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New World Rise of Angry Earth Gearing Guide

The mystical world of Aeternum, as presented in Amazon Game Studios' MMORPG "New World," is fraught with challenges and adversaries. Among these, the Angry Earth faction stands as a formidable and enigmatic force. To navigate and overcome these challenges, equipping your character with the right gear is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the New World Rise of Angry Earth Gearing, providing adventurers with the knowledge they need to tackle the Angry Earth faction effectively.

Understanding the Angry Earth Faction

Before we embark on the journey of gearing up to confront the Angry Earth, it's crucial to grasp the essence of this faction. The Angry Earth is a faction of sentient, plant-like creatures that have been awakened and corrupted by the supernatural forces at play in Aeternum. This faction represents a significant threat to players, and conquering them requires a keen understanding of their abilities and weaknesses.

Levelling Up Your Character

In "New World," progression through the game is heavily dependent on character level. To prepare for the Rise of Angry Earth, it's vital to increase your character's level to a point where you can effectively engage with this challenging faction. As you level up, you'll gain access to more potent gear & abilities, which are essential for facing the Angry Earth. Engage in quests, expeditions, and world events to accumulate experience points & expedite your character's growth. It will require you to spend Gold Coins, the in-game currency of New World in various instances. So make sure you have enough stock of the same before you think of levelling up your character. 

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Choosing the Right Weapons

The Angry Earth faction has specific vulnerabilities, & selecting the right weapons to exploit these weaknesses is crucial. Here are some weapon recommendations:

  • Fire Staff: The Angry Earth faction is susceptible to fire damage. Equipping a Fire Staff and using fire-based abilities can be highly effective. Aim for gear with intelligence & focus attributes to boost your fire damage output.

  • Rapier: The agility and quick strikes of the Rapier can help you evade and strike swiftly, exploiting the Angry Earth's slower attack patterns.

  • Life Staff: The Life Staff is an excellent choice for support players. It allows you to heal yourself and your allies during intense battles against the Angry Earth. Focus on gear with focus and constitution attributes to enhance your healing capabilities.

  • Ranged Weapons: Bows and muskets are valuable for ranged combat, allowing you to keep your distance while engaging the Angry Earth. Invest in dexterity and intelligence attributes for greater effectiveness.

New World Weapons

New Gear Rarity: Artifacts

The "Rise of Angry Earth" expansion introduces a groundbreaking gear rarity tier known as Artifacts. These powerful weapons and armor pieces promise to revolutionize combat strategies in New World. To obtain Artifacts, players must complete a series of quests, and once acquired, these items can be enhanced by unlocking six unique perks, one of which is a playstyle-defining ability. Artifacts offer players new ways to tailor their playstyle and gain a significant edge in battles. The addition of Artifacts adds depth and excitement to the game's progression system, encouraging players to embark on quests and adventures to acquire these game-changing items.

New Weapon: Flail

The Flail is the latest addition to New World's arsenal of weapons, offering players a versatile and unique one-handed weapon. This weapon's standout feature is its compatibility with an offhand shield, allowing players to wield a Flail and a shield simultaneously. The Flail brings arcane magic into the fray, enabling players to enhance their attacks, buff allies, or debuff enemies to gain a tactical advantage. With a mix of melee combat, arcane magic, and robust defensive capabilities, the Flail opens up exciting opportunities for players to bolster their group's effectiveness while maintaining offensive capabilities.

Gearing Up for Battle

Once you've chosen your weapons, it's time to gear up with equipment that suits your playstyle and maximizes your strengths. "New World" offers various armor types, each with its unique characteristics:

  • Light Armor: Light armor provides increased mobility, which is beneficial for players who prefer agile and fast-paced combat. This type of armor is suitable for ranged attackers and spellcasters. Look for gear with attributes like dexterity, intelligence, and focus.

  • Medium Armor: Medium armor strikes a balance between protection and mobility. It's ideal for players who want to withstand moderate damage while maintaining agility. Consider attributes like constitution, strength, and focus.

  • Heavy Armor: Heavy armor offers the most substantial protection but at the cost of mobility. It's suitable for players who prefer to be on the frontlines, taking the brunt of enemy attacks. Look for gear with attributes like constitution, strength, and intelligence.

Umbral Shard Removal

In "Rise of Angry Earth," a notable change is the removal of the ability to upgrade gear with Umbral Shards. Instead, Umbral Shards can now be salvaged for coin at a rate of 0.1 coin per Umbral Shard. This change simplifies the gear upgrade system & streamlines the in-game economy, offering players a clearer path to improving their equipment.

New World Umbral Shard

New Weapon and Armor Perks

The expansion also introduces several new weapon & armour perks, giving players with a wider range of options for character customisation. For example, the "Saviour" perk increases healing when a target is below 50 percent health for Life Staff users, while "Desperate Empower" boosts damage when the player is Exhausted. These Perks allow players to fine-tune their character Builds to suit their preferred play-style.

  • Armor Perk Changes- A significant overhaul has occurred with the introduction of Health & various Ward perks that offer damage reduction from different damage types. These changes add depth to character customization, allowing players to tailor their armor sets to their preferences and combat situations.

  • Amulet and Ring Perk Changes- The expansion enhances amulet & ring perks to offer more variety and utility. These changes encourage players to think strategically about their gear choices, focusing on defensive capabilities & specialized bonuses.

  • Earring Perk Changes- Players can expect a reevaluation of earring perks to maintain a balanced and dynamic gameplay experience, making the earring a more integral part of character development.

  • Tool and Bag Perk Changes- Tool perks and bag perks have been adjusted to improve quality of life and offer more versatility in crafting and gathering activities.

  • New Gem Types- The Rise of Angry Earth introduces new gem types that allow players to further customize their gear by slotting these gems into their equipment.


In the "New World" MMO, the Rise of the Angry Earth is a challenging & engaging content update that introduces new threats and adventures. To successfully tackle the Angry Earth faction, it's imperative to equip your character with the right gear and weaponry, understand your enemy, & employ effective strategies. By leveling up your character, choosing the right weapons, gearing up appropriately, enhancing your gear, embracing group play, utilizing consumables, & maintaining resilience, you can emerge victorious in the battle against the Angry Earth.

The Rise of the Angry Earth is just one of the many dynamic challenges awaiting players in Aeternum, and with the right preparation & strategy, you can conquer this faction & unlock its mysteries. So, gather your gear, assemble your team, and embark on this epic adventure to save Aeternum from the wrath of the Angry Earth.

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