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Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw in COD Mobile

Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw offers a FFAR 1 - Bright Blade mythic assault weapon, Kui Ji - Faded Shadow male character, and Sword - Bright Blade melee. It comes with a brighter tone of Yellow and Orange color which looks attractive and eye-catching on the skins. The FFAR 1 - Bright Blade assault weapon offers a Sword-like design which looks pretty amazing. In this article, I will share my review of the items of Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw.

All Items in Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw:

All 10 items in Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw of COD Mobile

1. FFAR 1 - Bright Blade:

FFAR 1 - Bright Blade is a Mythic Assault weapon that is suited for closer to medium-quarter combats. This Mythic skin offers a Sword-like shape that animates with Orange and Yellow colors. The skin contains some square boxes that rotates every time. It also has arrow animation, which creates a beautiful animation on the skin.

FFAR 1 - Bright Blade mythic assault weapon in COD Mobile

The color used on the skin is brighter, which makes the weapon eye-catching in the game. The death effect is unique and interesting, as the Orangish sword throws down from the top side of an enemy to the ground. This death animation becomes brighter according to your killstreaks. The scope, kill broadcast, and firing color is also a combination of orange and yellow color.

2. Kui Ji - Faded Shadow Male Character:

Kui Ji - Faded Shadow is a Male character skin that offers a black dress with brownish materials. The face is covered with a white mask and the head contains gray hairs. The back side contains a hanging Sword - Bright Blade melee, which makes it an eye-catching character. However, the front side isn’t eye-catchy compared with some other skins.

Kui Ji - Faded Shadow Male Character in COD Mobile

Kui Ji - Faded Shadow also contains a black headphone with some hard material on the skin. All in one, the Kui Ji - Faded Shadow is a decent skin for this type of lucky draw. However, if you want a character that grabs the attention of other players in the game, then you should invest CPs in any female lucky draw.

3. M21 EBR - Grim Gold:

The M21 EBR - Grim Gold is a Sniper weapon that offers a black body with goldish patterns. It contains orange and yellow animation in some areas which makes it beautiful. The speed of animation is fast, which will look better in fast-paced modes such as 10v10. The Scope offers a decent design with the Goldenish Bipod. However, the M21 EBR sniper rifle is not common in COD Mobile.

4. Sword - Bright Blade:

If you’re a Melee lover in COD Mobile, then the Sword - Bright Blade should excite you. This is because of its brighter design and eye-catching aesthetics. The Sword blade is filled with an Orange color with a small black material, that is creating an Arrow-like design.

Sword - Bright Blade melee in COD Mobile

Its borders are Yellow and contain a box in the middle. This design is more attractive than all the other Melee weapons in COD Mobile. Its Grip is colored black, which makes a good combination with the Sword blade color. However, the Sword - Bright Blade does not offer any animation, but its aesthetics and looks can impress everyone in the game.

5. Shorty - Grim Gold:

The Shorty - Grim Gold is a secondary weapon that features a black body with Golden materials. Some areas and Barrel side glows with an Orange and Yellow animation, which makes this skin excellent choice for Shorty lovers. I like the styling of Black material on the stock side.

6. Solitude Calling Card:

The Solitude Calling Card offers a Neon background where the rain is happening. It also contains a Character who has taken a Sword and shaken it towards the ground side. The Solitude Calling Card is great in terms of design but is not worthwhile for this mythic lucky draw.

7. Wingsuit - Grim Gold:

The Wingsuid - Grim Gold offers a golden body with some black materials. The Winsuit contains some strips that glow with Yellow and Orange color. However, the animation is not very visible.

8. Demon Style Emote:

In Demon Style emote, the character takes two swords from the back side and performs fighting action. After that, the character hangs these swords on the back side.

During fighting, the red copy of the character's shoulders, arms, and hands moves the same as the character's moves. This Demon Style Emote is great for those who like using Sword in COD Mobile. However, this emote suits well with all gender's characters in COD Mobile.

9. Contact Grenade - Grim:

The Contact Grenade - Grim offers a beautiful design because it contains a brighter tone of Orangish color that attracts the eyes. It contains a yellow material on a black body. Also, there is a glows in and out animation of rotated squares, which looks impressive in the character’s hand. Contact Grenade is a lethal equipment that explodes immediately after attack.

Contact Grenade - Grim lethal in COD Mobile

10. Bright Gold Charm:

Lastly, the lucky draw offers a Bright Gold Charm that offers a great animation. It contains a yellow square that rotates every time. The backside of this yellow square has more squares, which also rotates.

Bright Gold Charm in COD Mobile

Should I Invest CPs in Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw:

The Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw offers beautiful items that contain a brighter tone of Orange and Yellow color. The looks of FFAR 1 - Bright Blade and Sword - Bright Blade are pretty attractive, engaging, and eye-catching.

The Kui Ji - Faded Shadow character is great for black color lovers, but is not very attractive and will not able to grab the eyes of other players on it.

I also like the design of Shorty - Grim Gold and M21 EBR - Grim Gold because of the visible and fast orange and yellow animation.

I don't like the Wingsuit - Grim Gold because the animation is located in small strips which are not very visible.

The Demon Style Emote is also great for Melee / Sword lovers in COD Mobile.

So, yes, the Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw is a perfect choice for users who need a beautiful and brighter skin of FFR1 and Sword that attract everyone in the game. It costs 10 CP for the first spin, but 30 CP in some regions.

Probability of Getting Rewards from Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw in COD Mobile:

The probability of getting specific reward from the Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw on first spin are:

Rewards Probability
1. FFAR 1 - Bright Blade 0.08%
2. Kui Ji - Faded Shadow Male Character 1.25%
3. M21 EBR - Grim Gold 4.00%
4. Sword - Bright Blade 4.67%
5. Shorty - Grim Gold 5.50%
6. Solitude Calling Card 6.50%
7. Wingsuit - Grim Gold 10.00%
8. Demon Style Emote 11.00%
9. Contact Grenade - Grim 28.00%
10. Bright Gold Charm 29.00%

Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw Cost:

Here’s the CP Cost of Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw:

  1. 1st Draw: 10 CP.

  2. 2nd Draw: 30 CP.

  3. 3rd Draw: 50 CP.

  4. 4th Draw: 120 CP.

  5. 5th Draw: 200 CP.

  6. 6th Draw: 320 CP.

  7. 7th Draw: 520 CP.

  8. 8th Draw: 960 CP.

  9. 9th Draw: 1300 CP. 

  10. 10th Draw: 2300 CP.

Total Cost of Bright Gold Mythic Lucky Draw: 5,810 CP.

On some regions, the first spin costs 30 CP, and then gradually increases the price as the number of spins increases.

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