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Dark Souls 3 Items

This image shows Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls is known for its ruthless gameplay and it isn’t a secret that the more items you have the better your life will be. Therefore, here at MMOPixel, you can Buy Dark Souls 3 Items at the cheapest rates without having to deal with late deliveries and lazy customer service. 

How to Buy Dark Souls 3 Items on MMOPixel

When it comes to Purchasing the Dark Souls 3 Items, MMOPixel has made everything easy. It is like Buying something from your favorite online store. Simply go to the MMOPixel Dark Souls 3 Items page here and follow the steps below

  • From various Dark Souls 3 Items select the one you like and click on that item.

  • Afterward you will have to select the Server and the Quantity of your Item.

  • Now, click on Buy Now if you want to get onwards with the purchase of only this Item or you can add it to your cart if you are willing to shop something else at MMOPixel

  • After clicking Buy Now, you will be brought to the Delivery Information tab. From here enter the Character Name you have in-game, your PSN Online ID (for console), Xbox Tag (for Xbox) and then proceed with Buy Now

  • Finally, you will be brought to the Shopping Cart where you have to fill in your Contact Information and at the end check your Payment Method of choice.

  • After clicking on Proceed to Checkout you will make the purchase and it will be delivered to you in 24 Hours Guaranteed.

Delivery Methods

Player Trade/Face to Face

Our choice is always going for the best Delivery Method possible. In the case of Dark Souls 3 Items, the most reliable way is to come to Face 2 Face with the seller or also called Player Trade. After Buying the Dark Souls 3 Item from MMOPixel, you will be contacted by the seller. 

Afterward, you can patch up the time, and then in-game you will have to call the other player in your world, and then a trade can be made. There is no direct in-game Trade method and the only way to give Dark Souls 3 Items is through this method.

We have professional sellers and amazing Customer Support who are always there to support you. So, don’t worry, the Seller will make contact and in case you want assistance you can always refer to Customer Support on MMOPixel Site.

How to Sell Dark Souls 3 Items on MMOPixel 

Ultimately you can also sell your Dark Souls 3 Items on MMOPixel and make a great living out of that in the most professional way possible. You just have to make sure that every item is from a genuine source and not from illegal sources. 

For further assistance you can contact us at our Email: [email protected] or our Customer Support can also help you in this matter.

Is it Safe to Buy Dark Souls 3 Items from Third Party Sellers?

Honestly, the first thing that comes to your mind when Buying Dark Souls 3 Items or anything online is whether to trust the seller or not. We can’t guarantee any third party seller but the only thing we can ensure you about is your experience Buying Dark Souls 3 Items here at MMOPixel.com

Here we have the most professional sellers available who are continuously getting the Dark Souls 3 Items through legal ways and have everything in stock. Our main goal here is customer satisfaction and reliability. That is why we guarantee you within 24 hour delivery as there are some things that we don’t have control over. 

Butter on top, if things don’t go as planned or you changed your mind, we offer a Refund through our Refund Policy. We will give back the amount for that Order in case you asked for a refund before the actual delivery. 

So, don’t worry about anything and Buy Dark Souls 3 Items here at MMOPixel so that you can save up a lot of tension, as well as your previous time. 

About Dark Souls 3

This image shows Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is a world continued from Dark Souls 1 and Darksouls 2, more noticeably the first part. Here you are an ashen one who literally goes out to fulfill the destiny, fight various strange monsters and enemies with their own background.

The whole game itself is set in a dark and old medieval era, where you utilize various bonfires to save your game and get one hit by enemies. Amazingly, this game is known for its difficulty, its depth and its gameplay. 

When you die you respawn at the previous bonfire you saved your game at and you also lose your Souls (in-game currency). You can also Buy Dark Souls 3 Souls from MMOPixel. 

So, as you move onwards with your destiny, you start getting better equipment, get higher levels and fight bigger monsters. But, one thing remains the same here, enemies can destroy you completely, while you have to manage your stamina, your health and your mana. Everything should be managed here, ranging from your souls, what you pick in the game (inventory), your equipment and what you spend on. 

There is a lot of depth in the game, you can take shortcuts, you can talk to various NPCs to make your journey easier or you can simply choose a specific profession and gift at the beginning of the game to get a completely different path. 

What are Dark Souls 3 Items

This image shows Dark Souls 3 Items

Items in Dark Souls 3 are the extra things that you need to enhance your character like your Armor, your Ammunition, your Set, your Consumables, your Shield, Upgrades, Weapons and Rings. You can buy Dark Souls 3 Items to make your life easier. Simple as that!

While one thing to note is that you need the Dark Souls 3 items in the game, it isn’t like you can survive without it. Some highly advanced players don’t have armor or other Items, but they still have to use weapons to go onwards with the game which is also considered Dark Souls 3 Item. 


These are the items that you use alongside other weapons like crossbows, bows and other types of bows. Ammunition is divided into arrows and bolts, while they can also be inflicted with extras like bleed, poison, lightning, fire, and magic as their secondary magic damage alongside their physical damage.

Armor and Armor Set

Just like any other game in Dark Souls 3 you are getting the Armor to protect yourself from damage and also enhance your resistance to certain effects or magic. Furthermore, there are certain Armor sets that are made for only cosmetic use. 

You can’t upgrade the armor here in Dark Souls 3, rather you have to simply get a new one. There are Helmet pieces, Chest pieces, Gauntlets, Leggings, Gloves and so on. 


The consumables are added to the game for enhancing the effects or giving you certain benefits for a short period. There are various consumables like Flasks, Blessings, Siegbrau, Green Blossom, Repair, Powders, Bones, Stones, Coins and Fragments. 


Rings are one of the most important Dark Souls 3 Items that you can equip in order to achieve various benefits. You can have only 4 Rings at a time equipped to get their benefits while you can have many more in your inventory.

You can change one ring quickly to another for benefit purposes and that makes them versatile. 

Shields and Upgrades

If you want to survive in Dark Souls 3, you need to have a shield because it is the only thing that blocks the attacks to some extent and also allows you to perry the attacks, making an opening. It is exceptionally important in the early game.

In Dark Souls 3 there are quite a lot of shield types, styles and some even give you a specific buff. There are small shields, there are standard shields, there are great shields, and ultimately you can upgrade all of them to maximum potential as well. 

Some weapons can even allow you to have specific bonus damage on them like fire damage, ice damage, blood loss and so on. These Upgrades are through specific Items that you can also Buy from MMOPixel.

Weapons and Upgrades

Last but not least, the final type of Dark Souls 3 Item is a weapon. For the most part weapons are the on hand equipment that allows you to attack enemies inflicting physical or magical damage on them. 

For each hand there can be only three weapons and it is essential to have a weapon that allows you to go for specific damage, stamina with attacks and moveset. Each weapon has its own skill and you can also upgrade weapons to their max potential. 

These Upgrades are through specific Items called as Shards that you can also Buy from MMOPixel.

How to get Dark Soul 3 Items

In Dark Souls 3, you have to basically find corpses, get to specific locations, kill enemies and do specific quests to get Items. You can also purchase most of them in the game itself through Dark Souls 3 Souls. 

In Game Storyline

Dark Souls 3 isn’t like other games where you can simply do side quests and sub stories to get specific items. There is only one way here and that is doing the Main Game Storyline that takes you to specific locations and monsters. 

Yes, there are some specific locations hidden that unlock as you kill bosses or open other areas but that is quite rare here. Most of the items that you get in Dark Souls 3 are from the Main StoryLine as you proceed in the game.

Killing Bosses and Enemies

Furthermore, you can also get Dark Souls 3 Items from Killing the Enemies and especially fighting Bosses. The weapons, shields and upgrades are mostly found through these enemies. 

Each boss in Dark Souls 3 drops his/her own weapon, shield, armor or other items which you can pick up and use.

From Corpses and Hidden Locations

Dark Souls 3 is known for its hidden locations where you can find corpses and on these corpses you will find. Try to no avoid the separate paths that you find in game and there you can find out the various Dark Souls 3 Items, especially the special ones like Upgrade Shards. 

Buying them from Merchants

In Dark Souls 3 there are specific merchants like Cornyx who can sell you Dark Souls 3 Items and special equipment including Shield and Weapon upgrades. You can also buy Ammunition from them, weapons and every item you can possibly imagine. 

One of the most important merchants you can find in Dark Souls 3 is available in Undead Settlement. 

Buy from MMOPixel

Finally you can Buy Dark Souls 3 Items from trusty seller MMOPixel. We have professional sellers and an exceptional service for you to trust on. It will save you a lot of time and will help you make the best out of Dark Souls 3 without worrying about Dark Souls 3 Items.

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