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WotLK Classic Gold - Buy all the Gold you Need in WoW!

Start with your path in Northrend and face the Wrath of the Lich King. But first, come for your WotLK Classic Gold to be prepared for your new icy adventure! Playing Wow 9.2? Buy WoW gold here

WotLK Classic Gold at MMOPixel

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How to Buy WotLK Gold on MMOPixel

To buy WotLK Gold, you will need to: 

  • Simply select the offer of your convenience,

  • Click “Add to Cart,” 

  • Place the order by selecting the server and the amount you want to purchase.

  • Click “Pay Now.” 

  • Choose the delivery method of your preference – Auction Trade or Mail in Game. Depending on the method you choose, the platform will ask you for different information. 

  • You’ll be redirected to a form you’ll have to fill out with your contact details. Then select the payment method and proceed to checkout. 

We offer World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lick King Gold at the best price on the market. Besides, we provide fast delivery, faster than other sites, so you get your order in a matter of minutes or hours.

Note. You don't need to register on our website or create an MMOPixel account to buy WoW Classic (WOTLK) Gold or access our services,  but you can sign up and log in to add items to a favorite list.

How Does the Delivery Method Work?

As mentioned, we deliver Gold through three methods: in-game mail, Auction House trade, or Face-2-Face Trade. 

Auction House

We will ask you for your character name and item name. The Auction duration is 24 hours. We’ll cover the 5% Auctions fees. The item(s) above Green Quality is (are) required for a safe transaction.

The steps to complete this transaction are the following:

  • Choose Auctions to sell your items. 

  • Drag an item into the Auction item Box.

  • Set the duration to 24 hours.

  • Set the buyout price.

  • Click “Create Auction.”

This way, you will buy your time for the amount of money you buy on our platform. 

In-Game Mail Delivery

This method will ask you for your character's name. After entering your character name, select “Buy Now” and complete the process. We’ll mail the Gold to you via Mailbox in the game.

Face-to-Face Trade

Our supplier will deliver the WOW Classic Gold to you face to face in the game. 

How to Sell WotLK Classic Gold

We buy WotLK Gold on all servers. If you’re interested in selling Gold, our page is the right place for you. However, your gold has to be obtained via legit methods. For more details, contact our live support.

Email: [email protected]

Is It Safe to Buy WotLK Classic Gold from Third-Party Sellers?

This is a very common question. Our site is a reliable and professional platform that has been in business for many years. We only work with experienced suppliers who have millions of gold in stock. Besides, our suppliers only get WOTLK gold via legit ways, i.e., farming, killing mobs, and selling gear or items. 

We have over 10 years of experience buying and selling in-game currencies. We’ll secure all your transactions and guarantee you maximum efficiency no matter which payment method you prefer. The safety of your account is our priority. Furthermore, thanks to our full refund policy, your money will be refunded as soon as you cancel your order. 

Buying Gold in MMOPixel is the best option in many aspects. Stay safe with MMOPixel and avoid shady sellers, as there are dozens of fraudulent websites on the market. Thus, we advise you to buy gold only from our reliable and proven sellers with proven experience in selling goods and currencies of the most popular games.  

We offer a 24-hour guarantee, i.e., we can deliver your order almost immediately. Of course, some factors can affect the delivery time, but these are beyond our control. However, your currency will be shipped within 24 hours.

About WotLK Classic

WotLK Classic, or Wrath of the Lich King Classic, is the new major expansion of WoW, the classic free-to-play massively multiplayer online action role-playing game. The original WotLK was released ten years ago, in November 2008, but now it comes back in a new release.  

Wrath of the Lich King introduces you to a new entire continent of the game world of WoW, Northrend, an icy continent located in the north of Azeroth. Here lies the Lich King, a powerful and cruel regent who wields the Frostmourne. 

Your mission is to enter this new continent of the World of Warcraft and face the minions of the Lich King and defeat their master. And to do this, you’ll need all the WoW WotLK Gold you can get. Here, at MMOPixel, you can buy WoW WotLK Gold and build your path to your destiny!

What is  Classic WotLK Gold?

WoW Classic WotLK Gold is a major and crucial in-game currency in WoW Classic, the famous MMORPG. Thanks to this fundamental resource, you can buy new equipment and weapons and repair the old ones. You can also buy reagents for crafting materials and items, and mounts, such as the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, as well as leveling up your professions. 

Gold and other trade valuables are constantly circulated between all the players of the game world to provide a decent economy. Gold is desperately needed in many edges of the game, even basic training. Gold is necessary to do almost everything, such as getting the best gear, spells, and weapons, and used for end-game content. 

In short, you need Wrath Classic Gold to get all kinds of resources to advance your adventure in Northrend and Azeroth, no matter if you’re a member of the Alliance or the Horde. 

As WotLK is one of the most important things of the game, you can get cheap WotLK Gold on MMOPixel and gain access to all the secrets of World of Warcraft Classic The Lich King expansion.

Why Do I Need WoW WotLK Classic Gold?

Four characters in the Auction House of Wow selling to get WotLK Gold

Like in many other MMORPGs, in-game currencies are an integral part of the player-driven economy. WotLK Gold is not the exception. With Gold coins in your pockets, you can trade items directly in the Auction House. This way, you can get all the necessary items to progress in your path, regardless of your class or specialization.

At MMOPixel, we know that getting WoW Gold requires a lot of grinding and may take you several hours. Thus, we bring the fastest option for obtaining WotLK Gold. Whether you are a pro or a total newbie, then the WotLK Gold for sale we offer here is what you need!

Which Are the Best Ways of Getting WotLK Classic Gold?

Two characters fighting against a Gold Monster in a raid in WotLK WoW

If grinding is your thing, you may want to get WotLK gold yourself. And that’s fine! Below you’ll find the best five methods to get this main currency within Azeroth and Northrend. You can leverage all of them or focus on those you prefer. It’s up to you!


This is very likely one of the most popular and easiest ways to make enough Gold in WoW and WotLK. A great aspect of this method is that you get some rewards thanks to the Gold conversion ratio. This will give you 6 copper for every XP you gain. 

You can also go on daily quests when you no longer have quests to complete. Daily quests not only reward you in gold but some crafting rewards and reputation.


In the new land of Northrend, there are several locations and dungeons where gamers can farm Gold easily. Anyway, regarding currency farming, WotLK presents some challenges worth mentioning. Just try to have basic training before heading on the adventure. Some good locations are the following:

  • Shadow Moon Valley – Level 60 - 70. In this location, near the black temple, you can pull some targets and get decent Gold from PvE and even get some experience and power leveling.

  • Eastern Plaguelands – Level 70 - 75. Here you can kill humanoid targets, which are stacked. 

  • Tanaris – Level 70 - 75. Here you find the dungeon Sulfur Rack, which you can raid for a few hours to get a good amount of money. 

  • Isle of Quel’danas – Level 75 - 80. Here you can find a lot of humanoid foes which you can pull into a building providing AoE. 

  • Coilfang Reservoir, in Zangarmarsh – Level 70 - 80. Here you find the dungeon, Slave Panes. Despite this being a Burning Crusade dungeon, you can get a lot of Gold by pulling a few enemies together. 

  • Hellfire Citadel - Level 65 - 75. In this location, you’ll find another dungeon of the previous expansion, Hellfire Ramparts. Here you find creatures with a bit lower level than those you find in Slave Pens, so you can get more money. Just remember not to pull many targets at a time. 

This is a good alternative to buying WoW Classic WotLK Gold but not mutually exclusive.

Dual Talent Specialization

This is very useful since you can have two different specs from a Class Trainer and switch between them anytime you want. This way, you can select the right spec to farm and kill several targets with AoE, or be part of a raid with healing abilities, if you prefer. 


This corresponds to an Auction-style raid where all the party members bid on items dropped while running the raid. The highest bid gets the items, but all the gold from the bids is put all together in a pot. This pot will be distributed among all the members of the party equally. 

This is one of the most profitable ways of getting Gold in Wrath of the Lich King. Anyway, you’ll have to consider the following:

  • Build a high-level alt character equipped with decent gear.

  • Start the raid with a group that will clear the content faster.

  • Set a bid limit to avoid overspending. 


An NPC selling potions and tinctures for herbalism in WotLK WoW

Like in WoW: The Burning Crusade, getting Gold in WotLK Classic depends on your profession. Some professions have steady incomes due to their natural abilities. Let’s make a distinction between the most profitable professions.

Professions with Steady Income

Professions like Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, and Cooking fit in this category. These professions are fundamental to getting Gold in WotLK Classic. Alchemy and Cooking will help many players to produce food, potions, and elixir that provide multiple benefits to other players. 

With Alchemy, you can also transmute items and turn rare gems into epic gems, which you can sell at a high price. The most recommendable in this regard is to find a profitable niche and focus on special items with high demand.

Professions with Medium-term Income 

This category fits all those crafting gear professions, such as leatherworking, blacksmithing, and tailoring. These professions are great for using new recipes for BoE items. Getting these patterns at the start may help you to get Gold easily, of course, if these items are in high demand. 

Besides, blacksmiths can attack gem sockets to bracers and belts, which you can sell later to get a good profit. Tailors can also make bags that are very useful for any type of raider. 

Professions with short-term income

Inscription and Herbalism are the two professions that fit in this category. These professions work together since scribes turn herbs into inks. You can use these inks to produce glyphs, scrolls, Darkmoon cards, and some epic items. 

Glyphs are similar to enchants and jewels, and they can be added to characters instead of gears. Then, producing glyphs is very profitable since most players move to gather glyphs at the start of Wrath of the Lich King. 

Regarding Inscription, this is a clean new profession introduced in the cold weather of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. 

And What Now?

Now it’s time to start with your adventures in Northrend. This incredible WotLK expansion, brought to us for Blizzard Entertainment, besides introducing this marvelous new territory, presents the new Death Knight class and the popular Ulduar raid, two more reasons to be part of this story. 

Then create your new character, select your equipment and weapons to gear up them, and use Cold Weather Flying in your flying mounts to fly and reach the most remote corners of Northrend where you can get this precious currency.

But do not forget to buy all the Gold you need to get your basic gear and start your path in Azeroth. 

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