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What are the key differences you will get to see in NBA 2K24 as compared to NBA2K23?

The NBA 2K franchise has been a staple in the world of basketball video games for years, and with each annual release, players anticipate improvements and changes that enhance their gaming experience. NBA 2K24, the latest addition to the series, aims to distinguish itself from its predecessor, NBA 2K23. While incremental changes have been the norm, NBA 2K24 introduces a few noteworthy features and enhancements that beg the question: Is this iteration truly different, or is it more of the same? Let’s delve into the key changes that set NBA 2K24 apart from NBA 2K23.  

Technological Advancements in Realism

One of the most impressive advancements in NBA 2K24 is the ProPLAY feature, which elevates the game’s realism to new heights. ProPLAY leverages real-life footage from NBA games to create in-game animations, providing a level of authenticity previously unseen in the franchise. While the exact mechanics remain a mystery, the impact is clear: more immersive gameplay. Similar to the HyperMotion technology used in other sports games, ProPLAY enhances the fluidity and realism of player movement, particularly evident when comparing side-by-side footage. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is exclusive to the PS5 and X-box Series X/S.

Mamba Moments: Honouring a Legend

NBA 2K24 introduces the Mamba Moments game mode, a poignant tribute to Kobe Bryant, the cover star of this iteration. This mode allows players to relive iconic moments from Kobe’s illustrious career, paralleling the Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K23. This personalized campaign offers players a unique opportunity to control the Black Mamba across different stages of his basketball journey. Mamba Moments brings an emotional connection to the game, providing a way for fans to pay homage to one of the greatest players of all time. Additionally, NBA 2K24’s MyCAREER mode continues to offer players the chance to forge their own paths, ensuring a variety of experiences.

Gameplay Enhancements

NBA 2K24 is not only about new technologies; gameplay has received significant attention as well. With improved dribbling controls and interior defense mechanics, players can look forward to a more rewarding and skill-based gameplay experience. Although exact details are scarce, these enhancements promise to take the gameplay to a new level of excitement and engagement.

NBA 2K24 Gameplay

Better offense

The offensive aspect of NBA 2K24 sees significant improvements that cater to players of all skill levels. Shot timing is more accessible and forgiving, providing a rewarding experience whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned veteran. The introduction of layup timing and enhancements to dunking mechanics add depth to offensive play. Furthermore, the dribbling system’s expansion empowers players to create separation and capitalize on various dribble combos.

Better defense

Defensive gameplay takes center stage in NBA 2K24, with ProPLAY enhancing anticipation and player reads. Enhanced defensive movement, improved body-up mechanics, and directional steals provide defenders with a multitude of tools to disrupt ball handlers. The revamped contest logic eliminates past issues, ensuring that coverage scores align closely with player expectations. Skill-based blocking mechanics also demand precise timing, rewarding players who read offensive movements adeptly.

The Evolution of Takeover

Takeover returns with a fresh twist in NBA 2K24. Players can now choose Takeover abilities on the fly, offering greater flexibility to adapt to the game's flow. The ability to select different Takeover categories & activate Double Takeover unleashes the potential for dynamic gameplay, allowing players to excel on both ends of the court.

Coaching made simple

NBA 2K24 streamlines coaching with the return of 2K Smart Play, making play calling and execution seamless. The overlay that appears after made or missed shots guides players on the type of play to call. Additionally, the introduction of the motion freelance and Comp freelance offers new avenues for players to strategize their offensive play, catering to different playstyles and preferences.

Editions Galore

NBA 2K24 offers players a variety of editions to choose from, catering to different preferences and levels of enthusiasm. From the "Kobe Bryant Edition" to the "WNBA Edition," players have options that allow them to experience the game in a way that resonates with them.

MyCAREER & MyTEAM Improvements

For fans of the MyCAREER mode, NBA 2K24 brings exciting changes. The all-new beachfront City provides a visually stunning backdrop for players to engage in MyCAREER activities. MyTEAM enthusiasts can look forward to innovative improvements, including a new salary cap mode that adds depth and strategy to the team-building experience.


Embracing the Future and the Past

NBA 2K24 doesn’t just focus on the present; it also offers a nod to the past. The LeBron era is introduced to the MyNBA mode, allowing players to guide their team through the challenges and triumphs of that period. Additionally, “Simple Eras” provide a more accessible version of the main mode for players who want a quicker and more streamlined experience.

Soundtrack and Atmosphere 

One constant in the NBA 2K series is its dynamic soundtrack, known as 2K Beats. NBA 2K24 upholds this tradition by featuring an all-new soundtrack, showcasing popular artists and enhancing the game’s atmosphere. The synergy between the music and gameplay creates an immersive experience, capturing the high-stakes excitement of basketball. Although the official track list is yet to be revealed, the anticipation of discovering new tracks adds to the excitement surrounding the release.

Consistency in Gameplay and Modes

While NBA 2K24 introduces several exciting features, it’s important to acknowledge the aspects that remain consistent. The game’s core gameplay mechanics and team roster largely mirror those of NBA 2K23. The absence of new teams or groundbreaking alterations to gameplay mechanics highlights the challenge of reinventing a franchise that has already reached a mature stage. NBA 2K24 maintains the iconic game modes that players have come to love. The return of MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and MyNBA ensures that fans can continue to create, strategize, and manage their virtual basketball experiences.

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Removal of Cheesy moves

In a mere two tweets that sent shockwaves through the NBA 2K gaming community, Mike Wang, the Gameplay Director of NBA 2K24, unveiled a series of significant changes aimed at eliminating the cheesy and overpowered moves that plagued the previous 2k editions.

With a simple yet impactful revelation, Wang outlined the removal of two notorious moves that had marred the gameplay experience in NBA 2K24: the Quick Drop Dunk Animations and the Limitless Takeoff Badge. The Quick Drop Dunk Animations, known for their unrealistic and overpowering nature, allowed players to execute dunks from improbable distances. Meanwhile, the Limitless Takeoff Badge enabled players to take off from seemingly limitless distances, defying the laws of physics and authenticity.

The combination of the ‘Quick Drop’ dunk animations and the ‘Limitless Takeoff’ Badge had created an environment where players were performing feats that bordered on the absurd. This not only disrupted the immersion but also skewed the balance of the game.

Mike Wang’s succinct yet impactful tweets regarding the removal of the Quick Drop Dunk Animations and the Limitless Takeoff Badge from NBA 2K24 serve as a testament to the studio’s dedication to fostering a balanced, fair, and authentic gaming environment. These changes mark a departure from the cheesy and unrealistic exploits of the past, promising players a gameplay experience that truly reflects the spirit of the sport. As the NBA 2K24 release approaches, players can eagerly anticipate a game that prizes skill and strategy over overpowered gimmicks.

Cross-Generational Availability

Interestingly, NBA 2K24 retains cross-generational availability, making it accessible on both PS4 and Xbox One, in addition to the newer consoles. This decision could be attributed to challenges such as chip shortages and console availability. While this practice has been common during the initial stages of a new console’s life cycle, NBA 2K24 continues the trend, allowing a wider player base to experience the game. Despite the inclusion of last-gen consoles, certain features like ProPLAY are limited to newer hardware, enhancing the experience for those who have upgraded.


In the realm of annualized sports video game franchises, distinguishing one iteration from the next can be a challenge. NBA 2K24 endeavors to set itself apart from its predecessor, NBA 2K23, by introducing technological advancements, new game modes, and an enhanced soundtrack. ProPLAY’s realism and the Mamba Moments mode offer fresh experiences that resonate with both basketball enthusiasts and fans of legends like Kobe Bryant. However, the core gameplay remains largely consistent, a testament to the franchise’s established formula. NBA 2K24’s availability across multiple console generations underscores the importance of inclusivity in gaming. As the release date approaches, players can anticipate these changes and enhancements, evaluating whether the upgrades truly redefine the NBA 2K experience or simply build upon its already solid foundation.

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