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Palworld Skills and Stats Guide - Pal Partner, Active, and Passive Skills

The main pivotal points of Palworld are Pals, the small creatures that you beat, and capture using your Pal Sphere. But, there is much more than meets the eye, as each Pal has its skill and stats. What are those? Well, here we have a Palworld Skills and Stats Guide, where we will be sharing with you details on Pal Partners, and their Active and Passive Skills.

Palworld Skills and Stats Guide - Pal Partner, Active, and Passive Skills

Each Pal in Palworld is unique in its way, which is quite understandable in the beginning. But, as you get more and more Pals, you start to question what the purpose of that specific Pal is in your case. 

Whether Pal is good for farming, harvesting, or fighting, and how to make the Pal better. All of these things are related to the Pals Skills and Stats in Palworld, which we are going to discuss in depth here.

Palworld Pals Skills Explained

Each Pal in Palworld has its Skill, giving that Pal specific usability. To check these Skills, you will have to head over to your inventory in the Party Tab and check the Party Screen. 

Furthermore, the Skills in Palworld for your Pals are divided into various categories, there are:

  1. Partner Skills

  2. Active Skills

  3. Passive Skills

Let’s head down to the details of what the Partner, Active, and Passive Skills are in Palworld.

Palworld Pal Passive Skills

Palworld Pal Passive Skills Explained

Passive Skills are the same as any other game that isn’t supposed to be activated or deactivated to work, rather they enhance or degrade depending on the rolled Pals. The Passive Skills in Palworld for your Pals are either positive or negative.

You need to get only the positive Passive Skills, which is the ideal thing, but it isn’t possible in the game at the moment. If there is a positive point, there is going to be a negative point as well.

One example of such an instance would be the Hoocrates that provides you with Waterproof and Clumsy. While Waterproof will provide you with a 10 percent water damage decrease, the Clumsy Passive Skill will give you -10 percent work speed.

Meaning, that the Passive Skills of Hoocrates are going to decrease the work speed and enhance the water damage resistance.

Palworld Pal Active Skills

Palworld Pal Active Skills Explained

While the Passive Skills either work positively or negatively, the Active Skills are the ones that you have to activate to work. In Palworld, there is one twist here, unlike other games. 

The Active Skills in Palworld do activate, but not from the user, rather on their own. What does it mean? It depends on the Pal whether it wants to do that specific task or attack to activate the Active Skill.

One example of such an instance would be Lamball. It has three Active Skills that are activated once there is an enemy nearby. These Active Skills are Power Shot, Roly Poly, and Air Cannon.

Furthermore, the Active Skills in Palworld are based on nine total elements:

  • Neutral

  • Electric

  • Fire

  • Water

  • Grass

  • Ground

  • Ice

  • Dragon

  • Dark

You can put these Active Skills to be used against the enemies in combat and also include Skills like Flame Arrow, Dragon Meteor, or even the Electric Ball.

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Palworld Pal Partner Skills

Palworld Pal Partner Skills Explained

The Active and Passive Skills are quite easy to understand, especially for avid gamers who continuously play other similar games. But, Partner Skills are something new and a bit confusing as well. 

On top of that, the Partner Skills in Palworld are either Passive or Active Skills, as these skills might apply automatically, or some are activated. 

One Example of such instance would be the Lamball Pal that has a Fluffy Shield Skill. It will bring a shield to mitigate damage. Hoocrates enhanced the attack power of other Dark Pals that are around in the Palworld party.

Yes, it is hard to understand, as it is a mixture of both Active and Passive Skills. Various Partner Skills can activate the Flying Mount, Ground Mount, or even Swimming Mount. One example of this can be the Flame Wing that works as a Flying Mount, giving damage to the attacks from players as Passive Skill.

How to Increase Pal Stats in Palworld - Combining Pals

How to Increase Pal Stats in Palworld - Combining Pals using the Pal Essence Condenser

There are many things in Palworld that you can use to enhance your Pal Skills and Stats. One of them is the Pal Essence Condenser which enhances the Pal’s Power. After you get to Level 14 in Palworld with your Pals, you have to get Ancient Technology Point which further unlocks the recipe for Pal Essence Condenser.

If you kill the Alpha Pals in Palworld, you will get these points, which the game gives you as a reward for the first-time activity. To build the device, you will need:

  • 20 Paldium Fragments

  • 20 Ingots

  • 5 Ancient Civilization Parts

Pal Essence Condenser Working

The Pal Essence Condenser will combine the Pals that are available in multiples, enhancing the resulting Pal’s attack, health, and defense. 

This is how to enhance your Pal’s Stats, Skill, and Power in Palworld, by using the Pal Essence Condenser to combine the multiple Pals into a singular entity. 

But, it should be noted that the multiple Pals you utilize here are forever lost and you won’t be able to get them back after using the Pal Essence Condenser. 

There is also a limit on how much you can combine the Pals using the Condenser. The limit is 4 times, and each incremented usability will require more Pals.


Palworld is a world filled with a ton of creatures known as Pals and each species is different from another, coming in with its usability, and drawbacks. To determine what the Pal is good for, you have to understand the Pal Skills which are divided into three categories: Partner Skills, Active Skills, and Passive Skills. To further enhance your Pal’s Stats and make it better, you have to utilize the Pal Essence Condenser that combines multiple Pals of the same species into a singular Pal. Read our Palworld Skills and Stats Guide to learn more about these Skills in detail and how to make the Pal Essence Condenser.

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