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Guide to Nightveil Hallow Event in New World Rise of Angry Earth

The Nightveil Hallow Event within the New World's Rise of Angry Earth Expansion is a special Halloween-themed occasion in the gaming world. Just like other in-game events, the Nightveil Hallow Event promises players fantastic rewards and an exciting gaming experience. We'll delve into the essential aspects of this event, explaining its nature, how to join in, and the enticing prizes awaiting participants. Be sure to read the complete article to ensure you're not overlooking anything. Let's dive in and explore the details.

About The Nightveil Hallow Event

Nightveil Hallow Event is a special event which is marked by the change in season where everything appears in a darker shade. You will find ghouls and monsters gathering around in mysterious and shady places. There are various things taking place all around during the event. People would be decorating their houses with fancy spooky things such as pumpkin, lanterns. It's like a real halloween where these people would also be wearing frightful masks to fully enjoy the halloween.

All these decorations are necessary in order to save yourself from the pumpkinites. But the real issue is not the monsters here, the real issue is the worst creature among them, Baalphazu. Baalphazu is a treacherous, sacrilegious creature who has unleashed a powerful and horrible curse on this world. This curse is known as the Maledicta Figurarum. This curse is also called the curse of the shapes. Maledicta Figurarum is used to alter the forms of objects, not in a fun way though. This curse is used to change the normal pumpkins into monstrous creatures known as the pumpkinites.

These minions of Baalphazu are strong enemies and it's your responsibility to stop them. You have limited time to do so otherwise the precious island would be turned into a nightmare. So, what are you waiting for? The Nightveil Hallow Event is going to start from 18th October, 2023 and will end on 14th November 2023.

Stopping these minions won't be an easy task and if you manage to do so, then you will come face-to-face against the Baalphazu. Baalphazu is a World Boss creature and you must defeat it to save the island. After defeating the monster, you will have to collect its ichor and toss this ichor into the cauldron of the Nightveil. If you manage to do all these things, then you will be rewarded for all the hard work that you have done. Now, let's discuss how to enter this event.

New World Nightveil Hallow Event

Entering into the Nightveil Hallow Event

To kick off the New World Halloween Event, you simply need to make your way to any settlement in Aeternum. Subsequently, navigate to the Nightveil cauldron, which is conveniently marked on your map with a pumpkin symbol. Once there, you'll need to have a conversation with Salvatore, the NPC stationed next to the cauldron, to get things started.

Salvatore will entrust you with a quest known as "Baalphazu's Fall," which will set you on a path to confront the formidable world boss. Upon successful completion of this quest, you'll be rewarded with a nightveil hallow cache. When you open the cache, your prize will consist of five nightveil tokens, two randomly selected Nightveil Hallow patterns, and access to the Nightveil Sentinel, which is the final tier of the event shop.

Costumes & Halloween Fun

During the Nightveil event of 2023, you'll have the chance to transform into beloved characters like Captain Thorpe in celebration of the spooky season. Costumes can be acquired throughout the event from the central locations in town and Baalphazu. The complete range of costumes includes:

  • Captain Thorpe

  • Adiana

  • Anubian Reaver

  • Lost Monarch

Once you don your costume, you can explore each town in search of hidden treat baskets. These baskets offer a chance to obtain new Baalphazu armor pieces (with a 10% chance), 2 Nightveil Tokens (available three times a day), and a new item - candy. This special consumable comes in four different flavors. Some of the candy can greatly aid you in your event activities, while others may lead to unexpected consequences.

Items with daily limits will reset at 5 AM local time. For instance, if a player collects their third set of Nightveil Tokens from Treat Baskets at 4:58 AM, they'll be able to earn another set at 5:01 AM. Enjoy the event!

Locations of Baalphazu

Baalphazu, the formidable world boss, can be encountered across six distinct zones. Here's the list in reverse order:

  • Mourningdale: Inland Greens

  • Edengrove: Genesis of Malice, Rafflesia

  • Weaver's Fen: Richmire

  • Great Cleave: Frozen Claims, Slumbering Echoes

  • Brightwood: Wolfbough

  • Ebonscale Reach: Crimson Shallows, South Dynasty Wall

Mechanics of Baalphazu

The monster Baalphazu is a world boss character. Why are we saying this? Because this creature has a health of over 23 million. Monster of such power and health can't be defeated alone, so we advise you to take a team of at least 10 people with you to fight this monster. The health of the monster is not the only issue that you will have to tackle

The damage mitigation abilities of Baalphazu is quite high as well. Baalphazu can mitigate a Physical Damage of up to 45% and elemental damage of about 40%. So, all the normal attacks that you can think of using on it would be useless. These attacks are weak and you won't be able to defeat the monster just with that. So, what can you do? Well, you can always try to break the Stamina Meter of Baalphazu. The monster, just like others, has limited stamina and you can go after that. Once the Stamina Meter is broken, you can use all the normal attacks and as you will see, these attacks would deal a lot more damage now than it would've dealt when the stamina meter is intact.

New World Baalphazu

How to break the Stamina meter?

Breaking the Stamina meter to defeat a world boss level opponent seems quite easy, but believe us it's not going to be that easy. In order to destroy the Stamina meter, first you will have to kill the minions, pumpkin monsters. These creatures are small and won't take much of your effort to kill one, but their sheer number is overwhelming. So, a team of 10 or more should be able to kill enough of them in time to destroy the meter. Once these creatures are dead, then turn into a small pumpkin (just their heads). You have to collect them from the ground and then throw them to the Baalphazu. So, the minions that the world boss was using can be used as weapons against the same creature. Throwing the pumpkin monster's head at the Baalphazu is going to deal a lot of Physical, Elemental as well as damage to Stamina meter. When you have dealt enough damage, the stamina meter will break and the boss creature will be lying still on the ground. This will be your chance to destroy the monster. Take your full group and launch an attack on the monster. You would want to pump out as much DPS as you can during this window.


Defeating a world boss surely rewards you heavily. You can beat this monster anytime you want during this event. Every time you fight Baalphazu, there's a possibility you'll get some brand-new armor. Up to five of these can be obtained each day. Each day, you can acquire up to three outfits, and not to forget, you can also get an ichor for the cauldron.

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How to Reach the Next Level/Rank?

The New World Halloween event has only two levels to get in order to access the whole store, in contrast to other events that have appeared in Aeternum. The Nightveil Sentinel is ranked second, while the fledgling rank is ranked first. You must slay the world boss Baalphazu, take his ichor, and use it in the cauldron to achieve reputation in order to enter the second level. When the second rank is unlocked, you may start buying rank 1 and rank 2 items.


This was all about the Guide to Nightveil Hallow Event in New World Rise of Angry Earth. In this article, we've discussed what the event is all about, who Baalphazu is and how you can defeat this World Boss character. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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