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WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Blacksmithing Guide

Blacksmithing is one of the pillar professions in World of Warcraft SoD Phase 3. Among the variety of changes introduced with the release of Phase 3 of the World of Warcraft: Classic Season of Discovery, Blacksmithing skill receives a major upgrade, allowing players to do it through level 300 – the maximum skill that can be obtained in the Vanilla version of the game. Here, we are going to talk about new blacksmithing in SoD Phase 3 and then walk you through the details of leveling this profession from 225 to 300.

What's New in SoD Phase 3 for Blacksmithing?

Phase 3 brings several exciting new features and items for Blacksmiths, including:

1. Artisan Blacksmithing (225-300): With the new caps, you can raise the Blacksmithing skill to 300(Artisan level), being no longer limited to a cap of 225 as it used to be. This creates an entirely new subgenre for creating items and granting players access to some of the strongest equipment in the game.

2. Blacksmithing Specializations: In level 200 and character level 41 the players will be segmented to the extremes either Armorsmith or Weaponsmith. Some of these specializations treat you with rare arts for making armor and weaponry of great power.

3. New Recipes: In phase 3, a new category of shoulder armor is added: Baleful Pauldrons, Fearmonger's Shoulderguards, and Shoulderplates of Dread. These powerful Bind on Pickup items are among the best armor pieces that Blacksmiths can create in this phase.

Learning Artisan Blacksmithing and Choosing a Specialization

To learn Artisan Blacksmithing (225-300), you'll need to visit Brikk Keencraft, a Blacksmithing trainer located in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale (coordinates: 29.0, 75.6). However, you must meet the following requirements to learn from Brikk: 

  • Being an expert blacksmith is one of my specialties (at the very least 200).

  • Reach the level of leveling 41 to become a combatant.

After learning the Artisan Blacksmithing skill, you'll be able to select one of the following skills for further specialization as either an Armorsmith or Weaponsmith. These are not a must but they let you have custom recipes available only for blacksmiths of the same branch. In the game, that is in a realm ruled by darkness.

Becoming an Armorsmith is unlocked by speaking to Grumnus Steelshaper in Ironforge at (51.0, 42.2) or Okothos Ironrager in Orgrimmar at (79.8, 23.8) and doing the quests sequence. When you want the Weaponsmith specialization, talk with Brenus Deepforge in Ironforge (52.6, 40.8) or Krathok Moltenfist in Orgrimmar (80.0, 23.2) to begin the specialization quest line.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Blacksmith

Leveling Blacksmithing from 225 to 300 in SoD Phase 3

To level your Blacksmithing skill from 225 to the maximum of 300 in SoD Phase 3, you'll need to gather the following materials:

  • 140x Steel Bar

  • 10x Citrine

  • 60x Mithril Bar

  • 20x Dense Stone

  • 420x Thorium Bar

  • 80x Rugged Leather

  • 55x Solid Grinding Stone

With these materials in hand, follow these steps to level your Blacksmithing skill from 225 to 300:

  1. 225-235: Craft 10x Steel Plate Helm

  2. 235-250: Craft 15x Mithril Spurs (if you have the plans) or 15x Mithril Coif

  3. 250-260: Craft 20x Dense Sharpening Stone

  4. 260-270: Craft 10x Thorium Belt

  5. 270-275: Craft 5x Thorium Bracers

  6. 275-290: Craft 15x Imperial Plate Bracers (requires plans from Thorium Brotherhood in Gadgetzan)

  7. 290-300: Craft 10x Thorium Boots

Crafting the New Shoulder Armor Pieces

The highlight of Blacksmithing in SoD Phase 3 is the ability to craft three new shoulder armor pieces: Baleful Pauldrons, Fearmonger's Shoulderguards, and Shoulderplates of Dread. Such strong pieces are Bind to Pick Upso they can be useful both for personal use and store in Auction House.

To learn recipes for this part that require being epic crafting quest chain which becomes available during Phase 3. In this quest chain, players are required to do lots of tasks and objectives, so be ready for some grinding. Once you've completed the quest chain, you can craft these shoulder pieces using the following materials:

  • 10x Nightmare Seed (drops inside the Sunken Temple dungeon)

  • 1x Inert Mantle of Nightmares (obtained from the epic crafting quest chain, or purchased from Rix Xizzix in Booty Bay for 10 gold each)

These new shoulder pieces are the best armor pieces that blacksmiths can craft in Phase 3, and they are, therefore, the most demanded items by the players who are looking to optimize their equipment. There will be considerable competition among the Blacksmiths, especially if you intend to sell crafted items because lots of people will go for this market.

Other Notable Blacksmithing Recipes in SoD Phase 3

While the new shoulder armor pieces are the highlight, Phase 3 also introduces several other notable Blacksmithing recipes, including:

  • Blight, Phantom Blade, and The Shatterer (Weaponsmith specialization exclusive)

  • Truesilver Breastplate and Truesilver Gauntlets (Armorsmith specialization exclusive)

  • Wildthorn Mail (Armorsmith specialization exclusive)

  • Mithril Spurs (useful for all players, providing a movement speed increase)

  • Various weapon and shield enhancements, such as the Thorium Shield Spike and Dense Sharpening Stone

In addition to these recipes, the new shoulder pieces, and others, Blacksmiths now have a variety of suitable items to craft and sell, as well as to enhance their own items. Let's try the recipes one by one to figure out what recipes are more valuable or useful for you given your playstyle and goals.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Blacksmithing Recipes

Blacksmithing Gold Making and Leveling in SoD

Along with making new recipes used in Phase 3, one more proficient method of grinding blacksmithing rank and hoarding gold is to craft required items for the quest needed for "Waylaid Supplies". This is a sequence of quests which requires players to hand in several products of Blacksmithing items such as Copper Shortswords, Runed Copper Pants, Rough Bronze Boots, Silver Skeleton Keys, Green Iron Bracers, Massive Iron Axes, Solid Grinding Stones, Heavy Mithril Gauntlets, Truesilver Gauntlets, Mithril Coifs, and Thorium Belts.

Through the production of these items and trading them in the auction house you are able to continuously acquire goldwhilst you are also advancing your Blacksmithing skill up to a higher level. This approach is particularly convenient during the conclusion of Phase 3 as the demand would be high. At this stage, players will be rushing in to finish up the new quests and content.

Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that the demand for such materials from these Blacksmiths could be overshadowed with time once more and more Blacksmiths apply the same strategy. Hence, there should be a timely look at the prices in the auctioning house, and to change the selling and crafting strategies accordingly.

Furthermore, the Blacksmithing profession also provides other ways of creating gold, like crafting uncommon or very valuable items, providing crafting services for a fee, and even raising raw materials and growing them for the other players. The another best way to get gold is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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In terms of its implications for Blacksmithing in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery Phase 3, this has brought about tremendous changes and upgrades. The option to make up to the very end, select a specialization, and craft whole new strong armor pieces caused Blacksmiths to be able to up their gear game even more.

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