When will my order be delivered?

The delivery time is between 15 min to 24 hours. If your order is delayed unreasonably, we accept a full refund/compensation application.

To not unnecessarily delay the process of your order, we kindly ask you not to contact our support staff if the delivery time has not yet been exceeded.

Please contact us if:

The delivery time is significantly exceeded.

You did not receive an order confirmation.

Possible reasons why delivery delays may occur with virtual items/currencies:

Servers are being updated/patched.

Servers are being down.

Very high demand for a particular product.

Your order is being reviewed by us and you may not have replied to our audit email.

You game character name error or server name error.

Should there be a delivery delay on our part, we kindly ask you to excuse the inconvenience.

You can always check your order's current status here.

Alternatively, you can also login to your MMOPIXEL account and go to \"My Account\", then click \"My Orders\".