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Site newsHay Day production buildings
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By kevin|June 6, 2015|8489 Views,0 Comments

Different Hay Day Items unlocked at different level. They all have different purposes and need Hay Day Coins and times to unlock them, rewards you with some experience points.

Gaming NewsElden Ring Moonveil Katana Build Guide- How to Build a Moonveil Samurai (Level 50 Guide)
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By Martin|April 11, 2022|6272 Views,0 Comments

Elden Ring isn’t always that colorless, given you are trained enough to find and use certain weapons or spells in the game. Another great example is Moonveil Katana Build which is not for beginners, rather people who are at Level 50 and don’t know what to do next.

Gaming NewsMortal Online 2 City Maps Guide - All Locations
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By Anna|March 23, 2022|4958 Views,1 Comments

You can create your own unique experience for yourself and your characters with Mortal Online 2 Gold. As opposed to constantly hunting for coins, playing the game can be fun. You will enjoy an experience like no other when you purchase Mortal Online 2 Gold.

Gaming NewsElden Ring Faith Arcane Build Guide - How to Build a Dragon Knight (Level 100 Guide)
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By Anna|May 12, 2022|4288 Views,0 Comments

Looking for an amazing and versatile build to enjoy mid-game? Here we have Dragon Knight Build for level 100 players.

Gaming NewsRIFT PTS Update: The Wilds Celebration Pack
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By kevin|October 6, 2015|3657 Views,0 Comments

RIFT’s Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) was updated on the 5th Otober 2015 with a small update. Might be the last or penultimate update before RIFT 3.4 launch. As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to live release.

Gaming NewsFFXIV : How to decorate a unique house
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By kevin|June 6, 2017|3641 Views,0 Comments

Obviously,if you want to build a beautiful,flash,distinctive houesing,there has one thing you can not neglect is FFXIV Gil.With enough FFXIV Gil,you can buy the wonderful table,exquisite furniture and any other things you want.

Gaming NewsMortal Online 2: Character Building Guide & Attribute Effects
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By Anna|March 21, 2022|3519 Views,0 Comments

Knowing your character's strengths and weaknesses allows you to level up more efficiently and explore endgame content more easily. As you progress through the game, you will learn about the races, their specializations, and how to level up your character.

Gaming NewsElden Ring Bleed Build Twinblade Guide - How to Build a Blood Dancer (Level 100 Guide)
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By Anna|May 4, 2022|3277 Views,0 Comments

Look for an amazing Bleed Build for level 100? Well, here we have the Elden Ring Blood Dancer Build with twin blade.

Gaming NewsElden Ring Dark Moon Greatsword Build Guide - How to Build a Darkmoon Spellblade (Level 100 Guide)
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By Anna|May 9, 2022|3242 Views,0 Comments

Want to evolve your Magnus Build for mid-game? We have here Elden Ring Darkmoon Spellblade Build for level 100 players.

Gaming NewsHere are the best WoW Classic Season of Mastery addons
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By Anna|November 19, 2021|2821 Views,1 Comments

Addons are a great way to improve the experience of World of Warcraft.

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