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New World Season 3 Mutation PvE Healer Build Guide

New World Season 3, Rise of the Angry Earth, brings new content to the table including quests, enemies, items, and even builds. Here is a New World Season 3 Mutation PvE Healer Build Guide to help you build the best healer in the Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion.

New World Season 3 Mutation PvE Healer Build Guide

A Mutation Build generally stands for a build that can be changed and shifted to meet different parameters. In the case of Healer Mutation Build for PvE, you can shift from either a proficient healer to a proficient damage dealer, depending on the situation. 

There are different gear, talents, abilities, attributes, perks, gems, and some extras that can help you take the typical Healer Build to the next level using our Mutation PvE Build Guide. 

New World Season 3 Mutation PvE Healer Gear

The build we are going to discuss requires Life Staff and Void Gauntlet as the main weapons. It is a healer AOE built from the base up, thus you will also need the following gear alongside these two weapons.

  • Imbued Mythril Plate Helm of the Sage - Heavy Headwear

  • Featherweight - Light Chestwear

  • Imbued Mythril Plate Gloves of the Sage - Heavy Glove

  • Empress Zhou’s Embroidered Pants - Light Legwear

  • Empress Zhou’s Embroidered Shoes - Light Footwear

  • You’re a Beast - Amulet

  • Imbued Mythril Ring of the Sage - Ring

  • Lifeloop - Earring

  • Brutal Heartrune of Detonate - Heartrune

  • Corrupt Progenitor Life Staff - Life Staff

  • Taiyi Void Gauntlet - Void Gauntlet

New World Season 3 Mutation PvE Healer Gear


You will need the following character talents to make this Mutation PvE Healer Build. 

  • Sacred Ground

  • Orb of Protection

  • Beacon

We want this build to be a PvE healer build, thus, our goal is to deal most of the damage with the Void Gauntlet. On the off, we have the Life Staff for enchantments. 


There are 5 main attributes you need - two of them are for Life Staff, and 3 of them are for the Void Gauntlet. 

Life Staff

  • Void Blade

  • Oblivion

Life Staff Abilities New World Season 3 Mutation PvE Healer Build

Void Gauntlet

  • Petrifying Scream

  • Baleful Tether

  • Essence Rupture

Void Gauntlet Abilities New World Season 3 Mutation PvE Healer Build

While the top 3 are self-explanatory, the latter two include Essence Rupture and Baleful Tether because of specific usability. You can put away Petrifying Scream on certain bosses where you have letter side-enemies and put either Baleful Tether or Essence Rapture.

Also, the team gets more healing when you put Essence Rupture, but you can exchange it for more damage if you put Baleful Tether. In our recommendation, you don’t have to use Baleful Tether till you reach the last boss of New World Season 3, Rise of the Angry Earth.

Note: Don’t forget to put the Petrifying Scream, after you fight a boss with the two side abilities. 


The attributes required for the Best Mutation PvE build for a healer in New World Season 3 require the following division.

  • 220 Intellect (INT)

  • 350 Focus (FOC)

  • 50 Constitution (CON)

While this is the basic division you want to have, it is mainly for the Mutation PvE Healers who want the maximum damage inflicted using the Void Gauntlet.

Otherwise, you can put 50 more attribute points in CON, taking them away from INT. This will make it somewhere around;

  • 170 INT

  • 350 FOC

  • 100 CON

You can play with it yourself, making the best out of this PvE Healer Build, but keep in mind that the minimum intelligence should be 150 at least, no lower than that.

The reason for that is because you get 15 percent more Elemental Damage. There are other alternatives as well including;

  • 25 Strength (STR) - 5 percent more light attack damage

  • 25 Dexterity (DEX) - 5 percent more critical hit chance

So, there are various combinations you can go with here, depending on the Mutation Healer build you want to make in New World Season 3.

Mutation PvE Healer Build for Speed Runners

The build is also specifically great for Speedrunners if they go with the following set of attributes;

  • 25 DEX

  • 350 INT

  • 200 FOC

  • 50 CON

You can alter it even more by dropping the 50 CON to 25, and using the 25 extra points on DEX, increasing it to 50. It will add an extra 5 percent damage when you are at maximum health.

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Talking about perks for the Mutation PvE build in New World Season 3, these are specifically valuable perks you want to focus on to make the build successful.

Getting them is the main issue here, as most of these are two-perk pieces of armor, hidden away in far lands. Following are the perks you need.

Essential Perks

  • Helmet: Nullifying Oblivion - Removes buffs like fortify or empower in a radius and reduces cooldown. You will run faster.

  • Boots: Fortifying Sacred Ground - When healing allies, they gain fortification, enhancing the armor for a short duration.

  • Amulet: Any health or protection will work here.

  • Earring: Beloved - Lessens the threat to 50 percent from all the sources.

  • Life Staff: Keen Beacon - Enhances the critical chance of DPS players, making the critical stronger

  • Void Gauntlet: Puterifying Scream - Puts disease on the hit, that reduces the healing of enemies.

Stackable Perks

  • 4x Refreshing

  • 5 to 12 percent Max Health

  • 3 to 12 percent Enchanted Ward

Perks for Equipment

  • Head Gear: Health, Enchanted Ward, and Nullifying Oblivion Head Gear

  • Featherweight: Health/Enchanted Ward

  • Heavy Gloves: Health, Enchanted Ward, and Empowering Breaker

  • Light Legwear: Health, Refreshing, and Enchanted Ward

  • Light Footwear - Health, Refreshing, and Fortifying Sacred Ground

  • Amulet - Health, Nature Protection, and Refreshing

  • Ring - Hearty, Sacred, and Keen Awakening

  • Earring - Refreshing Toast, Healthy Toast, and Beloved

  • Life Staff - Blessed, Refreshing Move, and Keen Beacon

  • Void Gauntlet - Refreshing Move, Enchanted, and Putrefying Scream

  • Heartrune - Accelerating Charge, and Escalating Explosion

New World Season 3 Mutation PvE Healer Build Perks for Equipment

New World Season 3 Mutation PvE Healer Build Perks for Equipment

Best Gems for Armor and Weapons

Each week the choice of best gems for armor and weapons will change, depending on various things. The following are the best gems for armor and weapons, specifically for the Mutation PvE Healer Build.

The Lazarus Instrumentality

It consists of Icebound Mutation, Indomitable Promotion, and Fiendish 2 Curse. It is for Ice Week, and that is why you have the ice mutation.

In your armor, you have to put 5 aquamarines, and in the jewelry, you have to put 3 aquamarines.

Garden of Genesis

It consists of Hellfire Mutation, Savage Promotion, and Desiccated 2 Curse. Uninstall all the aquamarines and install the Fire Gems instead. 

The reason is that in Genesis, 50 percent of all the damage you deal is basically fire damage. 

Thus, each week it will change depending on the damage your deal and the buffs for the week. Below, we have an image to help you understand the gems for the Void Gauntlet as well.

New World Mutation PvE Healer Build Best Gems for Week

Best Consumables for Mutation PvE Healer Build

When you are in PvE gameplay, the consumables you put in the slots matter more than any other thing out there. You are in PvE to dominate and be the best, therefore, the following consumables will be best suited to Mutation PvE Healer Build.


  • Infused Health Potion

  • Infused Mana Potion

  • Infused Regeneration Potion

  • Infused Ward Potion


  • Powerful Honing Stone


  • Infused Angry Earth Coating

Extras To Increase damage

There are some extra setups here as well that can enhance your damage. Head over to the faction vendor and click on rewards, proceeding to the commander tab on the left side.

Here, at the end, you will find the Component items named Component: Ultimate Combat Trophy. 

Components to Increase Damage in New World Season 3 Mutation PvE Build

You can have three of those and each of those will cost you roughly 45k New World Gold. In case you don’t have that much gold or the prerequisites, then you can head to the Trading Post, and search for Basic Ancients Combat Trophy. 

Buy the cheap version of those, and one per house, having a total of 3. 

New World Mutation Build Components From Trade Post for enhanced damage

Final Words

New World Season 3 brings new possibilities for the players, specifically for the healers. The Mutation PvE Healer Build has generally crowned the best Healer Build for New World Season 3 players, giving an opportunity to either turn into a damage-based healer, or the best support for your teammates in a PvE scenario. Here we have a detailed Best Mutation PvE Healer Build Guide to help you turn this spectacular build concept into a reality.

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