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WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Guide to Crafting Epic Items 

The ability to manufacture epic artifacts is unlocked in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery Phase 3. It is an interesting series of quests that take place across several zones and end with a difficult group encounter. You must first enter the terrifying Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion, a place rife with nightmare-inducing monsters. This is where you'll find the first mission that starts your amazing crafting adventure. You will need to gather rare Nightmare Seeds for a later stage, so be ready to brave the perils of the Swamp of Sorrows and the Sunken Temple attack.  

In Season of Discovery Phase 3, players can embark on a quest chain to unlock epic crafting recipes for their professions. The journey starts in the Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion, where you'll need to briefly enter the nightmare and speak with the nearby Field Captain. They'll send you to Moonglade to consult with a druid trainer, who then directs you to Aarius in the Swamp of Sorrows.  

Season of Discovery Phase 3 introduces a new quest chain that unlocks epic crafting recipes for all professions. Here's a breakdown of the missions and rewards. But before that, let us tell you that you will be required to spend, gold, the in-game currency of WoW SoD to craft these epic items. So make sure you have enough stock of the same. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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The Epic Crafting Quest Chain: 

Enter the Nightmare: Travel to the Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion and head south of the Warsong Lumber Camp. Get the debuff "Aura of Paralyzing Dread" and exit the Nightmare. Talk to the Field Captain nearby. 

Speak to the Druids: The Field Captain sends you to speak with Lanar the druid trainer in Moonglade (be prepared to swap layers if he doesn't appear). Lanar directs you to Aarius in the southwestern Swamp of Sorrows. 

Into the Sunken Temple: Aarius sends you on a quest requiring an item from the Sunken Temple raid. This isn't a solo mission - gather a group and defeat bosses within the raid. Specifically, you need to acquire "Nightmare Seed" which drops from various bosses within the raid. 

Face the Nightmare Amalgamation: Return to Aarius and receive Void-Powered Vambraces. Head back to the Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion, equip the Vambraces, and defeat the Nightmare Amalgamation south of the Warsong Lumber Camp. 

Craft Epic Gear: Return to the Shadowy Figure in Moonglade. They'll offer the "Inert Mantle of Nightmares" and the option to learn the new recipes for your profession (requires 250 skill level). Inert Mantle of Nightmares is a key ingredient along with Nightmare Seed (obtained from Sunken Temple) to craft the new epic items. 

WoW SoD Phase 3 Crafting Quest Chain

Rewards and Crafting: 

Inert Mantle of Nightmares: This is a key ingredient for crafting all the new epic recipes unlocked through the quest chain. 

New Epic Crafting Recipes: Completing the chain unlocks profession-specific recipes for crafting powerful epic gear. 

Sunken Temple Boss Fight (Not Required for Crafting Quest, but for Nightmare Seed): The Sunken Temple is a 10-man raid instance. You'll need a well-coordinated group to tackle the various bosses within. Specific strategies for each boss can be found online through community resources or WoW Classic raid guides. 

Rewards from Sunken Temple (Used for Crafting): 

Nightmare Seed: This ingredient drops from various bosses within the Sunken Temple and is required alongside Inert Mantle of Nightmares to craft the new epic gear. 

Here's where things get interesting: Aarius tasks you with retrieving an item from the Sunken Temple raid. This isn't a solo mission, so gather a group and conquer bosses within the raid to acquire the "Nightmare Seed." Once you return to Aarius, you'll receive special Vambraces. With these equipped, head back to the Nightmare Incursion and defeat the Nightmare Amalgamation. Finally, return to the Shadowy Figure in Moonglade to claim your prize: the "Inert Mantle of Nightmares" and the ability to learn new epic crafting recipes (provided you have the necessary skill level). 

Don't forget the Nightmare Seed from the Sunken Temple raid – both ingredients are crucial for crafting these powerful new epic items. Remember, while the Sunken Temple raid isn't part of the crafting quest itself, it's necessary to obtain the crafting ingredient. This quest chain offers a rewarding adventure that requires travel, group coordination, and raid encounters, ultimately leading you to craft the best gear Phase 3 has to offer.

Moonglade, a tranquil forest imbued with lunar energy, plays a pivotal role in the questline. Here, you'll converse with key figures like Loganaar and a mysterious Shadowy Figure, shrouded in secrecy. Following their cryptic instructions, you'll travel to the bustling port city of Booty Bay and Jaguaro Island, a remote location holding a hidden clue. 

The grand finale awaits you back in Ashenvale. Donning special bracers provided by the questline, you'll team up with other players to vanquish the formidable Nightmare Amalgamation. This epic showdown will grant you the coveted Mantle of Nightmares, a crucial component for crafting the epic item. Finally, returning to the Shadowy Figure, you'll not only complete the quest chain but also receive the coveted recipe corresponding to your chosen profession – Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, or Tailoring. Remember, you'll need to have a minimum skill level in your chosen profession to learn the recipe. 

This guide serves as a starting point. Numerous online resources offer in-depth walkthroughs and video tutorials, going step-by-step through each quest objective and boss encounter. Make use of these tools to help you through the quest chain's complexities and increase the probability of finding the sought epic crafting recipes. You'll soon be creating legendary goods that will boost your character's power to new levels in Season 3 of Discovery by following these instructions and improving your abilities. 

WoW SoD Phase 3 Crafting

Beyond Crafting: Additional Activities in WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 

While the epic crafting quest chain is a major highlight of SoD Phase 3, there are other activities players can delve into: 

Grinding Reputation with Classic Dungeons: Pre-raid BiS (Best in Slot) gear, reputation with several factions, and a steady stream of revenue are all provided by classic dungeons like as Blackrock Depths and Scholomance. 

Dungeons and Reputation Grinding: Classic dungeons like Blackrock Depths and Scholomance offer a reliable source of income, reputation with various factions, and pre-raid BiS (Best in Slot) gear. 

Profession Mastery: With the new epic crafting recipes unlocked, players can focus on mastering their professions. This involves creating high-quality epic gear consistently, increasing their reputation with crafting factions, and potentially earning rare crafting materials. 

SoD Phase 3 offers a plethora of activities beyond crafting. There's something for everyone, regardless of your preference for dungeon grinding, fierce PvP, intense raids, or open-world adventures. Recall that group content frequently yields the best gear, so don't be afraid to collaborate with friends or guilds to overcome these obstacles and bring out the best in your character.

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