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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Guide to New PvP Event The Blood Moon

Beginning on February 8, 2024, players can expect a new PVP event called the Blood Moon and a level cap increase to 40 as part of the phase 2 of World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery. What's in store for Season of Discovery Phase 2? The WoW Classic team offered us a sneak peek at everything, including the mechanics of the Blood Moon event, how to play, and what rewards are available. Phase 2 of WoW Classic has no PTR, similar to Phase 1, and the WoW Classic team has cautioned against accepting datamined information from test builds as unchangeable evidence of what to expect in Phase 2.

So let's have a look at the Phase 2 Guide to the New PvP Event, The Blood Moon, for Season of Discovery. Before that, let us tell you that in various instances, you will be required to spend Gold, the in-game currency of WoW Classic SoD, to progress in the event. So make sure you have enough stock of the same. If you are falling short of the gold, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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What is the WoW SoD Blood Moon Event?

Taking place over the whole Stranglethorn Vale zone, the Blood Moon is a zone-wide PVP event. In Phase 2, the event will last 30 minutes after it goes on a regular 3-hour timer. Similar to the Battle for Ashenvale, you can participate in the Blood Moon simply by being in Stranglethorn Vale during its active period. There is no need to load or wait up anywhere.

When a red haze covers the entire zone, you'll know the event is on. Additionally, each player's chat box will probably have a notification with it.

This new event is likely to cause some commotion in Stranglethorn Vale, as the Blood Moon will be overhead, obscuring the area in a menacing red mist. Taking the lessons learned from the Ashenvale PvP event in Phase 1, they have planned this event to run on a more consistent timetable, allowing players to plan when they can participate. 

During this event, you can kill people to get cash, which you can then exchange for different rewards. While you can still create groups with your buddies during the event, raid groups will suffer a serious setback as a result of the Blood Moon. 

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 The Blood Moon Event

How to participate in the Blood Moon Event?

The zone turns into a free-for-all PVP arena with the sole goal of eliminating every other player in the area, regardless of faction, while the Blood Moon is in effect. There won't be any PVP-based objectives in Stranglethorn Vale, unlike in Battle for Ashenvale, thus players just need to worry about this one goal. Killing other players will award players with a new kind of currency, albeit as of right now, there doesn't seem to be a difference in the amount of money you get for killing members of your group as opposed to those of the opposition. In contrast to the Battle for Ashenvale, participants in the Blood Moon do not receive a world benefit.

You should be concerned about more than just enemy players during the Blood Moon because Kha'damu, the Chosen of the Blood Loa, a new elite adversary, will prowl the area and eliminate everything in its path. This opponent is probably highly powerful and hard to kill alone, even in groups. It was compared to the Fel Reaver in Hellfire Peninsula. Regarding that, you can form groups with other players, but it appears that these will only be able to form dungeon-sized ones because raid groups that take part in the Blood Moon will face penalties. The nature of this penalty is still unknown, although it most likely consists of a stats debuff, less money, and a reduction in experience points. There won't be a world buff linked to the Blood Moon event.

Speaking with the Zandalarian Emissary in Booty Bay will allow you to opt out of these event-specific PVP regulations if you're not into PVP. Remember, there will be no prizes or money for you, and your realm's standard PVP guidelines will still be in effect!

WoW SoD Blood Moon Event Rewards

Visit the shopkeeper outside the Gurubashi Arena to redeem the cash you earn from the WoW Classic SoD Stranglethorn Vale PvP for rewards. A range of awards for specific class items will be awarded to you by said merchant. Included are a warrior mace that can be wielded with one hand and a mage ring that increases fire damage by sixteen.

Class-specific prizes are given out for this event's items. These goods also appear to have a unique tag that prevents you from equipping more than one of them at once.

Players who participate in the event will also be able to get two brand-new mounts that are neutral to factions. These level 40 horses have new appearances as well. Because they are likewise not affiliated with any side, you are free to choose between the raptor and the cat. Both horses have a completely new look in World of Warcraft while being based on earlier models.

In order to build a reputation in the Arathi Basin, you can also finish new missions. This event will not be associated with a world boost. 

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 New Mounts

End of GDKP Runs

Developers are testing a new policy that prohibits using WoW Classic SoD GDKP. They admit that there are benefits for those who see this as a simple way to get goods. They do, however, concede that the traditional guild and social systems that are so essential to the spirit of Season of Discovery could be compromised. The purpose of this game mode is to allow them to experiment without requiring a transaction, as Season of Discovery is an experimental series. Beginning on February 8th, this activity will be limited. 


As the second phase of Season of Discovery approaches, World Buffs should expect some intriguing changes. Gamers will have a tonne of fresh material to explore and conquer. Including the brand-new Gnomeregan Raid Dungeon and the spectacular PvP event The Blood Moon. You will receive significant benefits for participating in this event, which is unlike anything else in WoW history.

A fascinating and rewarding PvP experience is promised during the Blood Moon event in World of Warcraft's Season of Discovery Phase 2. By employing a strategic approach and a small amount of fortune, players can acquire strong equipment, and rare horses, and improve their standing in the battlegrounds. The Blood Moon is waiting for your challenge, whether you're an experienced group or an individual traveler.

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