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New World Season 3 Guide to the Mutations Expedition Changes

New World Season 3 Expansion or simply Rise of the Angry Earth offers an exciting end-game progression content. This is called the Expedition Mutation. Players may obtain some of the most sought-after game loot through this end-game content. We will examine the Mutation Expedition's features in The Rise of the Angry Earth, the New World Season 3 expansion, in this article. Let’s get started then…

About Expedition Mutations

As the name suggests, Expedition Mutations are nothing but mutated variants of the normal dungeon Expeditions. These are end-game progression content which can be seen as a changed environment of the otherwise normal content. Here you will get the different enemies and environment based on the normal counterpart of their forms. This affects the gameplay in a way such that the encounters which occur during the normal functioning of the Dungeon differs from the functioning of the dungeon mutators.

These mutations will be categorized into three levels of complexity, with the rewards escalating in tandem with the difficulty level. For the 1st Mutation Difficulty, the Gear Score of 650 will do the job, for the 2nd Mutation Difficulty Gear Score of 675 is needed and for the 3rd Mutation Difficulty Level Gear Score of 695 or higher is required.

For each difficulty level, there exists a recommended Gear Score. This Gear Score is directly linked to the scaling of adversaries. Hence, it is advisable for players to strive for a Gear Score within the recommended range to enhance their chances of success. It's worth emphasizing that combat scaling is customized for each individual player and operates independently from the baseline increases in enemy health and damage.

Entering Expedition Mutation

Expedition Mutations are weekly activities. You can find which one is active for the particular week by looking at your map. Check your map and search for a tilted red symbol on the Expedition. But just finding the Mutated Expedition on your map is not going to unlock it. In order to unlock the Expedition Mutations, you will have to first complete the normal variant of the Expedition. Only when you complete the normal version, then you can get to the Expedition Mutations version of the content. However, there is a way to access this content without completing the normal version. 

If you can get an invite from a group that has already access to the mutated content, then you can access it too and complete the missions to get the Codex. In this way you would be able to unlock the level 1 of the Mutations. A single team member must make their way to the expedition entrance to commence the expedition. Upon arrival, they can initiate the expedition, and all remaining team members will have the choice to join from their current locations on the map. You can also make use of the group finder by selecting the relevant expedition on the map. Each player is restricted to a maximum of 35 Mutated Expedition runs per week.

New World Expedition Mutation

Progression of Mutated Expedition Codex

Upon the successful completion of a phase within the mutated expedition, you will attain an increment in your codex specifically tailored to that expedition. This signifies your advancement to the subsequent levels of difficulty. Notably, this unlocking mechanism is unique to each dungeon and remains effective throughout the mutation cycles. In essence, once you've achieved a certain level of difficulty for a particular dungeon, you'll retain access to that level and levels below it.

Your Codex's difficulty level will increment by 1 following the completion of each Mutation level, regardless of your current level. For instance, if you collaborate with a player possessing a codex level of 3, you can participate in a level 3 dungeon even if you've only unlocked up to level 1. In the event of a successful venture with that group, your personal codex will advance by 1, granting you access to level 2.

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The Scoring System

Scores determine your rank when you complete a level of difficulty in the mutated expedition. Based on your scores, you can get Bronze, Silver or the Gold for your performance. Here is a breakdown of points required for a reward.

If you score anything below 20000 points then you will get a bronze, a silver for a score between 25000 to 49999 and a Gold for anything above 50000. The scoring is determined by the following factors:

  • Timing: Your team's ability to complete the mutation quickly will positively impact your score. Completion time is computed at the end of a run.

  • Enemy Kills (AI): Achieving a set target for eliminating a predefined number of opponents during the Expedition.

  • Team Wipes: Any instance of the entire team being defeated during a boss encounter will lead to a substantial deduction from the score.

  • Re-Spawns: Each resurrection (not including downs) will result in a moderate reduction in the score.

Apart from these factors, you can do some activities to earn bonuses as well. You can improve the Efficiency of your run, you can try to gather more materials, improve speed and also, try to minimize the number of re-spawns. All these activities can result in bonus points.

Rewards in Mutation Expedition

Every altered dungeon will provide identical loot as the standard dungeon version. Nonetheless, aside from the regular loot, there will also be additional items unique to each mutation level. The gear score of these items will vary depending on the Expedition.

Any mutation level has the potential to yield gear with a gear score of up to 700. Nevertheless, the minimum gear score that can drop from a mutation increases with the mutation level. This implies that you have a much higher chance of acquiring gear with a gear score of 700 in mutation level 3 compared to mutation level 1. To illustrate, mutation level 3 guarantees a minimum dropped gear score of 695.

New World Mutation Expedition

What are Mutation Effects?

Mutation Effects are the number of Mutations at work at present. These effects are generated randomly and vary from week to week as every week there is a new Mutation Expedition. There are 3 mutation effects and these are - Elemental Effects, Promotions, and Curses. For the Level 1 Mutations there will be only Elemental Effects. On level 2 you will get both Elemental Effects and the Promotions and finally all three Elemental Effects, Promotions, and Curses will be combined.

Elemental Effects Mutations

These are used to inflict the opponents with elemental damages. These includes

  • Hellfire

  • Eternal

  • Overgrown

  • Barbaric

  • Icebound

Promotion Mutations

It allows the creatures of the Expedition to become more powerful by granting them new abilities. These includes

  • Savage

  • Indomitable

  • Oppressive

  • Barbaric

Curses Mutations

Curses bestow perilous consequences upon gamers, compelling them to collaborate in order to surmount the formidable influence of these curses. On the most formidable of challenges, curses gain enhanced potency, introducing supplementary strategic complexities. These includes

  • Desiccated

  • Censored

  • Fiendish

  • Frenzied

Consumables & Perks

The Expedition Mutations pose a challenge as end-game content. To successfully conquer this content, it's advisable to examine the mutations before embarking on the Expedition and make use of the appropriate perks and consumables to overcome them. 

To get better you will need consumables suited to your build. You will also need honing stones. There are other things that can help you survive the expedition such as coating your weapons properly, having ward potions ready, and mutation trophies. Make sure to place the appropriate gemstones into your armor and weapons to optimize both your offensive capabilities and defensive protection. Let’s discuss the Perks that you should lookout for.

The following perks should also be taken into account, depending on the specific mutation you encounter:


  • Flame Conditioning - Upon hitting with Fire damage, acquire a 4% boost in Fire resilience for a duration of 5 seconds. The effectiveness of this effect escalates with each part of armor featuring this perk.

  • Frost Conditioning - In the event of Ice damage, secure a 4% augmentation in Ice resilience for a period of 5 seconds. The influence of this enhancement amplifies with each armor piece incorporating this perk.

  • Arboreal Conditioning - When struck by Nature damage, obtain a 4% boost in Nature resistance for a span of 5 seconds. The strength of this attribute intensifies with each piece of armor possessing this perk.

  • Abyssal Conditioning - Following an encounter with Void damage, garner a 4% increase in Void resilience for a duration of 5 seconds. The effectiveness of this trait heightens with each armor component featuring this perk.


This was all about the Mutation Expedition in the New World 3 Expansion. This is what the game offers in one of the best end-game content. We’ve discussed what these expeditions offer, how the Point system works, what are the rewards and what perks and consumables you should use to get the best results out of your expedition. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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