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WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Druid Runes and Locations

The level cap has been raised to level 50 with the release of the Wow Classic Season of Discovery Phase on April 4, 2024. More runes, gears, Incursions, and rewards are added in Phase 3. Yes, a lot of new runes have been added to the different classes in the Wow Classic Sod Phase 3, including the Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior classes.

The druid class, which has six new runes in phase 3 of the Wow Classic Season of Discovery, will be the main focus of this article due to the wide list of newly introduced runes. Before jumping on to the main point of runes, let us tell you that gold, the in-game currency of WoW SoD, will play a huge role in this journey. So make sure you have enough stock of the same. If you are falling short, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Runes in Wow Classic Sod Phase 3

What do you think runes are, then, before you learn about the six new ones?

In simple terms, runes are objects that provide the characters with passive effects. Additionally, by leveling the playing field for weaker specs and opening up new spells, these runes improve gameplay. Phase 3 has seen the introduction of 57 new runes for 9 classes, 6 of which are unique to the Druid Class and are as follows:

  • Gale Winds

  • Improved Barkskin

  • Gore

  • Elune’s Fires

  • Efflorescence

  • Improved Frenzied Regeneration

Runes for Druid Class in Wow Classic Sod Phase 3

Druids are one of the most exciting and adaptable classes; they specialize in natural magic and animal forms. This class is quite fulfilling because it can perform the roles of a healer, melee DPS, tank, and ranged DPS all well. With all of these powers, phase 3 contains six more runes. These are the runes and what you can expect from them.

Gale Winds Runes

  • Slot: Druid Head

One of the first head runes for the druid class is Galae winds which looks apt for dungeon grinding.

  • Attack ability: Hurricane attack capacity is hiked by 100%.

Although the cooldown is just no longer available the good thing is that the mana cost has slashed by 20%.

  • Zone: Feralas

How to get the rune: the rune can be found at Fairless, at the coordinates 66,38.

  • Kill the Namida Grimtotem there.

  • Once you make the kill around the Grimtotem Compound, a rune named Rune fo Windstorm will drop

  • Here interact with the item and you will get the Gale winds rune.

WoW SoD Phase 3 Gale Winds Runes

Gore Runes

  • Slot: Druid Head

One of the feral runes in Phase 3 that is seen to be dreadful for the cat druids while called the big thread increase for the Bear Druid.

  • Attack: the rune is capable of targeting with Lacerate, maul, and swipe. These attacks effectively hold the ability to reset the cooldown on Mnagla, the bear by 15% while for Mangla the cat, the resetting ability to cooldown on Tiger’s fury is by 5%.

  • Zone: Emerald Wardens Rep

How to Obtain the Rune:

  • Focus on completing the nightmare incursions.

  • The players must gel up with the Emerald Wardebs faction by having a friendly reputation status. The Emerald Wardebs faction are the guardians of the emerald portals found throughout the world namely the Duskwood, Feralas, The Hinterlands, and Ashenvale.

  • on entering any of the 4 portals, you will get the missions to be accomplished by Field Captain NPC and then you can succeed.

  • thinking about what type of missions? It could be anything like fighting the enemies, battling with the bosses, acquiring the resources.

Where can the portals be discovered?

The 4 portals namely the Duskwood, Hinterlands, Feralas, and Ashenvale could be dealt with in the various levels, for instance, on reaching level 50, the Feralas portal can be checked for. Similarly, at level 50- the Hinterlands, at level 25, Duskwood, and level 40, Ashenvale.

Improved Frenzied Regeneration Rune

  • Slot: Druid's wrists

Effective for the bracers, the players can engrave the bracers with this new rune.

  • Ability: Now available to use in any form, while not shapeshifted.

Efficiently transform 10 energy, 5 mana, and 10 rages every second into 10 percent health. Every ten seconds, it can change the active resource into health.

  • Location: the rune can be found in Felwood, Hinterlands, Razorfen Downs, Zul Farraj, Blackrock Depths, and Maraudon.

The player needs to travel towards the southern section of Tanys.

How to get the rune:

  • Try to complete the quests offered such as the Wild Gods quest, which needs to be grabbed by the player itself.

  • This quest is available in the Shadowtooth Emissary in the location named Felwood.

  • Once you reach here, you will guided to reach Jinths’Alor found in the Hinterlands.

  • Here you are required to kill the Elite trolls.

  • On doing so you would earn the Wildwhisper Draught, and reach Razorfen Downs.

  • Drink the Wildwhisper Draught, on fighting the enemies, after which you will get the Agmaggan’s Roar.

  • Get the wild offering and do the following tasks.

  • Delirious Ancient – Zul’Farrak – Wandering around Ghaz’rilla’s room.

  • Delirious Ancient – Blackrock Depths – Spawns on the Dark Iron Highway, near Bael’gar after killing the Houndmaster, Inquisitor, and the Ring of Law

  • Delirious Ancient – Maraudon – In the water near Princess Theradras at the end of the dungeon.

  • After completion, blow Agamaggan's roar, kill 52 elite, get the wild offering, and acquire the rune.

Elune’s Fires Rune

  • Slot: Druid Wrists

Ability: Meant for the bracers.

This fire rune increases the potency of your spells and abilities and lengthens the duration of the damage you deal to your opponent.

  • Zone: Azshara

How to obtain the rune:

  • Get to Azshara by traveling to the numbers 20 and 62.

  • Locate the Traveker's Knapsack temple, and take the mortar pestle and Keldara's log. 

  • Gather the satyrweed sample, then grind it to make the satyrweed tincture.

  • Look about the area for Corrupted Hippogryph work that can be done to heal them.

  • When the player is finished, they will receive the Rune of Moon Goddess, which will help them obtain the Elune Fire Rune.

Efflorescence Rune

  • Slot: Druid's wrists

For the rune, level 45 is required.

  • Ability: This rune grants 109 healing every 1 second for 15 seconds to party members within 15 yards of the Swiftmend target.

  • Zone: Feralas, Azshara, Hinterlands

How to get the rune: reach Feralas, and find the night elf- Tyrisius.

  • Complete the Wisdom of Guardians, which is a quest.

  • The quest demands the defeat of guardian spirits that too in 3 different locations.

Improved Barkskin Rune

  • Slot: Druid Head

  • Ability: The rune can cast spells on allies.

 It doesn't penalize combat speed in melee.

Additionally, the rune can now be cast while changing its shape.

  • Zone: Tanaris

How to get the rune:

  • Level 44 is the basic requirement with the trained Barkskin.

  • Go for the battle with Thislteshrub Dew Collector and loot Idol of Raging Shambler.

  • Once you get the idol, equip it, use Nature Damage, and defeat 5 enemies under this rune effect.

  • Finally acquire the rune, by using the idol once again.

WoW SoD Phase 3 Improved Barkskin Rune


To sum up, the third phase of the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery introduces a ton of new runes designed especially for Druids, improving their skills and deepening their gameplay. From Gale Winds to Improved Barkskin, these runes provide a variety of advantages like enhanced attack power, better regeneration, and longer-lasting spell effects.

Druid players must take on missions and challenges spread throughout different zones like Feralas, Azshara, Hinterlands, and Tanaris to obtain these potent runes. Every rune has a different set of tasks that must be fulfilled, from healing Corrupted Hippogryphs in Azshara to fighting elite trolls in Jinths'Alor.

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