We utilize trustworthy third-party providers to confirm your identity and the authenticity of your order. Your order may be under verification review if our system identifies any potential risk, or if we have reached out to you for additional verification.

Depending on the level of verification, you may be required to complete the following tasks:

  1. Email Verification( use your payment email to send us an email)

  2. Identity card Verification(Just need to see your full name)

  3. Certificate in hand Verification(the photo should include both your face and your ID.)

  4. Phone verification(Verify within 1 minute)

1.Email Verification

You need to use your payment email to send us an email.

2. Identity card Verification

We may need you to provide identification to ensure the security of the order.

You can provide a passport, driver's license, student ID, or any official document as long as it contains your full name.

To secure your privacy, feel free to cover any other private information we do not require.

Example identifications are below:

3. Certificate in hand verification

Please hold your identification and take a photo to upload.

The photo should include both your face and your ID. This step is meant to further ensure the security of the order.

Example identifications are below:


Registered members can also upload authentication information to the member center at the front of the https://www.mmopixel.com/myverification website

4.Phone verification

We need you to provide your phone number to verify your order.

Once we receive your phone number, we will call you within 5 minutes to verify the order.

Here's some brief information about it:

  • All information is strictly confidential - no advertising calls

  • Verify within 1 minute

After verification, your order will be processed promptly. Should you decide against verification, we will immediately process a full refund.

Your understanding and cooperation are crucial in maintaining the security of mmopixel.com. We promise to respect and protect your personal information throughout the verification process. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we look forward to your ongoing support.