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Best Breeding Base in Palworld 

Starting in Palworld, the game doesn’t give any signs as to what is the best possible way to proceed, and thus it mostly ends in a total nightmare. If you are not satisfied with your current base and want to make a new one specifically for Breeding, we have here the Best Breeding Base in Palworld. 

Best Breeding Base in Palworld 

The most advanced feature in Palworld is Breeding, and in the end-game, you have to utilize it fully to get the best possible Pals. Thus, making a base around the concept of Breeding is typically the ideal way to progress onwards.

We will be sharing with you all the details on which Pals you need, the best area to make base on, and items to make the infrastructure. Let’s get started.

Optimal Game Settings for Breeding Base

First and foremost, there are some options you need to change and tweak to get the best possible Breeding Base in Palworld. 

  1. Click on the world you want to play in

  2. Click on the “Change Settings”

  3. Go to “Custom Settings”

  4. Scroll to bottom

  5. Slide “Time to Incubate Massive Egg” to zero (Left)

  6. Slide “Max Pals working at Base” to maximum (Right)

  7. Turn Off “Enable Raid Events”

  8. Scroll all the way up

  9. Slide “Day Time Speed” to 1 or zero

  10. Slide “Night Time Speed” to a maximum of 5 (Right)

Best Breeding Base Location in Palworld

Best Breeding Base Location in Palworld

At the center of the map around the coordinates of “-180,-353”, you will find small patches in the heart of forests. These patches are great for building massive bases. You can refer to them as the flat lands and can make your first base in any of these pitches. Furthermore, some of the other Best Breeding Base Locations are:

  • Plateau of Beginning at coordinates “255, -518”

  • Azurobe Hill at coordinates “-414, -108”

You can head over here, and find a nice patch whether you like the bamboo trees or an ocean body around the area. Considering you still haven’t made a decision, you can make a base at “-350, -119” near the Azurobe Hill. It is the ideal location for building a base in Palworld.

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Building Best Breeding Base in Palworld

Finding Centre for Palbox Placement

Now that you found the location, it is time to put the Palbox at the center of the area. How to find the center? You can open the map and press the M button to find the center of the location. Come close to the center and place the Palbox in the middle. 

It isn’t essential that the Palbox would be in the dead center of the location. You have to fly up and check around the area whether you are satisfied or not.

Stone Foundation

Palbox Placement for Best Breeding Base in Palworld

After you have found a center for Palbox, you must have a strong foundation, meaning the base of the structure. Place four squares of stone foundation and have a staircase on each side. This will enable you and your pals to get inside without an issue.

Place your Palbox at the center of the stone foundation. Remember to fly above and check on the placed structure.

Building Breeding Farm

Building Breeding Farm for the Best Breeding Base

We are going for the Best Breeding Base in Palworld, so you must have more than one Breeding Farm here. Facing the extended area, you need to place a total of three Breeding Farms side by side. 

One thing to keep in mind is that everything should be in the circle around the Palbox, so we already mentioned that it should be in the center of the area itself.

The three Breeding Farms are around the edge of a circle that enables your Pals to stay focused within the vicinity. Also, they are facing towards the Palbox, making the monitoring process easy.

Egg Incubator Placement

We are making a Breeding Base, and without an Egg Incubator, all the Breeding Combinations and Farms are pretty useless. Incubators will allow you to Hatch Eggs that you get from the two Pals mating in the Breeding Farms. 

There are three Breeding Farms, so you require a minimum of three Egg Incubators, each one placed in front of the farm. You can have more if the need arises, but a minimum number is three.

Beds Placement

You can place two begs outside each of the Breeding Farms, which will ease off the Pals that are placed in the Breeding Farms. Furthermore, you can openly place beds around the area for your Breeding Base Pals to rest.

Storage Box and Ranch

Furthermore, you also require a Storage Box outside the Ranch that lessens the distance for Transporters. You need two Ranch placed in between the Breeding Farms. 

Hot Springs

Hot Springs for the Best Breeding Base

Use a Wooden Plank Foundation to craft a base for the Two Hot Springs. This one isn’t essential but we highly recommend it to keep the Pals relaxed, without overworking them.

Feed Basket Placement

Feed Basket Placement in Best Breeding Base

At the center of the three Breeding Farms and your Palbox, there should be a Feed Basket. At some point, all the Pals in your base have to come here, and the access to your Feed Basket should be unobstructed and in the center. 

For the Feed Basket, you will need Baked Berries that can help keep overall Pals sane. Put it at the left-most spot of the box, and put things that don’t expire like cotton candy. 

Farm for Feed

For the Best Breeding Base in Palworld, you won’t need much agricultural farming. For Breeding, you only need Flour from Wheat and Berries, as they are used to make Cake in Palworld which is the only feed for Breeding efficiently. 

Stove and Water

You require a water mill to turn your Wheat to Flour, and then you need the Stove to cook Cake. The placement doesn’t matter that much but for outlooks, you can place them at the left and right side of the Food Basket, edges of Palbox. 

Best Pals for Breeding Base in Palworld

The Passive and Partner Skills make all the difference here, and the more Pals you have that are better for overall other Pals, the better the base is going to be for you. 

For Ranch

The Best Pals for Ranch in Breeding Base would be 2x Mozzarina for Milk, 2x Chikipi for Egg, and 2x Beegarde for Honey. Remove the “Be Quiet” skill from Beegarde.

Agriculture Farm

The Best Pals for Agricultural Farming in the Breeding Base would be 2x Lyleen or 2x Petallia.


The Best Pal for Transporting in a Breeding Base would be 2x Helzephyr or more.


The Best Pal for watering in the Breeding Base is Jormuntide. One is fine, but if you need more, you can put in your Best Breeding Base.


Jormuntide Ignis is the Best Pal for cooking cake in your Breeding Base. 


If you have a stove or other electrical components, then you need an electric-type pal. The best would be Jolthog


Setting up the Best Breeding Base is mandatory in Palworld because, at the end of the game, everything relies on Breeding. Either using the Pal Condensation machine to increase the level to Level 5 Work Suitability, or simply getting some Rare Pals early on without wasting your time, you end up utilizing the Breeding mechanism. Follow our guide to get the Best Breeding Base in Palworld, ranging from the ideal location to infrastructure, and even the Pals to do everything for you.

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