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Final Fantasy XIV Guide to Dawntrail Expansion

This new era of Final Fantasy XIV is coming up with new content for those who are waiting for this expansion. The forthcoming Dawntrail expansion promises a wealth of enthralling adventures, trials, and features set to make a profound impact on players worldwide. With the dawn breaking over Eorzea's horizon, adventurers from diverse backgrounds ready themselves for an unprecedented journey. 

They will venture into the uncharted realms of the New World of Tural, confronting challenges that will scrutinize their courage, prowess, and teamwork. With the update nearing release, ensure you're well-versed and prepared with your strategies to navigate through the obstacles smoothly. This guide comprehensively covers all aspects of the Dawntrail expansion in Final Fantasy, outlining its implications on your gameplay. 

Inside these pages, you'll discover everything necessary to embark on the epic odyssey that lies ahead. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, this guide caters to your needs.

FFXIV Dawntrail Expansion Release Date

This Dawntrail Expansion of Final Fantasy XIV is scheduled for release on July 2, 2024 with early access beginning on June 28, 2024. It promises new adventure and challenges offering you a summer adventure to remember with many surprises. Make sure you are meeting the system requirements as well so that you can enjoy the gameplay effortlessly.

Features and Additions

There are multiple changes and advancements to the game which will be testing and challenging your skills and abilities. All those additions and features are discussed below to help you understand what newness you might be seeing with this dawntrail expansion.

Level Cap Increase

The character level cap will increase to level 100 in this upcoming expansion. This means that you will be able to further progress your characters beyond the existing level cap. Raising the level cap opens up fresh avenues for character advancement, offering access to additional abilities, skills, and gameplay mechanics. 

Moreover, it introduces a host of novel challenges and content to explore, encompassing elevated dungeons, raids, and quests tailored to higher-level gameplay.

This process will take time and you will have to put effort with patience in order to level up your character and reach this level. Make sure you have proper planning and strategical moves to easily level up your character and proceed through the game.

FF14 Dawntrail New Jobs

Two new jobs are going to be introduced in this new expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. They are Viper and Pictomancer. Viper is a high-skill melee DPS Job and to unlock this you must meet certain conditions that include having level 80 and owning dawntrail expansion. This job is characterized by its unique dual-wield blades. It is a high-skill job that demands precise timing and execution. 

On the other hand, Pictomancer is described as a ranged damage-dealing job with unique artistic abilities. It has a creative combat style that involves painting enemies, landscapes, creatures, and weapons from their mind’s eye. They don’t have resurrection spells which make it a different role within the party dynamics. Similar to the Viper Job, you must meet certain requirements along with being at level 80. 

These two new jobs will create a great impact on the gameplay and overall game mechanics and will open new doors of challenges, fun, and excitement.

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail New Jobs - Viper

New Playable Race

The Hrothgar female is introduced as a long-awaited addition to the playable races in Final Fantasy XIV. This particular expansion of Final Fantasy XIV is marking the debut of the Hrothgar female avatar which will expand the options for character creation.

Also, you may have the opportunity to adjust gender ambiguous features in the character creation settings which will provide more flexibility and inclusivity. The introduction of Hrothgar females as a playable race in Final Fantasy XIV's Dawn Trail expansion expands character customization options and promotes inclusivity within the game's universe. You can look forward to creating diverse characters and exploring new identities within the world of Eorzea.

New Limited Job

Beast Master is a new limited job in Final Fantasy XIV that you will be seeing in this dawntrail expansion this summer. Beast Master’s role revolves around taming and controlling wild beasts and potentially using them as combat pets.

This Beast Master will have a collection element which means you may be able to gather and train various creatures to aid them in battle. You may be able to see Beast Master and Blue Mages grouping up and complete content together which means you will be able to see shared mechanics between the two job types. This job type will be offering unique and distinct playstyle within the game’s universe.

New Cities and Player Hubs

This dawntrail expansion introduces a variety of new cities and player hubs for players to explore and interact with. These cities and hubs serve as central locations where you can gather, socialize, and embark on new adventures. Each city and hub is described as having its own unique aesthetic and cultural identity, providing players with diverse environments to experience.

New Dungeons & Raids

This expansion will be coming up with new dungeons and raids where you will be embarking on a thrilling journey with variant raids and dungeons. These new dungeons are deeply connected to the main scenario and complimentary narratives of the expansion, providing players with opportunities to advance the storyline and encounter new challenges.

The Arcadion will be a new eight-player raid which you will see in this upcoming dawntrail expansion. Echoes of Vana’diel is a new alliance raid series that will be thrilling and adventurous testing your skills, abilities, and team coordination.

Quality of Life Improvements

In this upcoming dawntrail expansion, you will be seeing various enhancements which include additional gear types and overall enhancements in the game to make it look more engaging and rewarding for the players.

Experience the Next Chapter

Dawntrail marks the beginning of a new chapter in the ongoing saga of Final Fantasy XIV. Prepare to be swept away by a story filled with intrigue, drama, and unexpected twists as you continue your journey through the ever-expanding world of Eorzea.

This expansion will introduce a diverse range of content from leveling dungeons and trails to raids and hunts. If you enjoy solo challenges or group content, doesn’t matter because this upcoming expansion has something for everyone ensuring that adventures of all backgrounds and playstyles can find excitement and fulfillment in the world of Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Expansion

What are Some Tips and Tricks for this New Update?

From the leaks and all the updates that we have for now, we can predict a lot of things about this upcoming expansion from the side of Final Fantasy XIV and there are a lot of points that we must keep in mind if we want to take the full advantage of this update. Below are some tips and tricks to help you start your journey easily and proceed through your gameplay.

  • Level up your existing jobs so that you can get access to the new job easily. Both Viper and Pictomancer have certain requirements that you must fulfil in order to gain access to these upcoming jobs. Both of them require you to level yourself up to level 80.

  • Unlock new jobs and try to have a diverse set of jobs at your disposal that will allow you to adapt to different roles and playstyles.

  • Make sure to complete the Main Scenario Quests leading up to the Dawntrail Expansion. These quests provide essential story context and may be required to access certain areas or content in the expansion.

  • Clear out unnecessary items from your inventory and retain only the essentials. This creates space for new gear, items, and rewards that you'll acquire during your adventures in Dawntrail.

  • Don’t forget to upgrade your PC or Console so that you can enjoy smooth gameplay by meeting all the system requirements for this upcoming Dawntrail Expansion.

  • Prepare yourself and enjoy the journey. Make sure to be prepared for this upcoming update and plan your moves strategically by setting up realistic goals. Focus on learning and keep going with the flow.

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As the dawn of Final Fantasy XIV's Dawntrail expansion approaches, anticipation surges among players worldwide. With the introduction of new jobs, races, and challenges, the stage is set for an unforgettable adventure. Amidst this excitement, thorough preparation becomes paramount. Standing on the brink of this impending chapter, let us confront it with unwavering courage and determination. 

Let us meticulously hone our skills, ready our equipment, and fortify our resolve to tackle the trials awaiting us. In the vast realm of Eorzea, each stride forward presents an opportunity to etch our own saga. With the dawn of this new era upon us, let us greet the journey ahead with open hearts and adventurous souls, poised to craft our individual tales within the legacy of Final Fantasy XIV.

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