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NBA 2K24 Beginner's Guide to Get Started

It’s time to put a full stop to your waiting because the NBA 2K franchise is here with NBA 2K24, which brings all new features and advancements to the gameplay and game mechanics to enhance your overall experience and get a deep dive into the Basketball League.

Season 1 has arrived with so many rewards and experiences. Though it’s just the beginning but you can see a good drop from their side regarding the game’s improvement and rewards. Now it is time to gear up yourself and indulge in this mega season and prove your skills and be the best player.

They’ve made so many changes with the season progression as well as the badge system so you can expect a twist of challenges and fun this time. They have combined Seasonal progression into one liner consisting of MyTEAM and MyCareer so as you’ll go through the game’s progression by levelling up your seasonal track by acquiring XP, you’ll be rewarded for both modes in the game.

Also, in each season, you will be able to earn 40 additional premium rewards if you purchase the season pass which is the cherry on top of the cake. Reaching level 40 is a badge of honor. This season is going to be exciting for the players who’ve been connected to the NBA for a long period of time because the NBA always tries to come up with something new.

 As this season is going to be filled with various new things and experiences so, stepping into this game as a beginner might be a little confusing for you but you’ve landed on the right page. This guide will cover all the essential information that you need to head towards this journey especially if you are a newbie here so that you can enjoy the experience smoothly without any hurdle.

Don’t Spend Much On Player Cards

You might be thinking of it as a bad suggestion not to buy any player cards because this is how you make your team, but wait, as a beginner, you don’t need to buy any expensive player cards for yourself.

Forming a strong and balanced team is an important aspect of the NBA which decides the outcome of your matches. The better the team, the more are the chances of winning the match by using your skills and tactics.

But as a beginner, your main criteria should be to get acquainted with the players and how it works instead of using all your MT coins to buy any ridiculously expensive player card. As a beginner, you should go for some budget cards. Buying Ruby to Amethyst tier cards isn’t a good idea. You can go for some budget-level player cards Glenn Rice and Mike Miller because they aren’t too expensive and cost near about 16000 MT coins.

NBA 2K24 Player Cards

Where to Buy Player Cards?

Now, the question is, from where you can buy all these desired player cards? Well, for this NBA 2K24 has the Player Marketplace for you where you can buy all your desired player cards and form a desired strong team.

You get a wide range of players and get to choose almost any player that you desire. The marketplace is a great place to purchase player cards and also, and you’ll get to see the Deal Of The Day that the market offers you. But be aware of not spending all your coins on purchasing expensive high-tier players as mentioned above.

The search feature of the Marketplace is really exciting and helps you to filter and find the exact player of your choice and eases your search towards finding the best player for yourself. There are multiple filters given just to make your search easy.

You can search with the player’s name, card color, conference, team, theme, and position including many other things to find the player you are looking for. This feature is quite better than the Auction House in many ways and players are showing appreciation for this feature because the marketplace has made their search easy.

Understand Each Player

Each player is different and has its own strengths and weaknesses that you can find and understand to use nicely in your gameplay. The only way to understand how each player plays is by actually playing with that player and doing experiments to find out the best for yourself.

By experimenting with the players, you can find out which player aligns with your playing style which is the most crucial part of NBA 2k24. Sometimes a top-notch player isn’t good for you because its playstyle doesn’t match with yours.

So, don’t just blindly follow the ratings of the players but make sure you’re aware of who’s standing at the top. Learning the playing tactics of each player can also help you deal with other teams and players during a match.

Grind Through the Challenges & Missions

Missions and challenges are part of a game that are designed to test your skills and gameplay in return for some rewards. As a beginner, make sure to grind through challenges and missions that come along to get exciting rewards.

Completing challenges can be an effective way to earn MT coins and improve your squad and overall skills. You can indulge in modes like Triple Threat Offline and Domination to improve your skills. You can also indulge in various quests and side quests.

NBA 2K24 Challenges

Play Various Game Modes

As a beginner, playing different game modes can add some spice to your overall gaming experience. Play each game mode and gain experience as much as you can. As a beginner, your motive should be towards exploring the game so that you can understand the game better and how certain mechanics work.

You’re going to see the usual game modes in the NBA 2K Franchise this time as well. You will be seeing MyTeam, MyCareer, and MyNBA as available game modes in NBA 2K24 and all these game modes give you a different level of gaming experience.

Each game mode is different and the only way to get better at each one of them is by playing and continuously indulging yourself in the challenges and hardships that come along by learning from your experiences and mistakes.

Like MyTeam is all about creating the dream team you desire. In MyTeam, you get the salary cap mode, player market, triple threat Co-op, and purchasable MTP. And all these things will help you in MyTeam.

Similarly, MyNBA will have four Eras. Explore this section or mode as well to get a better understanding of how this year's NBA is going to be.

Farm MT Coins

Try to farm MT coins as much as possible and try to experiment with different things and go for different ways to fetch the maximum number of MT coins. Don’t be stuck to only one method. MT coins as important so make sure you always have enough so that you can purchase whatever you want including player cards.

To earn MT coins, you can play MyTeam mode, complete challenges, or sell cards in the player market. Or you can also buy them from MMOPIXEL. The website has the fastest delivery and the best return policy.

Visit our website MMOPixel to purchase NBA 2K23 MT Coins at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer quick delivery, safe payments, and 24x7 chat support.

Keep Your Eyes on the Locker Codes

Always stay updated and keep your eyes on the locker codes. Locker codes are usually text-based codes that you can use to get many rewards like Packs, Tokens, Player Cards, Mt coins, and many more. Locker codes are released every week so always keep a check on them if you don’t want to miss out on any exciting rewards and prizes. All the rewards that you get from the locker codes can be used to strengthen your starting lineup and improve the caliber of your team.

Enjoy the Game

Lastly, don’t take much pressure and enjoy it as a game. As a beginner, your motive should be exploring the game as much as possible without bothering much about winning or losing. The more you play, the more you will learn and move towards expertise. Play it lightly and don’t feel burdened. 

Get your hands on everything as much as possible but beware of spending too much or wasting your MT coins on things that are not necessary. Save your coins and save your time. Be mindful of your spending.


This was all about getting started as a beginner in NBA 2K24. The above guide has covered all the basic aspects, tips, tricks, and strategies that you need to further proceed with your gameplay in NBA 2K24. This year, NBA has added so much spice to the NBA 2K Franchise and you’ll get to experience a lot of changes in NBA 2K24. From fixing bugs to making the gameplay more enhanced, NBA has put so much effort.

With the help of this guide, you will be able to cover a major portion of NBA 2K24 but remember that exploration and experimentation is the key to becoming better at any game. So, make sure you apply all the strategies mentioned above and try to explore as much as you can. All the best.

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