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New Ranking System in New World 2023

leaderboard system is currently being developed by Amazon Game Studios for integration in New World, subject to, of course, proper testing. Following almost two years without leaderboards, the concern on everybody's mind is why is there a need for it now. In a recent segment of their Forged in Aeternum video series, the team responds to this query.

Social Team Game Designer Rachel Barnum, Social Team Lead Scott Geiser, & Social Features Lead Dan Henuber discuss the new leaderboards system in detail in the latest development video. They claim that it will act as a foundation for future content releases, such as the addition of ranked PvP.

To give players an even greater sense of accomplishment, the leaderboard would also integrate with already existing features like Mutated Expeditions & Faction Wars. The development team also provides details on the design approach & labor that went into creating the new feature. Check out the guide below to find out more about what will be offered by this new leaderboard system.


In New World, leaderboards will soon, finally arrive on the PTR. According to the PTR patch notes, this is somewhat of a test run for this. Please be warned that this feature is still under development. There will be unanticipated problems and a tax. So, whatever we are seeing on the New World PTR Leaderboard serves as a basic outline of the potential that this system might have, rather than the finished product. But, we want to look at it so that we may start to comprehend what to anticipate from it in the long term.

You will see a new tab called "Leaderboards" when you access your modes menu. A Leaderboard category window will greet you when you open this tab. The categories that are now displayed on the PTR would also be discussed below. It could be essential to buy various in-game items, such as armour and weaponry, to enhance the gameplay as a whole. To obtain the necessary resource more rapidly, we strongly advise using real-world funds to purchase extra New World Coins.

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How do Leaderboards Function in New World?

With the addition of this functionality, we may make use of Mutated Expeditions, Faction War, PvE, PvP, as well as Trade Skills. So far, the start has covered pretty much everything we do in the game. Another thing to keep in mind is that each category lists the reward cycle, which is kind of cool because it seems like they'll have several reward cycles for various categories.

Alternatively, trade skills, need time to prepare for. Gathering materials or keeping them in storage before a significant crafting session is how most skilled craftsmen operate. Since a week wouldn't be considered a fair measurement, it appears that crafting will be assessed every three months. This was significant since it showed that they had given careful consideration to how the various categories function in order to obtain a fair measure.

Categories on the Leaderboard

Mutated Expeditions

There seems to be a rather straightforward process for mutations. One ladder is for the highest score, while the other is for the fastest time.

New World Mutated Expeditions

Faction War

There are currently a few subcategories for this one. Moreover, this category is a team Leaderboard rather than a leaderboard for individual players. It appears that every member of the team would receive a reward, or that the gift may consist of special crests and other items for the company.

  • TerritorY Control: It is divided into the number of days and the length of the governing streak. Nevertheless, what this really indicates is how many days in total a company was in charge during the quarter. If you lost the territory, took it back, lost it again, and then regained it within the quarter, those actions would count towards the streak's number of days. Nonetheless, you would have a winning streak if you managed to hold the area through several wars in a row.

  • War: In three different categories, the measure, the attacker, and the defender all come out on top, which is sort of cool but also kind of double dipping. Because it takes into account both defensive and attacking wins when measuring wins overall. The flat winds category might simply be eliminated, leaving the other two with special incentives.

New World Faction War


Once more, the New World Leaderboard is broken down into invasions & trials. Trials are like sirens in the PVE arenas, followed by corruption breaches. Moreover, each of these is divided into subcategories.

  • Invasion statistics include anything from the damage-to-kill ratio to the amount of healing completed. The ones that simply measure completeness, though, are the types like trials or corruption breaches. 

  • Corruption Breaches are a little different, though, and it's kind of great that when points are awarded, they're given for experience gained as well as for closing breaches. This prevents individuals from simply using level 25 breaches the whole day long in order to earn points.

New World PvE


Again, subcategories are created inside this category.

  • Open world PVP: This category counts the number of control points you help capture, the amount of influence you get, and the number of PVP kills you score there.

  • Output Rush: The breakdown of Outpost Rush is quite similar to that of the scorecard & invasions. There is a separate category for NPC kills & resources given, which is kind of neat, and that is the intriguing part of this. Because it rewards players who participate in outpost rush and make base improvements without engaging in direct battle.

  • 3v3 Arenas: The breakdown into the score, victories, win-loss ratio, kills, & kill death ratio in 3v3 arenas is not surprising.

Trade Skills

This trade skill category comes last on our list. For the time being, this build solely evaluates the real crafting professions, such as engineering, jewel crafting, weaponsmithing, armoring, and arcana. Still, fishing is a part of it, which is interesting.

  • Legendaries: For this, the only thing being measured for the leaderboard are Legendaries that are crafted. You are given credit for forging assured Legendaries for testing purposes, such as the artefact weapons void bent or event patterns, which are two things that are significant to mention on the New World Leader Board PTR. When this goes live, they do mention in the notes that this will not be the case. Only the Legendaries you create naturally, rather than those you randomly rolled, will count towards your score.

New World Trade Skills


That is all we know about the New World Leaderboard system as well as the rankings. Also, it will rev up the crafting system, which will significantly increase material consumption and boost the economy. More people who did not previously run mutations will do so, increasing the number of New World coins that can be generated and the demand for everything else in general. This might very well result in a type of New World Renaissance, where everyone will start to enjoy their time playing the game again, collecting gold, gathering with a goal, and organizing community farming to obtain and acquire these titles & skins.

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