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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Getting Mechanical Greench

In WOW Classic Season Of Discovery, there are various in-game activities, features, and events that take your gaming experience to a new level with a series of challenges, difficulties, and hardships. These in-game activities and features are made not just to give you a good experience but also to test your skills, abilities, and gameplay mechanics. In WOW Classic SOD, Mechanical Grench is a vanity pet. This pet can help you in many ways in your gameplay and during your game.

It is obtained during the feast of Winter Veil event. This event comes during the winter and right now this is the time when WOW Classic SOD has launched this event and now your main motive is how to get this vanity pet easily and elevate the chances of getting it.

Once you obtain the Mechanical Greench through the related Winter Veil questline, you can summon it to follow you around in the game. Vanity pets don't have any combat abilities but are purely cosmetic, providing a fun and thematic addition to your character's appearance.

The Mechanical Greench is an item obtained from a gift, and the video provides insights into effectively using it for farming experience points (XP) and loot. If you want to unlock the Mechanical Greench and enjoy this winter with WOW Classic SOD, then you are on the right page.

This guide will cover all the steps, tips, tricks, and strategies that you can use to get the Mechanical Greench In WOW Classic SOD easily without hurdling much and beating around the bushes.

Be Mindful of the Time Limitation

This event comes up with a time limitation that you have to be mindful of if you want to take advantage. If you are well aware of the time and date this event will end, you can elevate the chances of your unlocking the mechanical greench. Make sure you have a proper planning and strategy for this event.

Participate Early

Now, that you know the time limitation of this event, you can participate early to maximize the chances of successfully completing the event and unlocking the Mechanical Greench. Early participation will lead you towards victory and achieving rewards.

Location of Presents

In WOW Classic SOD, knowing the locations and being mindful of the environment plays an important role. The more acquainted you get with the environment, the easier it will be for you to get to the right path.

Know the locations of the Winter Veil trees. Tree’s locations are different for Horde and Alliance. For Alliance, the tree is in Ironforge; for Horde, it's in Orgrimmar. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the specific areas to save your time during the event. To familiarize yourself with the location and areas, you need to explore the places as much as you can. Exploration is the key here. The more you explore, the better you get to know the places.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Getting Mechanical Greench


Adaptability comes as the next step towards unlocking the Mechanical Greench in WOW Classic SOD. As you will roam around, you will face many difficulties and challenges. Be adaptable to different situations. Whether it is finishing mobs or dealing with heavy bosses, adapt yourself to the situations so that you can keep moving forward easily without much hurdle or difficulty.

Increase Your Character Level

Here, leveling up your character becomes very important before you embark on a journey towards getting the mechanical greench in WOW Classic SOD. To participate in the Winter Veil event, you must fulfill the selection criteria which is that your character must be levelled up to a certain level.

Ensure that your character is currently having at least level 20 before participating in the winter veil event. If you haven’t leveled up your character, make sure you reach level 20 before this event ends so that you don’t miss out on Mechanical Greench just because of your character’s level. Check your character’s level before participating. Use gold to level up faster, if you are falling short of the same, get the gold for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Search for Presents

Once you get to the trees, look for the presents under them. These presents are the key to obtaining the Mechanical Grinch pet. Make sure you’re checking carefully. Don’t ignore the trees when you’re roaming around.

Identify the Ticking Present Box

Under the trees, you will find many present boxes. Among the presents, find the ticking present box. This is the one that contains the Mechanical Grinch pet. After identifying the ticking present box, open it.

Interact with the ticking present box and open it. By doing so, you will see what are all the contents and items inside it. You might end up having mechanical greench if you are lucky enough.

Enjoy Your Mechanical Greench

Inside the ticking present box, you should find the Mechanical Grinch pet. Mechanical Greench is a combat companion that will give you notable advantages on the battlefield and during your whole gameplay. It will give you an advantage in terms of High DPS and Tank roles.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Mechanical Greench

Check For Additional Items

There’s a good probability of finding some additional items in the presents apart from getting the mechanical greench. So, make sure you check the boxes carefully. There might be some valuable items that you can use in your gameplay.

Understand the Pet Usage

Now, when you have the pet with yourself, it becomes very important to understand its usage so that you can strategically use it in your gameplay and get the maximum benefits. The Mechanical Greench has three charges, meaning you can summon it three times. Be strategic in using the pet, as once all three charges are used, you'll have to wait until next year's holiday event to obtain it again.


In conclusion, the guide provides tips for obtaining the Mechanical Greench vanity pet during the Feast of Winter Veil event in the WOW Classic Season of Discovery. It emphasizes being mindful of time limitations, participating early, knowing tree locations, adapting to challenges, and increasing character level. Players are advised to search for presents, identify the ticking box for the pet, and understand its three charges for strategic use. The guide also mentions the possibility of finding additional items and highlights the importance of checking character levels before participating in the event. Happy Gaming!

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