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NBA 2K23 Best Small Forward Builds

The forward position is maybe the most significant position in the NBA. They have an athletic edge over centers and a height advantage against guards with their long, rangy frame and combination of talent and agility. Teams are specifically looking for highly sought-after "point forward" players as a result of this. In other words, it's a player having point guard-like abilities who has gained a few inches in height to allow for better court vision. Because of this, players may establish their authority and rule the whole game. They are the main offensive engine since they serve as both the facilitator and the closer.

You may learn some of the top small-forward builds from the following guide and in the end, is the best possible build for this position!

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NBA 2K23 best small forward builds

2-Way Slashing Playmaker

This NBA 2K23 build relates closely to Scottie Pippen with LeBron James being this one. The perfect running partner for a volume-scoring guard or center can have this physique. He not only dominates on defense but also helps in creating shots for other team players.

Body Attributes

  • 6'8" in height 

  • 237 lbs

  • 7'0" in wingspan 

  • Built body type.


With minimal attribute max-outs, this construct features a fair distribution of attributes. Set Close Shot with Driving Layup on 80 & Driving Dunk to its highest setting under "Finishing." Post Control can be raised to maximum of 29 while Standing Dunk can remain at 77.

Change Three Point Shot as well as Mid-Range Shot to 80 apiece under "Shooting," and leave Free Throw to 60. Adjust Pass Accuracy at 80 with Speed with Ball at 75 under "Playmaking," with Ball Handle at its highest setting.

Increase Interior Defense at 53 & Perimeter Defense up to 73 under "Defense/Rebounding," leaving Offensive Rebound alone. Each of the steal, block, and defensive rebound stats is 70. Last but not least, maximize Strength and Stamina while setting Vertical, Speed, and Acceleration at 82, 80, and 74, respectively.


You will receive about 74 Badge Upgrades for NBA 2K23 with this build: 21 for playmaking, 13 for defense/rebounding, and 20 for each finishing and shooting. In Playmaking or Defense, you can select Hall of Fame badges like Chase Down Artist or Quick First Step.


  • Team Takeover Boost

  • Limitless Range

Inside-Out Point Forward

NBA 2K23 inside out

An Inside Point Forward in NBA 2K23 will do practically everything to assist your side to succeed and is arguably the most similar build to LeBron James. The player will benefit your squad by making plays and containing the greatest player on the other team. To create a more closely resemble King James, adjust the defense for rebounding.

Body Attributes

  • Height: 6'8" 

  • Weight: 235 lbs 

  • Wingspan: 7'3"

  • Body Type as Built


Adjust Driving Layup, Standing Dunk, and Close Shot at 80, 77, and 84 in this build's "Finishing" section, respectively. Adjust Post Control to a maximum of 29 points and max out Driving Dunk.

Increase Mid-Range Shot as well as Free Throw at 77 each under "Shooting," but leave Three-Point Shot at 85. Configure Pass Accuracy with Speed with Ball at 82 & 77, respectively, under "Playmaking," with Ball Handle set to the maximum.

Adjust Interior Defense, Block, & Perimeter Defense to 48, 70, and 48, respectively, under "Defense/Rebounding." Keep Steal to a max of 55 and the defensive rebound at 33, but don't change the offensive rebound.

Last but not least, maximize Stamina and maintain Strength and Speed at 90 and 81, respectively, under "Physicals." Maintain 75 and 82 for Acceleration and Vertical, respectively. Use any remaining traits to boost your acceleration, defensive rebound, or even stealth.


Approximately 69 Badge Upgrades will be given to you with this build: 23 for playmaking, 4 for defense/rebounding, and 21 for finishing as well as shooting. Finishing and Playmaking Hall of Fame Badges include Ankle Breaker, Quick First Step, Posterizer, and Fearless Finisher.


  • Limitless Range

  • Finishing Moves

3-Level Scorer

In NBA 2K23, this build only has one mission for your squad to complete: making a basket. He will make every effort to do this. This build may be the greatest player on your squad because it is also a capable playmaker and defender.

Body Attributes

  • 6'10" height

  • 215 pounds weight,

  • 7'4" wingspan

  • built body type.


In this build, leave Post Control alone and assign Driving Layup as well as Driving Dunk at 84 apiece under "Finishing." Keep the standing dunk and close shot at 70 & 75, respectively.

Adjust Three Point Shot & Mid-Range Shot at 80 each under "Shooting," and leave Free Throw at a maximum of 75. Change Pass Accuracy with Ball Handle to 71 under "Playmaking," and leave Speed with Ball to 80.

Set Block to 80 and Interior Defense as well as Perimeter Defense at 81 each under "Defense/Rebounding." Maintain the following values: steal (50), offensive rebound (60), and defensive rebound (85). Last but not least, increase Stamina while keeping Acceleration & Vertical to 76 each under "Physicals." Set your Strength and Speed at 60 and 80, respectively. Use your remaining characteristics to boost your strength and stealth.


You will receive about 79 Badge Upgrades for NBA 2K23 with this version, including playmaking (15), defense/rebounding (21), finishing (17), and shooting (26). In shooting and defense, you can select Hall of Fame badges like Claymore, Agent 3, Menace, Catch and Shoot, along with Pick Dodger.


  • Shot Up Precision

  • Limitless Range

Playmaking Shot Creator

Playmaking Shot Creator NBA 2k23

A Playmaking Shot Creator build is the greatest small forward build in NBA 2K23. This description applies to some of the league's greatest players. Consider the shooting, playmaking, all-around ability, and finesse of LeBron James, Luka Doni, Jayson Tatum, or Paul George. The build achieves the ideal mix between being a prolific scorer on offense, improving those around you so they can carry an NBA offense, and yet being a good defender. This construct will undoubtedly produce the player of your fantasies if you hope to one day serve as an offensive hub in the NBA of today.

Body Attributes

You have guard-like abilities and the strength to hold your own against bigger and more powerful forwards and centers at 6'8" and 230 lbs. This provides you unrestricted offensive flexibility and the ability to move around the floor at any point. This construct is characterized by a multi-positional player who's really particularly switchable defensively. Depending upon the size of the defender, you may use your 7'4" wingspan to go up or down by using your range. The body type that works best in this situation is constructed because it allows for a thicker finish.

Finishing Attributes

Your finishing at the small forward position is top-notch with this build thanks to your 82-rated Close Shot, 92-rated Driving Layup, along with 84-rated Driving Dunk. This provides you with outstanding finishing skills through contact, excellent rim touch, and contact dunk packages.

Shooting Attributes

Becoming a high-level scorer requires the ability to shoot from all areas of the court, thus this build provides 81-rated Mid-Range Shot and Three-Point Shot, providing you the whole package. Making challenging mid-range shots is one of the small forward position's more crucial abilities, and that is why Middy Magician but also Guard Up is helpful.

Playmaking Attributes

You can move like a 6'2" guard with the Quick First Step badge, and Clamp Breaker expertly complements the Bully badge you already have to help you start the offensive through contact. In the end, having an 80 Pass Accuracy, 89 Ball Handle, with 77 Speed With Ball gives you excellent playmaking skills to exploit a defense.

Physical Attributes

Last but not least, your character will be capable of completing at the glass far better than other players thanks to 89 Strength and the Bully badge. These modifications will make your gamer a top finisher. Point forwards must have 82-rated Speed and 91-rated Stamina stats because, as previously noted, the player must possess guard-like abilities.


  • Finishing Moves

  • Anklebreaking Shots

Best Badges

  • Fearless Finisher

  • Masher

  • Bully

  • Limitless Takeoff

  • Deadeye

  • Limitless Range
  • Guard Up
  • Middy Magician
  • Quick First Step
  • Handles For Days
  • Clamp Breaker
  • Unpluckable
  • Anchor
  • Challenger
  • Clamps
  • Menace


In the end, the above builds perfectly capture the essence of what it means to be a "point forward" in the current NBA. Your guy will be a reliable wing who can lead a team and light it up offensively at all three levels. A 6'8" perimeter player can handle everything you ask of him. A real offensive weapon is one with limitless scoring potential and superb passing abilities.

With this, we come to an end of this guide and hope you have received an idea of the Small Forward Position in the NBA 2K23.

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