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Gaming NewsNew World Skinning Guide
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By Sumant|October 2, 2022|101 Views,0 Comments

Skinning in New World is literally skinning animals to get their hides. To make recipes for weapons, armor, and consumables, the materials collected via this skill must be used, making it one of the most crucial Gathering Trade Skills.

Gaming NewsNew World Life Skills Guide
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By Himanshu|September 30, 2022|139 Views,0 Comments

This tutorial will show you how to level up all of the game's gathering, refining, and crafting trade abilities. It will also show you how to begin crafting as soon as you get on the beaches of Aeternum.

Gaming NewsNew World Woodworking Levelling Guide
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By Himanshu|September 29, 2022|101 Views,0 Comments

Woodworking is processing unprocessed wood materials obtained through the logging skill and employed in various engineering recipes as well as town projects. In addition, raw materials gathered through gathering techniques are refined into usable materials for crafting and other valuable products.

Gaming NewsNew World Logging Guide
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By Sumant|September 28, 2022|124 Views,0 Comments

In New World, woodcutting, or cutting trees with an axe, is known as logging. It provides the basic materials for numerous manufacturing processes.

Gaming NewsNew World Leatherworking Guide
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By Sumant|September 26, 2022|75 Views,0 Comments

The process of refining unprocessed animal hides obtained through the Gathering talent of Skinning is known as Leatherworking and leather is made using it.

Gaming NewsNew World Harvest Levelling Guide
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By Mia .|September 24, 2022|83 Views,0 Comments

A New World Trade Skill called harvesting enables you to acquire materials from several plants.

Gaming NewsNew World Best DPS Build
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By Himanshu|September 23, 2022|246 Views,0 Comments

This guide informs all our readers about the top DPS builds for the new world. You may unlock the finest game experience by using the builds indicated.

Gaming NewsBest Warhammer Build in New World
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By Sumant|September 21, 2022|156 Views,0 Comments

New World players can freely incorporate a hammer into their Mages and Rogues builds. Any character may be a force to be reckoned with while using the DPS while swinging this huge Hammer around.

Gaming NewsBest New World Rapier Builds for PvP and PvE
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By Mia .|September 15, 2022|308 Views,0 Comments

The user of the Rapier, a one-handed weapon of skill and grace, chooses when to attack their enemies and when to flee like a shadow.

Gaming NewsBest New World Spear Builds for PvP and PvE
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By Mia .|September 13, 2022|554 Views,0 Comments

The Spear is a versatile melee weapon that may be used offensively and defensively. It can successfully compete in most settings thanks to its robust Rend application and a variety of crowd management capabilities.

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