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Temtem is really a massively multiplayer RPG adventure game for the PC that was developed by Crema and released via Humble Bundle. The primary currency in TemTem is referred to as Pansun. Players will require a tonne of this money to purchase various products, including breeding items and cards for capturing TemTem. There are several ways to harvest this crucial resource, but if you lack the time or the perseverance to grind out the required quantity, you can always purchase Temtem Pansun through our sellers here on MMOPixel.

What is Temtem?

Temtem, a game that can be played on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, is quite similar to Pokemon games in that the main objective is to collect monsters and engage in combat with other players. The imaginary creatures called Temtem are the game's mainstay and its namesake.

Temtem focuses on building a world where children can imagine themselves as Temtem tamers, travelling to the 6 islands of the Airborne Archipelago, learning about new species, and making friends. On Deniz's sandy beaches, engage in combat with other tamers or trade with your pals in Tucma's ash-covered lands. Overcome every Dojo Leader to emerge as the supreme Temtem tamer, defeat the perpetually bothersome Clan Belsoto, and end their scheme to dominate the Archipelago! The soaring islands known as the Airborne Archipelago are where Temtem and humans live harmoniously.


Temtem Amazing Gameplay Features!

Selecting a Temtem

You will have to select one of the three initial Temtems soon after the game begins. Mainly if you've been accustomed to the grass, fire, or water starter options in the Pokemon video games, this can be a challenging decision. You can choose from the Crystle, the Melee-type Smazee, and the Mental-type Houchic in Temtem. Which starter you prefer is the most crucial thing to consider while choosing. There isn't any wrong decision because various players may find different aspects of each starter's design appealing.

Side Quests

You will encounter other Tamers and characters who need your assistance as you travel each island. If you interact with them, they will typically seek help by gathering something, displaying a Temtem, or looking for another NPC. These missions are frequently easy to finish, giving you access to various useful supplies. For example, pansuns, the in-game commodity always in limited supply, is the prize for several quests. Other quests offer valuable goods or equipment that your Temtems can equip to give them tactical advantages in combat.

Playing Co-op

Temtem is an MMO; thus, there are still several social encounters to be enjoyed even though they aren't as often as in other MMOs now available. As an illustration, the full game can be enjoyed cooperatively with a friend. Together, you can encounter & tame wild Temtems, engage in combat with other Tamers in dojos, or perform side missions. Each player in co-op mode commands a group of three Temtems, and you'll need to cooperate with your companion to win battles. Furthermore, side quests and the main story can be advanced simultaneously, and difficult dojo & tamer bouts can be taken on simultaneously. Invite a friend or another player to assist you if you're struggling in a particular fight.

Skills and Abilities

The first half of the battle is figuring out what skills are effective against what. You must also become familiar with the real typings from every new Temtem you come across if you are new to Temtem. Therefore, we advise you to tame as many fresh Temtems as possible.

What is Pansun in Temtem?

The primary currency within Temtem MMO is Pansun. You can buy anything you want from NPCs with it. You also need it to breed temtems, and you can exchange them with other players to sell Lumas & Perfect SV temtems to millions of Pansun. The story mode finishes at a certain point, even if you start with more Pansuns than you need, which you acquire by fighting NPC trainers. You don't have to keep going back to town for consumables when you can effortlessly grind experience, acquire Temtems, and heal your squad. We at MMOPixel provide users with a plethora of options to purchase Pansun on our website.

Why do you need Pansun in Temtem?

You'll need Pansuns, Temtem's currency within the game, to purchase all the goods (cosmetics, gear, or miscellaneous stuff) you use, including Revives, Balms and TemCards, to play the game effectively. You'll need a lot of cash because you'll need all of these things to maintain your Temtem team in battle shape. However, it is possible to farm it via winning PvP-based matchmaking, selling things at Temporiums, and winning Temtem combat. Another quick and simple option is to get Temtem Pansun from the safe online retailer MMOPixel.

How to earn Pansun in Temtem?

One of the easiest methods to earn money in TemTem each hour is to fight other tamers. However, players will quickly run out of opponents. Therefore, players will be required to catch and release on their farm to keep the money coming in after the conflicts have stopped. In this monster capture video game, capture and release are very simple: first, players must pick up cards to acquire fresh TemTem, then venture out into the world and grab as many as possible.

Carry them all into the Free Temtem Organization inside Superior Omninesia afterwards, where you can buy their release. Each type of TemTem, its characteristics, and other elements of rarity all affect how much Pansun a player receives each TemTem. Players can release every one of their spares anytime they get the chance, but if they only want to farm some money, there are a few ways to increase the amount they earn every hour:

  • Simply use regular cards. TemTem catching cards are available in a plus variety that is more expensive but doesn't significantly increase the catch rate.

  • Any wind-type TemTem that supports Cold Breeze can be used for farming. This move can freeze enemies in place while also making catching much simpler when applied twice. The TemTems Oree, Zaobian, Wiplump, and Volarend can utilize this attack.

  • Utilize Cold Breeze alongside a TemTem with a Special Attack that is extremely high or maxed out. Other TemTem will be more prone to freeze as a result of this.

  • Look for regions with high concentrations of costly TemTem, such as the southwest island close to the Anak Volcano. Magmis and Mastione are abundant in this area and can be liberated for large amounts of Pansun.

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