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Buy Star Trek Online Energy Credits - MMOPixel the Safest Marketplace

Based on the well-known Gene Roddenberry Star Trek television series, Star Trek Online is a massively multiplayer online game that is free to play. The first MMORPG in the Star Trek series, Star Trek Online, was made available for Microsoft Windows on February 2, 2010. The game had an initial game purchase requirement and an ongoing monthly cost. It was revived on January 17, 2012, with a free-to-play access tier.

Here at MMOPIXEL, we have a list of trusted vendors from where you can purchase STO credits to further your adventure and compliment your gameplay. Players are advised to buy STO Credits from one of the reliable Star Trek Online credits suppliers on MMOPIXEL at the lowest price because STO Credits are necessary to appreciate the in-game content fully.

What are Energy Credits in Star Trek?

Star Trek Online Energy Credits serve as the game's primary medium of exchange. STO Energy Credits are used by players to purchase a variety of items. Better strategies and weapons can increase the players' chances of winning in fierce ground or space battles. When a player achieves a higher level, they can purchase additional space and ground-based deflectors, shields, and ships for STO Energy Credits. Players want to purchase Star Trek Online Energy Credits because these weapons can demonstrate incredible strength in combat. Energy Credits for Star Trek Online can be transferred directly, through a fleet bank, or through an account bank; they cannot be sent to other characters or players by email.

Star Trek Online Energy Credits

Why do you need Energy Credits in Star Trek?

Unfortunately, collecting STO Energy Credits isn't the most interesting thing a player can do. For gamers who only want to have just enough credits to progress through the game, every day can appear like a struggle because there is no quick and simple way to gain credits. There are third-party platforms like MMOPixel, where purchasers can acquire Star Trek Online credits from merchants. Players will find it simpler to find the dream battlecruiser as player-to-player internet marketplaces continue to proliferate. The period when they had to squander their time working for credits is long gone. Settle in and take it easy. Using STO energy credits, at their disposal, players can quickly acquire a variety of potent spacecraft.

Where do use Star Trek Credits in the game?

The game is distinct due to its two game modes, Ground and Space, in addition to its three-class structure, which is quite straightforward but appropriate. Players can walk across worlds and engage adversaries in the Ground Mode. Contrarily, in Space Mode, where players travel & engage in interstellar combat with other ships, they must maximize the performance of their craft. Players require Star Trek Online Credits in order to create a sturdy ship and outfit their characters using the finest equipment (game currency). Players have more opportunities to farm for STO credits thanks to STO.

How to get STO Credits in-game?

STO EC Currency, the most significant commodity in Star Trek Online, can be acquired in a number of ways. By performing tasks or selling stuff to merchants, players get paid some Star Trek Online Energy Credits. While earning STO Energy Credits is a gradual but consistent process, Tour The Galaxy is at the same time very similar. But it takes a while to do this. Those who have not yet attained level 50 are not advised to use this strategy.

Purchasing Star Trek Online Energy Credits from us is the simplest and most practical method. Players, at MMOPIXEL only need to invest a small amount of time to earn the most STO Energy Credits without spending a lot of time and effort. We can offer gamers enough affordable Star Trek Online Energy Credits for sale.

Star Trek Online Energy Credit

Why should you ‘buy’ Star Trek Online Credits?

Making money is a challenge, just as in real life. Players should work hard to earn even when in the game. There is no disputing that it takes a lot of time for wealth to amass, whether it be via performing tasks or through dealing with others. The issue is that not all people have the time to invest in carrying out those tiresome, repetitive duties in order to earn virtual currency. There are several possible explanations, like the necessity to prioritise anything else over playing video games or the need to study. Whatever their motivation, purchasing STO currency is indeed the quickest way to obtain the money they require. They can focus on what they would like to do instead of wasting time farming and grinding them.

The online market of MMOPixel is the finest location for these transactions. Security makes sure that no illegal activity enters the market. Since there is always a seller and a buyer for any form of offer, the community maintains a constant flow of products and services. Last but not least, since there are no subscription costs, everything on the platform is quite affordable.

Star Trek Online Gameplay Features

STO differs from several other MMO games in a number of ways, not the least of which is the fact that it is based on a well-known sci-fi genre. The tactical, engineer, as well as science officer classes, are the three main categories. Every class in this MMO plays a certain purpose, just like in other MMOs. The very first one (tactical officer) is about warfare; this class is made to fight & do destruction in a variety of methods. Support for STO comes from the second class (the engineer). They support player healing, ship maintenance, & tactical officers' increased damage output. Every party requires an engineer. The final position (the science officer), which is a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none kind, combines the tactical officer as well as the engineer. Players can deal damage, heal, repair, & buff with a science officer on their side.

Creating a Character

You can pick between choosing a human character and almost any other unusual humanoid race that you've seen on the Enterprise or Deep Space Nine. Instead of using numerous ineffective sliders, you can select from a variety of character presets that significantly alter appearance. 

Amazing Audio and Visuals

The game looks and sounds great, and will appeal to fans of Star Trek design and music. Although the ship interiors and exteriors, planet surfaces, music, and equipment are all very different, they all manage to stay true to the Star Trek universe that you are already familiar with. The necessary tricorder and phaser audio effects are also contained in the sound effects.


For land missions (or ship interior missions, for that matter), the fighting system entails shortcut bars at the bottom of the screen, shin-kicking foes until they fall, and then looting their corpses for small items and weapons. The looting system incorporates replicators from the shows, and you can recycle equipment by melting it down to create energy credits. For instance, you can trade in one auxiliary battery for four banana pancakes worth of energy credits. 

Star Trek Online Gameplay

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