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New World Season 3 Artifacts Guide

Greetings, fellow adventurer, and welcome to this New World Season 3 Artifacts guide! We shall embark on a journey to unravel the intricacies of the artifacts recently disclosed in the illustrious Season 3 of the New World. These remarkable treasures possess the extraordinary capacity to imbue your character with unparalleled prowess, bestowing upon them an array of capabilities that are nothing short of extraordinary. So, without further ado, let us delve deep into the heart of this enthralling subject.

What Are Artifacts?

Artifacts, in the context of the gaming world, are a class of exceptionally distinctive and potent items. What sets them apart is their innate capacity to bestow substantial enhancements upon various aspects of your in-game persona, such as statistics and abilities. Unlike conventional gear, which typically adheres to predefined templates and roles, these artifacts introduce a novel dimension to your gameplay. This is achieved by permitting their simultaneous utilisation alongside your regular gear, opening up a plethora of strategic possibilities that can dramatically redefine your chosen playstyle and, by extension, your overall efficacy in the heat of combat.

By affording players the opportunity to equip these remarkable artifacts in tandem with their conventional equipment, the game's dynamics are imbued with newfound depth and complexity. Your character, once bound by the constraints of traditional loadouts, is now liberated to explore innovative combinations of gear and artifacts, each offering its unique set of bonuses and advantages. This newfound freedom not only stimulates creativity but also necessitates a more thoughtful and strategic approach to your in-game decision-making. The end result is a gaming experience that is more immersive and engaging, where your character's potential is no longer dictated solely by their base attributes but is instead enriched by the unique properties of the artifacts they wield.

How to Obtain Artifacts?

Artifacts, those elusive and coveted treasures, are attainable through a multitude of engaging in-game activities. These include venturing into the dark depths of dungeons, where, as a true testament to your mettle, you may stumble upon these rare artifacts as precious spoils wrested from formidable dungeon bosses. For those who dare to embark on perilous expeditions, the promise of powerful artifacts serves as a tantalising reward, a testament to your bravery and skill.

For the crafty artisans and resourceful gatherers among us, the realm of New World unveils another avenue to acquire these coveted relics. Through diligent crafting and skillful gathering, you may unearth valuable artifacts, each a testament to your dedication and craftsmanship.

Furthermore, in the throes of grand-scale conflicts such as Invasions and Wars, where alliances are forged and battles are waged, participants who emerge victorious can bask in the glory of special artifacts bestowed upon them as exclusive rewards. These artifacts serve as tangible symbols of valour and prowess, the ultimate recognition of your contributions in shaping the destiny of the New World.

But let us not forget, for those who seek to expedite their journey to artifact mastery, the in-game store offers an array of enticing opportunities. Delve into the store and explore the vast selection of convenience items, resource boosters, and exclusive artifact packs that can provide a head start on your quest. Consider these purchases as a way to further enhance your New World experience and stand out as a true legend in the world of Season 3 artifacts.

New World Artifacts Guide

Artifact Types

Artifacts, in New World Season 3, can be categorised into three primary types, each tailored to enrich your gameplay experience:

  • Weapons: This classification encompasses artifacts specifically designed to occupy your weapon slot. These extraordinary items bestow upon you exclusive advantages that can significantly bolster your combat prowess. By equipping weapon artifacts, you'll witness a remarkable amplification in your damage-dealing capabilities and overall utility in the heat of battle.


  • Armour: The category of armour artifacts, fittingly slotted into your armour slots, ushers in a diverse array of defensive and utility benefits. When you choose to don these artifacts, you effectively fortify your character, rendering them more resilient and adaptable in the face of multifarious combat scenarios.


  • Jewellery: Lastly, we have jewellery artifacts, which gracefully occupy your accessory slots. This group offers an extensive spectrum of bonuses, ranging from heightened damage output to an enhanced aptitude for resource gathering. By adorning yourself with jewellery artifacts, you open the door to a myriad of strategic advantages and improvements, elevating your New World adventure to new heights.

Artifact Rarity

In the wondrous world of New World, artifacts manifest in a diverse array of rarities, each directly influencing their overall potency and the exclusivity of the bonuses they bestow. These rarities span a captivating spectrum, offering players a thrilling treasure hunt:

  • Common (White): These artifacts, characterised by their white aura, represent the humble beginnings of your collection.

  •  Uncommon (Green): As you advance, you'll encounter uncommon artifacts, portrayed by their green radiance, which hold greater potential.


  • Rare (Blue): The blue-hued rare artifacts stand as symbols of accomplishment, promising remarkable enhancements for those fortunate enough to secure them.


  • Epic (Purple): For those seeking true excellence, the purple epic artifacts offer unparalleled power, beckoning adventurers to reach even greater heights.


  • Legendary (Orange): And then, there are the legendary artifacts, distinguished by their resplendent orange glow. These coveted treasures, while exceedingly potent, pose a monumental challenge to acquire, promising rewards worthy of the mightiest heroes.

In this captivating world of New World, we extend an invitation to explore, not only the natural progression of artifact rarities but also the enticing in-game store, where you can discover unique opportunities to expedite your journey. Delve into the store to uncover exclusive offers that can enhance your artifact collection and propel your character to legendary status.

New World Artifacts

Using and Upgrading Artifacts

In order to wield the formidable power of an artifact, the process is relatively straightforward. One must begin by accessing their inventory, an essential repository of all their belongings within the game. Within this digital vault, you shall locate the artifact in question, and it is here that the transformation takes place. With a mere click or tap, you can securely fasten the artifact into the designated slot, integrating its unique attributes seamlessly into your character's arsenal. This marks the beginning of an augmented journey, as the artifact's abilities become at your disposal, elevating your in-game performance to new heights.

Nevertheless, the journey doesn't end here; it merely initiates. Artifacts, like any other aspect of the New World, are not stagnant entities but instead are subjects to growth and evolution. Through the judicious allocation of resources and the judicious utilisation of materials, artifacts can be substantially enhanced. This process, akin to nurturing a seedling into a towering tree, transforms the artifact into a more potent tool for your character. It's worth noting that the potential for upgrades is closely intertwined with an artifact's rarity. The rarer the artifact, the greater the scope for amplification, making each step of this journey a tantalising progression towards unlocking the artifact's full potential and reaping its rewards. In this journey, you will be required to spend Gold coins, the in-game currency of New World to make easier progress. So keep enough stock of the same.

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Artifact Sets

In the realm of New World's wondrous artifacts, there exists a fascinating concept known as "sets." These sets are a grouping of artifacts that share a thematic or synergistic connection. What's truly captivating about these sets is that when you equip multiple artifacts from the same set, it unveils a whole new layer of potential. You see, the magic happens when these artifacts harmonise – they unlock additional set bonuses, which can be nothing short of transformative. These bonuses, once in your grasp, possess the remarkable power to elevate your character's performance to uncharted heights. It's akin to unlocking hidden potential, and as an astute player, it's a strategy worth embracing. To extract the most from your character's abilities, consider fashioning your gear around these specific artifact sets, as it promises to yield the most optimal results for your adventures in the New World.

To delve even deeper into the significance of these set bonuses, let's explore an example. Imagine you've gathered a collection of artifacts that all belong to the same set – let's call it the "Ancient Guardians." As you equip these artifacts, you begin to notice something extraordinary: they start to resonate with each other. This resonance, akin to a symphony of power, unlocks bonuses that go beyond the sum of their individual effects. Your character might become more resilient, unleash devastating attacks, or gain newfound abilities that can tip the balance of battles in your favour. It's this meticulous synergy, this careful blending of artifacts from the same set, that can give you a distinct edge in the challenges that await in the New World. So, as you embark on your journey, remember the potential lying dormant within these sets, waiting for you to harness and master for your character's ultimate success.


In the vast world of New World Season 3, artifacts hold the promise of exhilarating opportunities, allowing you to tailor and amplify your character's capabilities with finesse. These extraordinary relics are not to be underestimated; they possess the remarkable potential to shape your character's destiny within the confines of this immersive virtual realm. To truly harness their power, it's crucial to grasp the nuances of how to procure, wield, and enhance these artifacts. By delving into the intricacies of their acquisition, utilisation, and upgrading, you'll forge a character of unparalleled strength and adaptability, paving the way for a more multifaceted and fulfilling gaming odyssey within the New World.

As you set forth on this thrilling journey, adventurer, I wish you the utmost fortune and success in Season 3. May your path be strewn with the discovery of potent artifacts, each one propelling you toward epic exploits and grand adventures yet to unfold. The New World awaits, and with the mastery of these artifacts at your fingertips, your destiny in this captivating virtual realm is bound to be nothing short of legendary.

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