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The maker of the Lineage video game franchise, NCSoft, will soon release Throne and Liberty, which is an MMORPGProject TL, which was originally meant to serve as the third game in the franchise but was repeatedly postponed owing to development troubles, is now known as Throne and Liberty but also is consequently slated for release in 2023.

The game would be playable on PC & PlayStation 5, featuring an entirely new IP, and will be playable across both platforms. The game includes an in-game currency that can purchase various resources and helps you level up within the game. Although obtaining Lucent would require too much of your time, you can get some Lucent quickly from MMOPIXEL at a very less price, and that too in a secure way.

About Thrones and Liberty

The South Korean makers of the Lineage series and Guild Wars will return with their new game, Throne and Liberty. The game was first introduced in 2011 under a unique title and has had several delays because of beta testing that has stagnated. But now that a Director's Preview has been made available, we know more than ever about what the game is about.

An expansive MMORPG, the Throne and Liberty is one continuous, explorable world. In addition, the MMORPG comes with dynamic weather phenomena that will alter how the environment looks and functions. Although a storyline is a part of the game, the developer team has stated it to be a "background tale" instead of something that takes centre stage because it is an MMO designed to allow players to define their plots.


What is Thrones and Liberty 'Lucent'?

The most important in-game commodity is Throne & Liberty Lucent, which can be spent to purchase TL products and enhance gameplay. You must dedicate your time to completing tasks, gathering goods, and engaging in other activities if you want to farm TL Lucent. You can easily buy Throne & Liberty Lucent from a safe and reputable online retailer. MMOPixel is your best option to avoid spending time and effort looking for and manufacturing the needed resources.

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Thrones and Liberty features fans can expect

Class-less Combat

Because there are no classes in the combat system in TL, players may modify their playstyle by selecting from the various weapons without feeling limited by a particular set of skills & abilities. PVP is an optional feature, although it will be available if a user visits specific zones during the PVP events. PVP comes with a grading system. Guilds can compete against each other for possession of certain map zones and gain advantages.

Focuses on players joining forces!

A dynamic game environment and a link between players and NPCs are created in Throne and Liberty using console and adventure elements. The second concept is all about collaboration. To beat difficult bosses, players will be required to cooperate.

It appears like Throne and Liberty contains a lot of party-required boss encounters. It's unclear whether the game is PvE-focused. Collaboration comes first, and competition comes second. Throne and Liberty don't have a particular target market in mind. It serves players from all around the world and all age groups. This implies that PvP enthusiasts won't be overlooked.

Dynamic Weather System

Imagine you are slaughtering mobs in the wide world. The climate shifts. Not much of a bother, you may say. The weather in T&L is more than simply a gorgeous picture on a screen. The wind's direction and strength affect your arrows' trajectory and speed. Lighting magic spells struck one foe on a sunny day. The spell turns into an AOE assault when it starts to rain. The weather is also against you. 

Water might flood a castle's underground sewage during a siege fight, blocking your entrance. Of course, there will be further choices. The attack won't need to be delayed due to inclement weather. You can alter the weather if it doesn't cooperate with your plans. Players can start rainstorms and solar eclipses. That feature is fascinating.


Traveling made easier

Exploration and travel are essential, especially regarding how we move from one location to another. The developers developed a clever solution. Characters can change into creatures of the earth, sea, and air. You become the mount; therefore, you don't need one. You'll be capable of transporting other players while you're an animal.

Countless weapons to choose from

Our melee fighter is armed with a shield and a one-handed weapon. He has the power to attract crowds to him. A second melee figure attacks several enemies simultaneously while using a two-handed sword. A spell-casting magician with a staff is also seen. When the mob closes in, the character can use a hybrid melee/ranged combat style to launch arrows from a bow and a sword. Another character has a grappling hook that can climb mountains. The narrative has a connection to the weaponry.

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Refund Procedure

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The developers have stated that they wish to "minimize" the impact of P2W systems and maintain a thin distinction between those who pay and those who do not. Some P2W, but not too much. Furthermore, we are aware that NCSOFT virtually always incorporates P2W into its games. Therefore, we believe the only issue is "How much P2W?"

The game may be played quickly by those who understand it. Those that pay will be able to benefit more. Players with less playing time can catch up by having Lucent. It is suggested that players interested in investing in the game carry a sizable sum of Lucent on hand since doing so will be advantageous given the game's P2W features, and MMOPixel provides just that.

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