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Best Fighter Ships in Star Citizen

On one side of Star Citizen, there is that exploration, a journey to find the beautiful planets and enjoy your precious time. Then, there is combat, fighting, ship wars, and your journey to getting the Best Fighter Ships in Star Citizen.

Star Citizen Combat is truly something completely different from any other game. But, to actually get into the Combat, you will have to get an amazing Fighter Ship. Which Ship to get? Here in this guide, we will go through the Best Fighter Ships that you can actually get in the game. 

In Star Citizen 3.18, there is a whole new Star System with tons of Missions, new areas, and places to explore. With amazing exploration, the Star Citizen Verse gives you a peek into what the future Combat will actually look like. 

With these new mechanics, it is quite hard to narrow down the Star Citizen Fighter Ships and pick one. Therefore, here in our guide, we made categories and guided you to the Best Fighter Ship in each category. Either a solo who is looking to dominate the space himself or herself or a group working together to explore The Verse.

Aegis Vanguard Warden - Most Expensive

When it comes to Huger Fighter Ships, there is no going bad with Aegis Vanguard Warden. Not only that this Ship is extremely tanky and can withstand a ton of damage dealt on it. Surprisingly, it is also quite nimble in contrast to other ships of the same size. 

We are talking about Fighter Ships and the main factor to talk about is always Firepower. The firepower of Aegis Vanguard Warden is truly remarkable and on top of a single person, there is a space for another player in the Ship to control its Torrents. 

There is a 5-Sized Hard Point and 4-Sized Dual Guns available in Aegis Vanguard Warden’s Nose. In case there is no one to sit on Torrent, you can solo take down the enemies including Bots, as well as players. 

In case you have someone to help you out with the Turret, there are 2 Sized dual Guns available and also a Missile. The size of those Missiles is 3 and 8 (dual). Yes, that is quite impressive even for a List of Best Fighter Ships in Star Citizen. 

In the whole game, there aren’t many Fighter Ships that come with dual-man capacity, but all of that comes with a price and Aegis Vanguard Warden is kind of expensive…too expensive to be precise.

If you are still willing to pay the price, there is also quite a luxurious Storage inside the Ship, which is quite unusual for a Fighter Ship. It has Beds for all the Crew Members, Storage, and some space to move around when you need to take a rest from all that Fighting. 

Anvil Hurricane - Budget Friendly Dual Man

Most of the players don’t see Anvil Hurricane in the category of Fighter Ships in Star Citizen. We still mentioned our Best Fighter Ships in Star Citizen but before you say something bad, hear us out. 

Anvil Hurricane is an exceptional choice for those who want to take part in the Fighting Part of Star Citizen, as well as explore The Verse in style. All of this is possible through the HP of Hull and the exceptional Firepower found in Anvil Hurricane. 

Amazingly, you are not alone on the ship because you can bring a friend of yours to travel along and explore the beauty of Star Citizen. If you are someone who likes to roam around the galaxy, then this Fighter Ship isn’t quite good for you. 

The Primary Weapon for single-person use isn’t up to that level. 4 Sized dual Hard Points are found on the front nose of the ship that the Pilot can control. It is decent if you occasionally go out alone, but sometimes your friend is with you. Yes, it can also take down ships with those Weapons, but you must be considered a good pilot.

That was all with the Single Person, but when the second person sits with you on the Ship and equips that Torrent, the Anvil Hurricane becomes one of the Best Fighter Ships in Star Citizen without any doubt. 

3 Sized four Hard Points have exceptional firepower of taking down two ships at once. You can also take down multiple targets easily because of the Anvil Hurricane’s Ability to Direct itself at direct targets. The Mounted Turret that the second person controls have that specific nature.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Ship can’t be destroyed separately. Meaning, in other ships, taking damage to a specific part will take down that part of the Ship. But here, in the Anvil Hurricane, the whole Ship gets taken down as one. 

This is a good point because you won’t have to worry about changing the controls during your Battle. It is a feature that is found in quite a few ships in the whole Star Citizen world. It might change after Star Citizen 3.18 but we don’t know for sure.

As a final note, we recommend you get Anvil Hurricane if you have a middle-budget line for getting a Fighter Ship and you have a Buddy to help you out during all the Fights, as well as exploration. For a single person, this isn’t quite made for battle.

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Aegis Gladius - Best Small

In the start, the Aegis Gladius was kind of a rip-off, but as the Star Citizen Development made some innovative steps, the Gladius got a lot of tweaks and tunings. It is now one of the Best Fighter Ships in Star Citizen. 

The unique thing about Aegis Gladius is that it is quite a small ship and that has one of the best movements in the game. It is quite hard to hit Aegis Gladius when you are in combat, especially when there is a good pilot behind its wings. 

Whenever you are using it to dodge the missiles and bullets, you are good to go, but make sure you aren’t tanking hits with it because it is not made for that. The agility and speed of Aegis Gladius make it quite unique, not its defense. 

Even the Larger ships like the ones we mentioned in our Guide to Best Star Citizen Fighter Ships for Combat lack this aspect. Therefore it is perfect for those who want to move around the fights solo without having to suffer maneuverability issues because of size. 

Even if you are in a battle where not getting hit is quite hard, there are dual Shields that can save you from small punishment sessions. Keep in mind that its movement and ability to dodge is its main plus point. 

Talking about the firepower, there is a three-sized 3 Hard Points upfront for exceptionally heavy firepower. There are no negatives when you are trying to get a Fighter Ship that aims for firepower. You can even change its weaponry and put in the things that you see fit.

There are stock weapons that you can put here. With all of these options, you can use Aegis Gladius for Bounty Hunting and catching Criminals in Star Citizen 3.18. If you are low on cash, this is also one of the Best Fighter Ships you can surely get. 

Final Verdict

Star Citizen has a lot of Fighter Ships to choose from. You will need to get one sooner or later in the game to explore The Verse, as well as do a lot of missions that include fighting Pirates and rescue missions like 890 Jump Space Hijack Mission. Here in this Guide, we have a list of the Best Fighter Ships in Star Citizen to help you with picks. 

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