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Palworld Best Breeding Combination for Early Game 

Palworld is filled with all sorts of unique and rare Pals, and each of them has its usability in the game. One thing that bothers most players is capturing them, as the level difference makes it impossible for early players to get better Pals, except when using the Breeding Combinations. To tackle that, we have here Palworld Best Breeding Combinations for Early Game.

Palworld Best Breeding Combination for Early Game 

At Level 7, which is early in the game, you gain access to the Incubator, which is used to hatch eggs. Then, at Level 19, you gain access to the Breeding Farm, allowing you to get Rare Pals and Unique Creatures early on in the game using their Breeding Combinations.

One thing to note is that not every Pal can be gained through Breeding, and it is also the opposite for some Pals that are unique and can only be gained through Breeding Combination. Let’s get started with the Best Early Game Breeding Combinations.

Warsect - Helzephyr and Cinnamoth

Warsect from Early Breeding Combination of Helzephyr and Cinnamoth

Warsect is one of the best Pals to get in Palworld, but in the early game, they are quite high-level for players to capture. Thus, you can combine Helzephyr and Cinnamoth to get Warsect. 

Warsect is a tanky Ground and Grass Element Pal who has 1 Level in Planting and Handiwork, and 3 Levels in Lumbering and Transporting, making him exceptionally well for collecting wood and transporting stuff around the base.

You can find Warsect close to the Goblin’s Turf, but they are extremely hard to capture because of their tanky nature and high damage.

  • You can find Helzephyr in the central part of the Palpogas Islands, flying around the forest area of the map.

  • Cinnamon is found in the Cinnamon Forest, which is nearly the center of the whole Palworld map, at the coordinates “-75, -272”.

Mammorest - Sweepa and Helzephyr

Mammorest from Early Breeding Combination of Sweepa and Helzephyr

Across the extensive landscapes of Palworld, you will find a massive elephant-like Pal that is impossible to capture even at high levels. Well, these are Mammorest, and you can also use the Breeding Combination of Sweepa and Helzephyr to get Mammorest.

Mammorest is a Grass Element Pal that is found in the Grassy Behemoth Hills points of Transportation, and also other similar regions in Palworld. Very versatile Pal who is great in Mining, Lumbering, and Planting, coming in with Level 2 in all of these Work Suitability Skills.

  • We already have Sweepa’s location mentioned in our guide and also Helzephyr.

Jormuntide - Quivern and Relaxaurus

Jormuntide from Early Breeding Combination of Quivern and Relaxaurus

Jormuntide is a Water Dragon Pal and one of the most versatile and best water Pals in Palworld. He is an essential Dragon Pal to have in your inventory. But, getting started with the game, both the Jormuntide and Jormuntide Ignis are hard to capture. 

As a Water Dragon Pal, you will find Jormuntide between the lands, in an ocean body. You may find him between Moonless Shore, and Bamboo Grove, or Eastern Wild Island, and Verdant Brook. 

You can use the Quivern and Relaxaurus Breeding Combination to get Jormuntide early in the game.

  • Quivern is found as a boss in Dungeon - The Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.

  • You can find Relaxaurus in the AsceticFalls and also the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon.

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Anubis - Sweepa and Tombat

Anubis from Early Breeding Combination of Sweepa and Tombat

Anubis is a Ground Element Pal who feeds upon a medium amount of food and is found at Twilight Dunes in the coordinates of “-134, -95”, making it quite hard for the early players to get this versatile beast. 

Anubis is one of the best Handiworkers, coming in with a Level 4 Work Suitability. Also, he is great at Transporting with Level 2, and Mining with Level 3.

Again, he is a hard Pal to capture in Palworld, but you can use the Breeding Combination of Tombat and Sweepa to get Anubis early in the game.

  • You can get Tombat on Marsh Island, Forgotten Islands, Ice Wind Island Ruins, and Eastern Island. 

  • You can get Sweepa in the Snowy Mountains close to the Tower of Free Pal Alliance south to Twilight Dunes Desert.

Wumpo Botan - Sweepa and Surfent

Wumpo Botan from Early Breeding Combination of Sweepa and Surfent

Wumpo Botan requires a ton of food and is a Grass Element Pal. Mate Sweepa and Surfent, and you will get Wumpo Botan by the Breeding Combination. 

A much more reliable Pal, that you usually get at the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary, exceptional at Transporting because of Level 4 in this Work Suitability Skill.

If you are suffering from a good Transporter in your base, then you need to get Wumpo Botan by using the Early Breeding Combination as soon as possible. On the other hand, Wumpo Botan has Level 3 in Lumbering, gathering woods for you in an instant.

On top of that, Level 1 in Planting, and Level 2 in Handiwork, allow Wumpo Botan to be a great increment in your team.

  • We already discussed where to get Sweepa.

  • You will find Surfent in the wild, around the forest and water bodies, typically the Tundra Biomes. The coordinates are “-124, -465”, in the Sealed Realm west-side lake. 

Valet - Eikthyrdeer and Nox

Valet from Early Breeding Combination of Eikthyrdeer and Nox

In a rare Pals category, you will also come across a strange butterfly-like creature known as Valet. You can find this beautiful Pal at the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary, but to get it early, you will have to use the Breeding Combination of Nox and Eikthyrdeer. 

Valet might look fragile because of their physical appearance and how little she eats, but is a great fighter Pal. Also, Valet is an exceptional base Pal, coming in with Level 2 in Handiworking, Planting, and Gathering.

The primary skill of Valet is Medicine Production, making her exceptionally useful as a team Pal. You can also let the Valet do some carrying around because of that Level 1 in Transporting.

  • You can find Nox as a Wild Pal in Ravine Grotto Dungeon, or you can also get him fairly early on in the starting islands at night time.

  • You can find Eikthyrdeer in the grasslands, running around and looking for a chance to attack you.


The Best Breeding Combinations for Early Game are for the Pals that are great in Base Building like Transporting, Handiwork, Mining, and so on. At the start to the near mid of the game, you require these Pals as early as possible, because they can help you quickly do the tasks, and progress instantly for higher-level captures. You can surely capture them as well, but utilizing the Breeding Combinations to get them Early is the best possible pathway for progression in Palworld.

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