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WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Gold Farming Guide

In World of Warcraft, gold is the lifeblood of your adventures. It's important to have an adequate gold reserve whether you want to purchase the best gear, make strong items, upgrade your gear with superior enchantments, or pay for necessities. Efficient gold farming not only improves your gameplay expertise but also guarantees that you are ready for the numerous demands and obstacles that will come your way. So here is a gold farming guide for the WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 to help you out.

Efficient Farming Areas

Eastern Plaguelands 

  • Mobs: Carrion Grub and Plaguebats. 

  • Dropsrunecloth, greens, and vendor trash. 

  • Special: High spawn rate with a chance for valuable drops like the Essence of Undeath.

The Eastern Plaguelands are ideal for steady farming due to their abundance of Carrion Grub and Plaguebats. These enemies not only drop valuable materials such as Runecloth and greens, which can be disenchanted or sold, but they also spawn quickly, ensuring little downtime between kills. There is also a chance to receive the Essence of Undeath, a valuable commodity utilized in a variety of crafting processes that can considerably increase your gold earnings.


  • Mobs: Frostsabers and Yetis 

  • Drops: Thick Yeti Fur, Rugged Leather, and Winterfall E'ko 

  • Special: High-value fur and leather, with the potential for elemental water. 

In Winterspring, your major targets are Frostsabers and Yetis. These enemies drop Thick Yeti Fur and Rugged Leather, which are highly sought after for creating high-level gear. Winterfall E'ko is another significant drop that may be used to acquire a reputation with Timbermaw Hold, increasing the value of your farming efforts. The possibility of finding elemental water boosts the profitability of this place.

Dire Maul East (DM East) 

  • Mobs: Lashers. 

  • Drops: Herbs, Greens, and Arcane Crystals. 

  • Special: Stealth runs for herbalists provide great rewards on Ghost Mushrooms and Grom's Blood. 

Dire Maul East is especially beneficial for players with stealth skills. Lashers drop a wide range of herbs, including high-value Ghost Mushrooms and Gromsblood, making this an ideal location for herbalists. Greens and Arcane Crystals from Rich Thorium Veins increase the potential profits, making DM East an excellent choice for efficient and high-yield farming operations.

Stratholme (Live Side) 

  • Mobs: Undead, Scarlet Crusade 

  • Drops: Large Brilliant Shards, Righteous Orbs, and Greens 

  • Special: High-value disenchanting materials and a rare mount drop 

Stratholme (Live Side) is a treasure trove of rare disenchanting ingredients. The Undead mobs and Scarlet Crusade members drop artifacts that can be disenchanted into Large Brilliant Shards and Righteous Orbs, both of which are highly valued on the auction house. Additionally, there is a rare opportunity to receive the Deathcharger's Reins, a highly sought-after mount, which might add a jackpot to your farming efforts.

WoW SoD Phase 3 Stratholme (Live Side) 

Professions for Gold Making

Herbalism & Mining 


  • Key herbs include Black Lotus, Plaguebloom, and Mountain Silversage.

  • Demand: These herbs are constantly in high demand for use in potions and flasks. Black Lotus is especially useful for raid consumables.


  • Rich thorium veins: Harvesting these veins yields Arcane Crystals, a necessary component for making Arcanite Bars.

  • Demand: Arcane Crystals are required for advanced crafting and enchanting, maintaining a stable market.

Herbalism and mining are the core vocations for gold production. By concentrating on essential herbs such as Black Lotus, Plaguebloom, and Mountain Silversage, herbalists can reliably give valuable ingredients to raiders and alchemists. Miners, on the other hand, should prioritize Rich Thorium Veins to obtain Arcane Crystals, which are in constant demand for constructing Arcanite Bars other high-end items.



  • Targets: Green and blue colors from dungeon runs. 

  • Valuable materials include large, brilliant shards, more eternal essences, and illusion dust. 

  • Market value: Enchanting materials, particularly Large Brilliant Shards, sell well at auction since they are used in high-level enchantments. 

Enchanting is very valuable profession that involves disenchanting undesirable items gained during dungeon crawls. Enchanters can obtain valuable resources such as Large Brilliant Shards and Greater Eternal Essences by breaking down greens and blues, both of which are in high demand for improving gear. Selling these commodities at an auction house can result in a big profit.


High-Level Zones:

  • Locations: Winter Spring and Eastern Plaguelands. 

  • Materials: Rugged leather and thick Yeti fur. 

  • Usage: These materials are essential for producing high-quality leatherworking equipment and are always in great demand.

Skinning in high-level zones like Winterspring and Eastern Plaguelands provides a consistent supply of Rugged Leather and Thick Yeti Fur. These components are required for constructing high-level equipment and are in high demand, making skinning a dependable gold-producing vocation. The high respawn rates and abundance of skinnable critters in these places help to improve the efficiency of this vocation.


Transmute Arcanite

  • Cooldown: Daily transmutation cooldown. 

  • Profitability: Consistently profitable if you have an alchemist who specializes in transmutation. 

  • Market Value: Arcanite Bars are in high demand for manufacturing epic gear and weapons.

Alchemy, especially with a concentration on transmutation, presents a rich gold-making potential. The daily transmute Arcanite cooldown enables alchemists to convert Thorium Bars and Arcane Crystals into Arcanite Bars, which are in high demand for epic gear creation. This consistent and predictable source of income makes alchemy an excellent choice for gold farming.

WoW Classic SoD Alchemy

Dungeons and Raids 

Dire Maul Tribute Runs 

Loot: Blues, Greens, and uncommon crafting patterns. 

 Special Tips: King Gordok's loot may include valuable goods, such as Libram of Focus. 

Dire Maul Tribute Runs are known for their excellent loot chances. Players can expect to find a wide range of expensive objects, including blues, greens, and uncommon crafting patterns. However, the true draw is the potential riches from King Gordok himself. His loot table contains valuable goods such as the Libram of Focus, which can fetch a high price on the auction house. Dire Maul Tribute Runs are ideal for those looking for steady and lucrative prizes.

Blackrock Depths (BRD)

Loot: Dark iron ore, black diamonds, and blue drops. 

Tips: High-valuable gems, ore, and rewards from quests. 

Blackrock Depths (BRD) provides numerous options for gold farming. The dungeon is full of precious resources, such as Dark Iron Ore and Black Diamonds, which are required for a variety of crafting processes. Furthermore, players should anticipate to find valuable gems and blue drops throughout the dungeon. Completing tasks in BRD also delivers hefty prizes, making it an ideal destination for gold-seeking explorers.

Zul'Gurub (ZG) 

Loot: Jewelry, money, and bloodvine for herbalists. 

Special TipsHigh demand for ZG's reputation products. 

Zul'Gurub (ZG) offers a unique gold farming potential due to its diversified loot table. Players can earn Bijous, money, and Bloodvinethe latter of which is extremely valuable for herbalists. Furthermore, there is a significant demand for ZG reputation items, making them popular on auction sites. By participating in ZG runs and efficiently farming their loot, players can earn a significant amount of gold while also establishing reputation with the Zandalar Tribe. 

Auction House Strategies 

Buy low and sell high

Regularly examine the auction house for undervalued things

  • Keep a watch on the Auction House for products priced below their market value. 

  • Use addons or manual searches to find prospective bargains. 

  • To make a profit, buy these inexpensive things and resale them for their full market value.

Flipping Professional Materials

Buy raw ingredients at low prices, and offer refined products at a bigger margin

  • Keep track of the costs of raw materials utilized in various professions, such as herbs, minerals, and leather. 

  • When the prices are low, buy these raw materials in bulk. 

  • Transform these raw resources into polished items like potions, bars, and handcrafted gear. 

  • Sell the refined items at a higher price to take advantage of the price differential and increase earnings.

Seasonal and Event Items 

Stockpile and sell during in-game events or holidays to capitalize on price surges

  • Keep track of in-game events and holidays that cause higher demand for specific items. 

  • Before these occasions, stockpile the necessary things or ingredients. 

  • When the event or holiday begins and demand spikes, put your stockpiled things on the Auction House at inflated rates to capitalize on the increased demand. 

  • To maximize sales and profits, consider the scheduling and duration of these events.

WoW Classic SoD Auction House

Daily and Weekly Quests 

In WoW Classic SoD Phase 3, complete daily and weekly tasks to earn valuable rewards. Complete Argent Dawn Quests to earn money, reputation items, and consumables, maximizing your grind by mixing reputation growth with gold farming. Participate in PvP events like battlegrounds and quests to win gold and glory. Use honor to purchase gear or items for resale.

General Tips

To maximize gold farming in WoW Classic SoD Phase 3, plan your farming routes for efficiency, reducing downtime and increasing loot. Use bank alternatives to improve inventory management and streamline auction house transactions. Group farming in difficult sections or dungeons can increase kill rates and share valuable rewards. Stay up to date on market trends and item demand on your server to maximize profits. Also make the best use of your real life money in the game by purchasing gold from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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By following this strategy, players can increase their gold earnings in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3. Use these essential gold farming tactics to guarantee you're well-equipped and financially prepared for any in-game problems. Best wishes for effective gold farming and financial success on your trips!

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