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Guide to New World Weapon Flail Coming with Season 3

New World's Season 3 or New World's latest expansion - Rise of the Angry Earth has a lot of new features. Players can witness a plethora of new things in the latest season of the game. There is a new System for mount, in which you can add more mounts to the game, latest storylines and brand-new missions. But above all, there is a new weapon called Flail that is going to be a part of the latest season of the New World.

In reference to the latest weapon of the game, known as the Flail, within this comprehensive guide, we shall unveil the mysteries surrounding this potent and adaptable weapon soon to be introduced to the New World. We will delve into the crowd-controlling and supportive capabilities found in the cleric tree, as well as the defensive advantages of the Bastion tree. Each skill, cooldown, and distinctive outcome will be thoroughly analyzed. Additionally, we will explore the potential harmonization of the Flail with protective gear. But this won't be the end as we will be updating this article soon when more information comes to the light. So, make sure you read the entire article and bookmark us for future updates on the Flail. Let's begin by understanding what the flail is and what are its abilities.

What is the Flail?

The flail is a special weapon and a latest addition to the existing weaponry of the New World game. This special weapon can serve as a perfect blend of focus and strength and levels these qualities to get the best out of your character. But if you are closely following the game, you might have heard or seen this to be mentioned as Flail and Shield weapon. Though it is true that there will be a shield as well, it is also true that you can use this weapon without having to use a shield. 

Whether you use the Flail with a shield or without a shield, at this point of time, it is difficult to tell which will be more beneficial and why. So, it is advisable to get to know everything that is out there about this weapon before using it. But in this article, we will try to tell you as much as we can about the Flail weapon and what abilities it possesses. We will also discuss the Trees as well. 

New World Season 3 Flail Weapon

The Cleric Tree

The Cleric skill tree in New World includes abilities like Arcane Smite and Arcane Vortex. In this tree, there are abilities that focus more on the support and offense. Let's have a look at some of its key abilities.

Arcane Smite

Arcane Smite is an Offensive type of the Ability of the Cleric Tree. Just like every other ability this ability also has a Cooldown time. The Cooldown time of the Arcane Smite is about 17 seconds.

If you are not familiar with the Arcane Smite, then it is an offensive ability that allows you to jump forward and thump the ground with the power of Arcane Force. This thumping would deal a damage of 130 (weapon) to the enemies who are in the range. The range of Arcane Smite covers a radius of roughly about 3 meters. Of course the center would be the point of impact of the thumping. Well the ability doesn't end here. Once the enemies within the range are affected by the ability, Arcane Smite creates a dangerous area around the thumping point that deals Impairment. This effect lasts for about 6 seconds and will affect any opponent that enters this dangerous area. Even if the opponent tries to leave this area, the effect of Impairment remains with it. 

Arcane Vortex

Arcane Vortex is an Offensive as well as the Support type of the Ability of the Cleric Tree. The Cooldown time of the Arcane Vortex is about 15 seconds.

Arcane Vortex allows you to deal 4 hits at a rapid pace one after another. Each hit deals 85 weapon damage and covers a range of 3-meter radius. 


Eruption is an Offensive type of the Ability of the Cleric Tree. The Cooldown time of the Eruption is about 11-12 seconds.

When you hit and drag the top of your Flail on the ground, it will provide you with Arcane Energy to aid you. The ground around you will be overflowing with Arcane Energy, much like an eruption, hence the name. Eruption causes a total of 125 damage to weapons and also deals 2 Impairments each of which lasts for 6 seconds. This affects all the opponents that are in the range of the ability.

Once the Eruption ends, the enemies can't rest now also, as another Melee attack is followed just after the eruption. The important thing to note is that this attack is automatic and you don't have to do anything. It causes a weapon damage of 160.

Capstone - Better Together

Capstone - Better Together is a Support type of the Ability of the Cleric Tree. 

This support ability is one of the most important abilities that you can have. When you sustain damage, all you have to do is to be within the 4-meter range of your teammates. The number doesn't matter. It will allow you to heal yourself as well as your team members. It heals at the rate of 16 weapon damage per 2 seconds. Capstone - Better Together as the name suggests, this support ability promotes teamwork. It allows you to stay in a group. But this ability, just like others, has a potential drawback. If you stay close to each other, then the opponents can easily attack all of you at the same time. Crowd Control is another issue. 

New World Flail Weapon Guide

The Bastion Tree

Unlike the Cleric Tree, which focuses on Support and Offense, the Bastion Tree focuses more on Defence and Tank. It mixes well the abilities such as Tanking and other Utility and can be considered a better option for those players who play with defensive approach using the Flail. The Key abilities of the Bastion Tree are mentioned in this section.


Barrage is an Utility and Mobility type Ability of the Bastion Tree. This ability has a cooldown period of about 24 seconds.

Barrage is an important ability of the Bastion Tree. When you jump forward and move roughly about 10 meters, you reactivate this ability, after that you strike with the basic attacks and then end your sprint. After that move an extra 6 meters and strike the ground. Doing all these would cause a weapon damage of 30 when you were leaping and when you strike the ground 80 weapon damage is dealt. It is also worth mentioning that the collision between characters does not work during your sprint forward. So, this can be used as an effective way to escape.


Trip is an Utility and Crowd Control type Ability of the Bastion Tree. This ability has a cooldown period of about 17 seconds.

In order to cause weapon damage of 50 to an opponent what you can do is move back and forth the Flail and keep pushing it in forward direction, then Cinch on an opponent that you are targeting, and knock them on to the ground. Trip is a useful ability and with some additional advantages this acts as a perfect utility ability of the Bastion Tree. 

Warning Bludgeon

Warning Bludgeon is an Utility and Defensive type Ability of the Bastion Tree. This ability has a cooldown period of about 21 seconds.

Execute a dynamic somersault and wield the Flail in a downward motion to hit designated objectives, inflicting 100 points of weapon damage. While in mid-air, initiate a surge of power that bestows "Reinforced Fortify" upon you and any companions within a 3-meter radius, enhancing armor by 50 for a duration of 8 seconds or until three strikes are absorbed. This ability also includes resilience.

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The Flail is evolving into a flexible and distinctive tool in the New World, featuring unique capabilities designed for different ways of playing. The Cleric tree emphasizes managing crowds and providing support abilities, rendering the Flail an outstanding option for individuals who favor a versatile, team-focused approach to gameplay. The Impairment debuff and the strength enhancement from the Arcane Vortex can have a significant impact on battles. On the other hand, the Bastion Tree focuses more on the defensive gameplay. It's important to note that we're eagerly anticipating information about weapon advantages, passive attributes, and the potential influence of utilizing a shield on these capabilities. Please stay tuned for additional information as we explore further into the New World expansion. 

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