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New World Cross Server Expedition, New Group Finder, and Event PTR Explained

A while ago, New World announced their all-new Event PTR update, and alongside it, we also got to witness the New World Cross Server Expedition, as well as the updated Group Finder. What are they and how do they work? Let’s discuss all the details here in our guide.

New World Cross Server Expedition and New Group Finder

New World New Group Finder and Activities Tab

To open the New Group Finder, you have to press the “ESC” key on your keyboard. Proceed to the Activities tab, and you will see a familiar yet changed thing, which is the new Activity Finder.

The all-new Group Activities Finder in New World has different sections for PvE and PvP, but it is not properly boxed, which seems odd.

Previously, you had to do all of the activities from the map, but now, you can head over to the New Activity Finder and here you will see the Cross Server Expeditions, Mutated Expeditions, Elite Trials, 3v3 Arena, and Outpost Rush

Let’s discuss each of the options in detail below.


When you click on Expeditions, it shows you all of them on the right side, your bonuses on the left side, along with the rewards. You can queue for the Expeditions you like by clicking on the check box towards the left side of the Expedition name.

Select the ones you like, and click on the Queue button on the right bottom side to start it. After that, you have to pick the role you like, whether it is a Damage Dealer, Tank, or Healer.

New World Cross Server Expeditions in New Group Finder

On top of the Title, you can see that the Role requires certain things, like any weapon for the Damage role, but for Tank, you need the Weapon with a certain Gem slot.

Mutated Expeditions

Same as the normal Expeditions, you can take a look at all the available Mutated Expeditions towards your right, and on the left, you have the rewards/bonuses. Keep in mind that these only include the M1 and M2 Expeditions (Mutated).

If you click on the Mutated Expedition on your right, you can view their details, like the Rewards, Recommendations, Lobbies, etc. 

After selection and queuing for the Mutated Expedition, you will be able to see the roles and their requirements, just like the normal Expeditions.

Elite Trials

For the Elite Trials, you need to have a group. After clicking on the option in the New Activities Group Finder, you will check out the Rewards, the details, and Requirements, and Enter the group.

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What is PTR in the New World?

New World Event PTR Explained

PTR stands for the Public Test Realm, which showcases and lets you experience the new features that are to be added in New World. Keep in mind that the features you are being shown in the PTR are not the final release, rather they are concepts that might be added later on in the game. 

So, it is subjected to text issues, crashes, and also bugs/glitches. Afterward, the game highly recommends that you discuss the issues with the New World Developers team by simply using the in-game Feedback Tool. 

PTR requires you to make a new character and level up to try out different mechanisms, irrespective of your original level and inventory in the game.

How to use New World PTR?

To access the New World PTR, you need to have the game in your Steam Library. After the January 16th update, you can simply head to the Steam Library and find the Library List under the New World. 

The client will be downloaded, and afterward, you can use the PTR (Public Test Realm), as an application. One more thing to note is that PTR is based on the features that are going to be launched and made accessible.

In case the test period is gone, the PTR will be showing in your Steam Library, but you can’t access it. Till a further update is made available, you can get the chance to try out the new PTR.


New World is pushing the boundaries with new updates and patches. Previously, at the near end of 2023, we got to witness the “Rise of the Angry Earth” expansion, and in 2024, we got the “Eternal Frost”, and both were exceptional. Recently, New World introduced a New Group Finder that allows you to check out all the PvP and PvE Activities in a simplified manner. You will find all the stuff here including your Cross Dungeon Expedition. Alongside this, we got a new update that brings us Event PTR (Public Test Realm), which is available on Steam Library, if you have the game available, and using it you can test out all the features that are yet to come and report potential issues to New World Developers.

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