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Gaming NewsNew World Furnishing Leveling Guide - Decorate for Profit!

By Anna|May 16, 2022|18 Views,0 Comments

Furnishing in New World is not only for aesthetics. Find out its main benefits and how to level it up with MMOPIXEL New World Furnishing Leveling Guide!

Gaming NewsNew World Arcana Leveling Guide - Power Leveling Arcana In Simple Steps

By Anna|May 13, 2022|41 Views,0 Comments

Arcana skill is one of the most important trade skills in the game. This New World Arcana leveling guide will teach how to level up fast.

Gaming NewsNew World Cooking Leveling Guide - Become a Master Chef!

By Anna|May 10, 2022|75 Views,0 Comments

Cooking in NW is a reliable and rewarding profession. Check our New World Cooking Leveling Guide guide and find out how to level it effectively with MMOPIXEL!

Gaming NewsNew World Crafting Leveling Guide - Everything You Need to Know!

By Anna|May 6, 2022|131 Views,0 Comments

Develop your crafting-related skills in New World. Take your gameplay to another level with MMOPIXEL!

Gaming NewsNew World Weapon Tier List - Know Which Are the Best Ones!

By Anna|April 30, 2022|131 Views,0 Comments

We know that choosing a weapon is not easy in New World. To help you we've created this New World Weapon Tier List. This way, you can unleash all your potential.

Gaming NewsNew World Healer Builds - Craft The Best Healing Combination

By Anna|April 26, 2022|221 Views,0 Comments

Healing is an important part of a New World’s team. Not every character knows how to do it. Learn here how to become a great healer.

Gaming NewsNew World Deluxe vs Normal | Which to Buy?

By Anna|April 25, 2022|63 Views,0 Comments

New World Deluxe Edition vs Standard! Discover which is the Best New World Version for you to buy!

Gaming NewsNew World Engineering Leveling Guide | Be the Best Engineer!

By Anna|April 21, 2022|146 Views,0 Comments

New World Engineering! See the complete New World Engineering Leveling Guide with MMOPixels!

Gaming NewsNew World Armoring Leveling Guide - Master Your Gear!

By Anna|April 16, 2022|136 Views,0 Comments

New World is rocking over all the world. But becoming a master in armoring is not easy. With this New World Armoring Leveling Guide, you'll be the one!

Gaming NewsNew World Tank Build | Complete Guide For Beginners

By Anna|April 12, 2022|148 Views,0 Comments

The New World tank build is one of the reasons why dungeons and raids end up in a victory. Learn about tank builds and how to create them.

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