10 M Mesos
10 M Mesos
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20 M
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50 M
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70 M
80 M
90 M
100 M
150 M
200 M
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500 M
800 M
1000 M
1250 M
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2000 M

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Delivery Methods:

Trade through Black Market [Recommended]

Put an item in Maplestory 2 Black Market.

Please set a special price, for example, for 1000K,

please set like 1,000,001 ~ 1,000,999 in order to avoid the same item and price with others.

Upload a screenshot of the listed item.

Tax on Market sale is NOT COVERED by us.

● The item should be listed with random last 3 digits. Example 1M Mesos, the Registered price should be like 1,000,693.

● If purchased amount over 100M, Please list the same Stackable items. Example 100M Mesos, list 10 potions with 10M each.

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great service and fast live chat which was good very very fast compared to anything else ive experienced.

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Pretty quick delivery considering the window they told me. Will def order again.

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great site to order from, always great to deal with. good support !

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