXEL

Usually, we will choose mail delivery for FFXI Gil. You need to accept the friend request from us, and then we will send you the mail with FFXI Gil in-game. So you need to stay online to accept the friend request. 

1. Online bazaar trade:
Please keep your character online and wait at Bastok Markets in the game. You have to sell your products first at the right place then we will buy your bazaar staff and arrange the delivery as soon as possible. It is a very secure trading method.
2. Trade via mog house:
We use mog house to deliver your Gil. You can get your Gil even if you offline. Each time we can only deliver 1 million Gil to you, so we suggest you choose this method if you want to order about 1 million Gil. Please note that we may not deliver your Gil successfully if your package is full.
3. Face To Face Trade:
Please wait for us in the game after you place the order. We will get in touch with you instantly and deal with you face to face. We will offer you several trading places and you don't have to wait at one designated location.