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Palworld Egg Hunting Guide - How to get Dragon Pals Early

Dragon Pals are some of the strongest creatures in Palworld, and they can only be captured later in the game. For early-game players, this is miserable news but recently a secret way to get Dragon Pals early in Palworld has been out. How, you might ask? Let’s talk about the details here in our Palworld Egg Hunting guide.

Palworld Egg Hunting Guide - How to get Dragon Pals Early

The egg-hatching process in Palworld is said to take days, which is not correct as players are shown having to wait only 2 hours to get their precious Pals. Some methods can be accompanied to lower the time frame, to let the players get their hatched Pals early on. 

Using the same process, you can even lower the Huge Dragon Eggs hatching time as well, enabling you to get your Dragon Pals early on in the game.

Lowering Huge Dragon Egg Hatching Time

Dragon Eggs are typically referred to as the maximum time Eggs, but that is not the case here. Players are seen playing on the hard mode of the game which automatically gives you the maximum time for eggs that are in the incubator to hatch. 

When playing on the dedicated servers, the game will automatically put it on the hard mode for the hatching time, increasing the time frame of the hatching process to 72 hours, instead of only 2.

This answers the question of increasing time depending on the servers and the play-time, which is false. It depends on the hard mode which is automatically toggled ON for players who are in the dedicated servers.

Getting Huge Dragon Eggs Early

To get the Dragon Eggs early on in the game, you have to traverse the massive world of Palworld in the nighttime. Get a glowing flying mount that makes the process easier. 

At night time, the chances of finding Dragon Eggs are higher in contrast to the daytime. On the far left side of the map, you come across a volcanic area that has the highest chance of you finding a Huge Dragon Egg.

We can’t share a proper location of where to find one because the Huge Dragon Eggs are randomly spawned in the Palworld. Some areas will increase chances like Mountains, and Cliffs, definitely their edges. 

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How to get Dragon Pals Early in Palworld?

Just as mentioned in our Palworld Egg Hunting guide, you need to get a flying mount and search for the Huge Dragon Eggs. Then use the incubator to Hatch Dragon Eggs to get them early. If you are in the early game, here are the expanded details to help you out.

Getting Flying Mount

Nitewing - Flying Mount Location in Palworld

The best early-game flying mount in Palworld is Nitewing, and you can get him across several areas. These include:

  • Tower of Rayne Syndicate East side which is on the North-West side of Plateau of Beginnings

  • Marsh Island

  • Eastern Wild Island

You can also get Nitewing in Palworld by Breeding. Here are a few Breeding Combinations you can accompany. 

  • Pyrin with Wumpo Botan, Kingpaca, or Cinnamoth

  • Incineram with Lyleen, Menasting, or Pyrin Noct

  • Reptyro with Penking, or Grintale

  • Faleris with Wumpo, or Kingpaca

  • Anubis with Relaxaurus, Menasting, or Pyrin Noct

  • Jormuntide with Penking, or Elphidran

  • Suzaku with Petallia, Arsox, or Chillet

  • Cryolinx with Mammorest Cryst, Katress, or Blazehowl

Getting Huge Dragon Eggs

Getting Huge Dragon Eggs in Palworld

On the Southwest side of the map, you come across a Volcanic area that is covered with harsh terrains surrounding it. The most Huge Dragon Eggs are found here, including the Huge Eggs, and Scorching Eggs. 

Night-time is substantially the ideal duration to find these Huge Dragon Eggs, but they can be found during the daytime as well. Hop onto the Nitewing and explore the corners of the region before going inside.

Another ideal location is the Desert zone which is towards the North-East side of the map. It is similar to the volcano area and has plenty of Dragon Eggs to find.

Crafting an Incubator

Incubator in Palworld

The incubator is the only device that lets you Hatch Eggs in Palworld. It is included in the Ancient Technology pieces early on in the game. Get two Ancient Technology points by defeating bosses in Palworld, and unlock the recipe through the Technology Skill Tree.

After getting the Recipe for Incubator, you have to gather the following ingredients.

  • Ancient Civilization Parts x2

  • Paldium Fragments x10

  • Cloth x5

  • Stone x30

Don’t worry, you will find a ton of Paldium Fragments, and Stones early on in the game. The Cloth is gathered by using the Crafting Bench, as a refined source of Wool. 

Getting to the Ancient Civilization Parts, they are mostly in the rare chests, or you can also get them by defeating Bosses. 

Hatching Dragon Egg to Get Dragon Pals Early

Now, you have everything, an Incubator and a Huge Dragon Egg. Put the egg inside the Incubator and wait for the egg to hatch. This will provide you with a Dragon Pal early on in the game without fighting any bosses or going to their territory.

Following are the Dragon Pals you can get:

  • Jormuntide Ignis

  • Orserk

  • Jetragon

  • Quivern

  • Astegon

  • Jormuntide

  • Relaxaurus Lux

  • Relaxaurus

  • Azurobe

  • Elphidran

  • Elphidran Aqua

  • Chillet

  • Dinossom

  • Dinossom Lux


Dragon Pals are some of the strongest Elemental Pals in Palworld and all of them are pretty hard to get, considering you have to fight them head-on to capture them. But, with the hatching mechanism through the use of an Incubator, you can get them early on in the game. Get yourself a Flying Mount like Nitewing, and go to the Volcanic region at nighttime to get the Huge Dragon Egg. Bring it to the base and put it into the Incubator. After some time, you will get a Dragon Egg Early on in Palworld. More in our Palworld Egg Hunting Guide.

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