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A Guide to New World Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion Season 3

Exciting times are on the horizon as Amazon Game Studios will launch "New World: Rise of the Angry Earth" on October 3. Rise of the Angry Earth is the name of the expansion, which has added a tonne of brand-new features to the game. There is also a brand-new plot that has been designed to appeal to both seasoned players and newcomers. Any live service game must take expansions into consideration. In addition to giving creators the ability to add fresh elements to the plot, they also enable them to improve the game's overall quality of animation. This highly anticipated expansion brings forth a plethora of new features and content, including the dramatic story of First Light's fall. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into what players can expect from this expansion, including new gameplay elements, progression systems, and more. So, grab your weapons and join us as we venture into the heart of Aeternum's next chapter.

Rise of the Angry Earth: Unearthing the Mystery

First Light, which was former a haven for travellers to Aeternum, now lies in ruins. The Earth has unleashed its fury upon these once-thriving lands, leaving them desolate and dangerous. Hidden behind a lethal barrier, what became of the residents and settlements that once thrived here is still a mystery. As the earth's wrath continues to manifest, new adversaries known as Beast Lords have emerged, adding to the perils of Aeternum. However, with these challenges also comes an opportunity - the ability to tame and ride the majestic creatures of the island. To get most out of these opportunities, keep a good stock of the Gold coins, so you can use them as and when required.

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Mounts: A Speedy Companion

One of the most exciting additions in "Rise of the Angry Earth" is the introduction of mounts. Adventurers can now summon a variety of creatures, including dire wolves, lions and horses, to aid in their traversal across Aeternum. These mounts are not just for show; they come with customizable equipment, unique appearances, and even names of your choosing. You can gain access to upgrades that increase your mount's speed, offer practical benefits, and give you access to higher-tier consumable meals while you progress up the brand-new Riding Trade Skill.

New Progression: Level Up Your Adventure

To keep pace with the evolving challenges of Aeternum, character progression has been extended to level 65 & Gear points to 700. These added levels bring new attributes that allow you to fine-tune your character and create powerful builds. Furthermore, A wider variety of items are now available to collect, refine, and create thanks to the ability to level trade skills up to 250. Your character will remain formidable on this constantly shifting island by gaining access to a new Faction tier after successfully completing a brand-new Faction Quest, which is filled with valuable equipment and goods.

Enhanced Gear Rarity & Artifacts

In the world of Aeternum, power comes in many forms & the "Rise of the Angry Earth" expansion introduces a formidable new level of weapons & armor - Artifacts. To harness their full potential, adventurers must embark on a trail of quests. These Artifacts offer six unique perks, along with one that can redefine your playstyle & revolutionize your approach to the game.

New Weapon: The Flail

The new weapon "Flail" is the latest addition to Aeternum's arsenal, a multipurpose one-handed weapon with an offhand shield attachment option. Combining melee combat with arcane magic, the Flail enables adventurers to bolster their group's effectiveness, whether by buffing allies or debuffing enemies. Its unique blend of abilities makes it a valuable asset in both offensive & defensive situations.

New World Season 3 Flail Weapon

Elysian Wilds: A New Zone

The south-eastern extent of Aeternum, which was earlier called as First Light, have undergone a remarkable transformation. Artemis & Angry Earth have taken hold of this once-familiar territory, turning it into the mystical Elysian Wilds. Adventurers can now explore raised structures and untamed terrain while facing ferocious new adversaries that have made this region their home.

New World Season 3 Elysian Wild

New Adventure: The Savage Divide 

For adventurers seeking a challenge, "Rise of the Angry Earth" introduces a treacherous new expedition known as "The Savage Divide." Accessible to players at Level 62 and above, this perilous journey tasks you with finding the ancient monster Lords before mayhem engulfs Aeternum.

Primal Fury: A New Heartrune Ability

Set free your inner beast with the Primal Fury ability, allowing you to deliver devastating unarmed light & heavy attacks to your enemies. This new ability adds a dynamic dimension to combat, enhancing your combat prowess. This brand-new heartrune power has multiple uses. Instead, it transforms you into a beast-like form that doubles the size of your character & grants you the ability to deliver unarmed light as well as heavy hits on foes. The powerful assault is a leap strike which knocks down opponents, while the light strikes are melee swipes. A few variations have also been described by the creators such as the brutal and stalwart form.

New World Season 3 Primal Fury

Season 3: Something for Everyone

Season 3 promises a wealth of content for every player, regardless of whether they purchase the expansion. Let's delve into the exciting highlights that await everyone in this new season.

New Season- Pass: Fresh Challenges & Rewards

Season 3 has introduced a revamped Season Pass, offering a new Season adventure, Activity Card, Challenges & of course, enticing rewards. Engage in various activities, complete challenges & earn rewards that enhance your gaming experience.

Races: Battling for Supremacy

In Season 3, players can participate in Influence Races, a dynamic open-world PvP feature. Capture Influence Towers & engage enemy groups in territorial combat for power. Each enemy faction competes for influence in particular zones during fixed times, and the rewards are significant. Successful attacking Factions can declare War, while defending Factions reap rewards and prepare for future conflicts. The competition is fierce, and the stakes are high.

Quest- Revamp: Fresh Narratives

The main storyline quests in Edengrove & Great Cleave are receiving a revamp based on player response. Expect fresh narratives, more quest variety, and surprises as you revisit these zones. The new begining experience has paved the way for a more engaging and immersive storytelling journey.

Removal of Wards, Banes, Resilience, & Expertise

To create a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience, the "Rise of the Angry Earth" expansion addresses player feedback by removing, Creature Ward Perks, Expertise, Creature Bane Perks and Resilience Perks. These changes are accompanied by balance adjustments to ensure that combat remains fair and engaging.

Seasonal Events: Festive Adventures

"Rise of the Angry Earth" continues the tradition of offering free seasonal events for every player. Among the returning favorites is "Nightveil Hallow," featuring costumes and return of Baalphazu, the Marquis of Terror. "Turkey Terror" also makes a comeback, challenging adventurers to track down the formidable Turkulon and the 'fowl army' for valuable rewards.

New World Season 3 Events


As the sun sets on the old world and rises on the Angry Earth, "New World: Rise of the Angry Earth" Season 3 promises a thrilling and content-rich experience for both new and returning adventurers. The journey through Aeternum takes an exhilarating turn as First Light's ruins become the backdrop for the enigmatic wrath of the Angry Earth. New adversaries, the Beast Lords, provide formidable challenges, but they also open doors to opportunities, allowing players to tame and ride majestic creatures across this captivating world. With mounts, a customizable arsenal of creatures, players can journey faster and more stylishly than ever before.

Character progression takes center stage, with level caps raised to 65 and Gear Score to 700. This extended journey offers exciting possibilities for character customization and builds, ensuring every adventurer finds their unique path to power. The introduction of Artifacts as a new gear rarity tier adds a layer of depth to gameplay, allowing players to reshape their playstyle.

The Flail, a versatile one-handed weapon, arrives to diversify combat with its blend of melee prowess and arcane magic. Elysian Wilds, a transformed zone, beckon exploration, while the Savage Divide adventure offers high-risk, high-reward challenges. The Primal Fury ability adds another dynamic layer to combat, enabling players to unleash their inner beasts. With mounts to ride, artifacts to discover, and a world forever changed, Aeternum awaits your exploration and conquest. Embrace the challenges, unveil the mysteries, and join the battle for supremacy in this ever-evolving MMO landscape.

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