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Guide to Turkey Terror Event in New World Rise of Angry Earth

The Thanksgiving holiday is when the yearly phenomenon known as "The Turkey Terror" occurs in the New World. To earn special prizes, players can take part in the event's numerous chores and challenges.

When does the Turkey terror event take place?

The Turkey Terror event will take place in New World Rise of the Angry Earth in late November, around Thanksgiving. The original and accurate dates of the Turkey terror event vary each year, but it normally lasts for about two weeks.

What are the rewards of the Turkey Terror event?

Players can earn a variety of rewards for completing the Turkey Terror event activities and challenges. These rewards include:

  • Exclusive skins and cosmetics, such as headwear, clothes, and weaponry with turkey themes

  • Event tokens that can be redeemed for benefits like gold, supplies for crafts, and other priceless stuff

  • Gold and other resources

Who can participate in the Turkey Terror event?

All players, regardless of skill level or prior experience, are welcome to the Turkey Terror event. Lower-level players, however, could find it harder to perform some of the event tasks and challenges.

How to Participate in the Turkey Terror Event?


The Turkey Terror event has no set requirements for participation. To access all of the event activities and challenges, it is advised that players have at least level 10 at this point.

Where should you start from?

To start participating in the Turkey Terror event, players must first speak to the Event Coordinator in any of the major settlements. The Event Coordinator will provide players with a quest that will start them on their journey.

How to progress?

Once players have accepted the quest, they can begin completing the various event activities and challenges. Event activities can be found throughout the world of Aeternum, and are marked by a turkey icon on the map.

Turkey Terror Event in New World

Hints and techniques

The following are some pointers and advice for taking part in the Turkey Terror event:

  • Work along with other players: A wonderful method to finish the more challenging event activities and challenges is to work together with other players. To kill turkeys, through obstacle courses, and take down bosses, you can team up.

  • Be mindful of your surroundings: The Turkey Terror event is an excellent opportunity to scout out the Aeternum universe and search for fresh materials and gems. But pay attention to your surroundings. The wilderness is home to numerous deadly species.

  • Try new things: The Turkey Terror event is a fun and joyous occasion. Don't be afraid to experiment and explore new things. You might be surprised by what you find.

Additional Tips

  • Focus on the Turkey Hunt: The Turkey Hunt activity is the best way to farm event tokens. Turkeys are easy to kill and drop a good amount of event tokens.

  • For some of the best prizes in the event, complete the event challenges. To fulfil some of the chores, though, can be difficult. If you need help completing a task, think about collaborating with other players.

  • Solo the event bosses: Soloing the Turkey Gobbler boss can be a challenge, but it is possible. If you are successful, you will be rewarded with a large number of event tokens and other valuable loot.

Turkey Hunt

The turkey hunt is considered the main event in the whole turkey terror event. In this players have to keep track and kill as many tukery as possible. Spotting a turkey in the new world rise of angry Earth is easy but mostly they are found in forests and meadows.

For hunting down the turkey players have many tool options, they may use bows, muskets, or even spears to hunt the turkeys.Players can also use turkey calls to attract turkeys closer. Once a player has killed a turkey, they can loot it for event tokens and other valuable items. Players can also use the turkey carcass to cook a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Turkey Trot

The Turkey Trot is a race through a course of obstacles while carrying a turkey. Turkey Trots can be found in all of the major settlements. To participate in a Turkey Trot, players must first register with the race organizer. Once registered, players will be given a turkey to carry.

The Turkey Trot race course is typically filled with a variety of obstacles, such as hurdles, balance beams, and mud pits. Players must race through the course while carrying their turkey without dropping it. The first player to cross the finish line with their turkey wins the race. Winners are rewarded with event tokens and other valuable prizes.

Turkey Gobbler

The Turkey Gobbler is a giant turkey boss that players can challenge. Turkey Gobblers can be found in a few select locations throughout the world. To challenge a Turkey Gobbler, players must first gather a group of friends or allies. The Turkey Gobbler boss is a very powerful enemy, so it is important to be well-prepared before challenging it.

Once the players are ready, they can approach the Turkey Gobbler and initiate combat. The Turkey Gobbler boss will use a variety of attacks, including powerful pecks and wing swipes. Players must work together to defeat the Turkey Gobbler boss. They will receive a lot of event tokens and other important treasure if they are successful.

Exclusive skins and cosmetics

Players can acquire a range of exclusive skins and cosmetics, including hats, clothes, and weaponry with turkey themes, during the Turkey Terror event. Make sure to obtain these skins and cosmetics while you can because they are only accessible during the event.

Event tokens

By successfully fulfilling the tasks and difficulties associated with an event, one can earn event tokens, a unique kind of currency. Event tokens can be exchanged for a range of benefits, including cash, supplies for crafting, and other expensive goods.

Gold and other resources

Players can also get gold and other resources by finishing the event's tasks and challenges. This is a great chance to stock up on supplies and prepare for the rest of the year. The another best way to get gold in the New World is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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How to farm event tokens efficiently?

The best way to farm event tokens efficiently is to focus on the Turkey Hunt activity. Turkeys are easy to kill and drop a good amount of event tokens.

Here are a few tips for farming event tokens efficiently:

  • Use a bow or musket: The greatest tools for hunting turkeys are bows and muskets. They make it possible to slaughter turkeys remotely, which is safer and more effective.

  • Use turkey calls to draw them in: Turkeys can be drawn in by using calls. If you're having problems finding turkeys, this may be useful.

  • Turkeys should be looted fast so that you can go on to the next one after killing one. Cooking the turkey or collecting its feathers shouldn't take up much time.

  • Team up with other players: Teaming up with other players can help you kill turkeys more quickly and efficiently. You can also work together to share turkey calls and loot.

New World Turkey Terror Event

How to complete the event challenges?

The event challenges offer some of the best rewards in the event. However, some of the challenges can be difficult to complete.

Here are some pointers for finishing the contest challenges:

  • Prior to beginning the challenges, a player should pay particular attention to the work description. The player can better understand the complete work and what it comprises by reading the task description.

  • Using the right tools and materials The equipment a player employs must be suitable for the task at hand. For instance, if a player has to go for a turkey hunt then it is advised to use a bow or musket as they are most efficient in killing down turkeys. Additionally, if a player is involved in turkey trot then he should eat those meals which help him to increase his stamina.

  • Work along with other players: Working together with other players can make it easier for you to finish challenging tasks. You can cooperate to exchange tools and methods.

How to Solo the Event Bosses?

The event bosses can be difficult to solo, but it is achievable. The following advice will help you solo the event bosses:

  • Make sure you're prepared: Before tackling an event boss, double-check that you have the required equipment. You should also be knowledgeable about the boss's methods.

  • Make the most of the surroundings: You can use the surroundings to your advantage when soloing an event boss. You could utilize rocks and trees, for instance, to deflect the boss's blows.

  • Keep calm: It requires time and persistence to solo an event boss. If you are getting constantly knocked out in the fights with event bosses then you should not lose hoppe as it is normal to die in fights with event bosses, just keep trying and don't give up.


So this was all about the Guide to Turkey Terror Event in New World Rise of Angry Earth; we discussed everything from the basics to covering everything that is important for turkey terror event.

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