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Star Citizen Overdrive Initiative Boosting Service
Star Citizen Overdrive Initiative Boosting Service
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Buy Star Citizen Ships and Packages

In the unimaginably vast world of Star Citizen, there are quite a lot of things you can do. At the current stage of development, players can get their equipment, and purchase/upgrade various ships to show their value in-game. 

The question is, how can you do it in-game? Well, the simplest explanation is aUEC, which is the in-game currency used to purchase or upgrade stuff, especially those Star Citizen Ships. To buy Star Citizen Ships and Packages, you will have to gain a lot of those aUEC.

Being in the developmental phase, you can see changes being done to your hard-earned aUEC while they are already exceptionally difficult to earn due to fewer missions. This is where the idea of buying Star Citizen Ships comes into consideration.

Gamers are going crazy for the expanding world of Star Citizen. Simply bring flavor and style to your game with our exciting Star Citizen Ships and Packages. Here at MMOPIXEL, we have the best deals for you to explore the Star Citizen Universe.

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Why Buy Star Citizen Ships

To explore the Space of Star Citizen, you need to have a ship and there are quite a lot of them in the game. Other times you might like someone else rides and might be looking to get one for yourself the same or even better. There are even citizens in the world of Star Citizen who is stronger than you and buying a better ship can close the gap.

So, you need to get yourself a ship to fully enjoy the game and get a better reputation as it is everything here in the world of Star Citizen.

Ship Packages in Star Citizen

There are Packages in the game referred to as the Ship packages which contain the game itself (base version), credits, and some ships to help you in your journey. These Packages are exceptionally useful when you want the whole thing in some reliable amount.

At MMOPIXEL we also provide you with some of the best Packages to help you in your Star Citizen Journey. 

Role of Ships in Star Citizen

Every Ship in Star Citizen is made for a specific purpose/role. Some of them are simply to explore the world, while others are made for fighting in space. Below, you will find all of them listed to get a better perspective of what you want to get here at MMOPIXEL;

  • Cargo Ships: 

    Supplies are a must for every station to function. Therefore, there are ships called Cargo Ships which are used for the delivery of goods by traders. It includes C2 Hercules, Hull Series, RAFT, Constellation Taurus, Caterpillar, MPUV Cargo, and Freelancer MAX

  • Bomber Ships:

     Used for Tactical Strikes, these ships come up with torpedoes and other dangerous weaponry. They don’t have the weaponry to defend themselves, rather require a fighter to safely deliver them to the target. It includes Eclipse, Vanguard Harbinger, A2 Hercules, Gladiator, and Retaliator

  • Capital Ships:

     The biggest ships there are in Star Citizen. Cargo Ships are made to carry crew, fighters, people, and other objects at a single time. Besides this, the greatest thing about the Capital Ships is that you can use them up for fighting as well as capital. It includes Pegasus, Idris Frigate, Polaris Corvette, and so on

  • Corvettes:

    They are large ships, a bit around the size of Capital but not like them. They can be used as a support and require a large fleet. There is also a civilian version for the people. It includes ships like Perseus, Hammerhead, and Nautilus

  • Fighters:

     These are the ships that are made to fight and have a capacity of an only dual or single person. They also come up with a torrent that is controlled by a person and face backward to watch the backside of the ship. They are common and can be found in the universe of Star Citizen Effortlessly. It includes Cutlass Black, Arrow, Vanguard Warden, Mustang Delta, Buccaneer, Hurricane, and so on.

  • Exploration Ships:

     These ships come with exceptionally powerful engines along with boosters and fuel tanks that allow them to explore the universe. There are jump points that are used to travel the universe and find discoveries. It includes 600i, 400i, 315p, Carrack, Corsair, Freelancer DUR, Constellation Aquila, and Terrapin

  • Combat Utility Ships:

     These are one of the smallest ships that are used to carry weapons (nonlethal), special equipment, radar, and support equipment. Their objective is not to destroy but rather to provide support to the fleet. It includes Avenger Warlock, Cutlass Blue, Vanguard-Sentinel, F7C-R Hornet Tracker, and Avenger Stalker

  • Racing Ships: 

    Coming with amazing looks and superb engines, these Race Ships are the best in agility. There are multiple purposes for them because some come with light weaponry, while some are used to carry equipment. On the other hand, their main use is winning the Murray Cup for you. It includes Razor, M50 Interceptor, Mustang Omega, Mustang Gamma, and 350.

  • Mining Ships:

     They are used to mind the materials in space, on planets, rocks, asteroids, or other locations. It includes Orion, ROC, MOLE, and Prospector.

  • Salvage Ships: 

    These ships are designed to recover the materials that are found in space junk. Same as the Salvage cars but these work in outer space. It includes Reclaimer and Vulture

  • Specialized Ships:

    Some ships have a purpose of their own, which is to complete a specific task. Either for transportation of passengers, research, or even a mission, these ships can be customized for liking. It includes Expanse, Reliant Mako, Constellation Phoenix, Endeavor, and so on.

  • Alien Ships:

     The world of Star Citizen is exceptionally large and that includes the existence of Alien Ships that aren’t used by Humans. It includes Glaive, Talon, Void, Khartu-al, and so on

Buying Star Citizen Ships and Packages at MMOPIXEL

We have been in this field for many years. Experiencing the ups and downs, we know what our customers are looking for. Our website not only provides the customers with their required Ships/packages, but rather we also do our best to make things simpler and safer.

Our Customer Service allows you to get the best pricing, effortlessly 24-hour delivery, satisfactory trade, and a refund policy. We have the best stop of Star Citizen Ships and Packages for your avail and in case something goes wrong, you can get a refund before delivery.

Selling Star Citizen Ships and Packages at MMOPIXEL

Customers can not only Buy the Ships and Packages here at MMOPIXEL, but rather they can also sell their stuff. But the things need to be authentic and safe, to maintain the customer-friendly environment of our website.

Please add Our Discord: MMOPIXEL:0504

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