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Star Citizen 3.23.X New Update Changes Guide - Patch 3.23.1a and 3.23.2a Features and Release Information

Star Citizen Patch 3.23 is considered the biggest patch or update as of yet. While it has been some time since the release of the patch, it is not quite balanced and has solved nearly all the major game-breaking issues. So, we went ahead and compiled this Star Citizen New Update Changes Guide giving you all the major features introduced in Patch 3.23.

At the time of making this guide, the game is set to release its latest Star Citizen 3.23.2 patch, that is, as mentioned, fixing most game issues, and crashes, and also includes new things. With that being said, let’s jump right into the details.

News on Star Citizen 3.23.x Updates

News on Star Citizen 3.23.x Updates - 3.23.1, and 3.23.2

Just as with any other major update for any massive game, there is a primary update like Star Citizen 3.23. Then the game releases some secondary set of patches or updates that are after the update like 3.23.1, and 3.23.2. Even in these smaller updates, there are minute changes or fixes to the game like 3.23.1a, or 3.23.1b.

Why is it so? Well, when a major update is launched, there is a surety that it will break the game, cause crashes, and have in-game issues that disturb the players.

Star Citizen is a different type of game with a massive area and so many features to look out for that the game has to release a secondary batch of updates after the primary.

Yes, it does take some time to do so because the game is absolutely massive and has been in production for years. Also, the game is slowly released, and unlike other games, it isn’t fully released or never will be in upcoming years.

After several weeks from the Star Citizen 3.23, we got to witness the release of 3.23.1, which went live. Then, the 3.23.1a is on the PTU, and this welcomes the release of Star Citizen 3.23.2, which is another exciting update coming to the game.

Game Crashing and Server Recovery Issues with Star Citizen 3.23.1

When the game got updated to Star Citizen 3.23.1, many players had issues with the game crashing to the desktop or had to go through multiple server recoveries. 

A new message appeared for players addressing this issue and also informing players about a hotfix for the live update. 

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Star Citizen 3.23.1 (Alpha) Features and Release

Star Citizen 3.23.1 (Alpha) Features and Release

This is the build’s current update or patch on the PTU (Public Test Universe), giving players Thread Improvements, Out of Memory Server Crash Fixes, Debugging, and Client Performance Optimization with an average of 1 to 1.5 ms of frame time saved

What does this mean for Star Citizen Players? Even after so many years, ups and downs, they are still trying their best to optimize the game and help players who are suffering from crashes, or other issues.

But wait! The Star Citizen 3.23.1a is still in Alpha, as the “a” stands for Alpha in the patch. This means, the update isn’t going to be 100% reliable, rather it will take some time to further optimize the patch itself.

Still, we know and are sure about the path Star Citizen developers are following and they are certainly increasing their pace towards the best space adventure game in existence.

Release Date of Star Citizen 3.23.1a

This one is a tough question, as we don’t know when Star Citizen 3.23.1a is going to be released or go live, but we know for a fact that it isn’t far off. 

Star Citizen 3.23.2 (Alpha) Features and Release

Star Citizen 3.23.2 (Alpha) Features and Release

Now that we know a bit about Star Citizen 3.23.1a, let’s talk a bit about the next-in-line update for the game and also one of the secondary major updates - Star Citizen 3.23.2. 

The developers reported that they have to further work on 3 more updates till they are going to start working on the 3.23.2a or Alpha 3.23.2. 

Thus, we again don’t know anything about the release date of Star Citizen 3.23.2a, but as of now, it will surely take longer, around a few months to start going live with this update.

The Star Citizen 3.23.2 will bring in some hangers, cargo, and more updates around the same scenario. 

Furthermore, some in-game vehicles have been added to the Review section, while the game will bring existing physical objects that are not working to a working condition like Item Banks, Freight Elevators, Personal, and Instanced Hangers, and so on.

Then, the game will release new missions as well like the Cargo Hauling ones utilizing the features in Star Citizen 3.23.2a. 

All of this also leads to rumors of Evocati Patch that could have some links in Star Citizen 3.23.2, or we could see the details on the Evocati afterward.


Star Citizen 3.23 has been in development for years now, and it was totally worth it as the patch gives a new life to the game, and properly introduces it to new players who want to enjoy space adventure in its true sense. Furthermore, the future of Star Citizen is looking bright, as we have details on Star Citizen 3.23.1a or Alpha 3.23.1, as well as Star Citizen 3.23.2a or Alpha 3.23.2. We will be getting new fixes for the game, issues getting resolved, and server-end balances, and in the later stages, we could also see new items, missions, and features related to hangers, and cargo added. All in all, the next few months are going to be a game-changer for Star Citizen players in a good way.

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