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New World Dungeons | Learn All You Need to Know

Dungeons are one of the most important things in any MMO, and that doesn’t change in the Amazon Games New World. At the release, there were six dungeons around the open world. These dungeons can also be called expeditions, meaning six expeditions are available.

The New World’s Dungeons are the perfect place to fight several normal opponents and some elite opponents, such as mini-bosses and main bosses. But, besides the chance to kill monsters, after you unlock dungeons, you will also have to explore and solve puzzles.

What is Necessary to Enter New World Dungeons?

Everyone should first know that New World Dungeons are not easy places to complete. After reaching a specific part of the main story, players will have access to the first dungeon on New World around level 25. It's not a minimum level but don’t expect to get the quest and the necessary tuning orb before that.

Once you receive the Destiny Unearthed quest, you will go to the first dungeon. You will unlock Amrine Excavation and will have to go into it alongside a small group of other players.

No Tuning Orb? No Dungeon

As mentioned before, the tuning orb is fundamental for going to a dungeon. Every dungeon in the game needs a specific tuning orb. You can get them in quests or through crafting. At least one player of the party needs the specific orb to ensure the expedition. The orbs you need are:

  1. Amrine tuning orb
  2. Starstone tuning orb

  3. Depths tuning orb

  4. Dynasty tuning orb

  5. Lazarus tuning orb

  6. Garden tuning orb

Teamwork is the Key!

No dungeon lets you go down there alone. You will need to form a New World team to explore, fight bosses and solve its tricky puzzles. The indicated party configuration not only for your first expedition but for everything you’ll do in New World is:

  1. 3 Damage Dealers

  2. 1 Healer

  3. 1 Tank

It is not mandatory for the Amrine expedition or any other you will do, but it ensures the balance between attack and defense during the journey. Alternatively, you can go with a party of:

  1. 2 Damage Dealers

  2. 2 Healers

  3. 1 Tank

What Can I Get in New World Dungeons?

Expeditions are not the easiest thing and can end up representing serious problems to the players. This also means it will give great rewards for those able to complete it, defeat its bosses and solve the puzzles. 

You can be sure to get some great weapons and equipment for your level. Also, there will be lots of rare crafting materials that can be turned into even stronger items. The Amrine excavation, for instance, will give you some tier 3 items. They will be useful until you reach level 35 or even further. 

The crafting material will, besides being the feedstock for stronger items, ensure you with lots of crafting XP. The dungeons are also a great place to gather lots of gold and general experience.

New World Dungeons List

Now that we have seen all we need about dungeons in general, it is time to talk a little about each expedition by itself. At the time, there are six dungeons available in New World. They go from around 25 to 65 plus.

Amrine Excavation

  1. Level: 25+

  2. Location: Windsward

  3. Orb: Amrine Tuning Orb

When you first get to this dungeon, your mission will be to rescue an archeologist and his team, that is lost at their dig site, conveniently mounted in an ancestral guardians location. You will find some monsters and puzzles to solve, but this is the most straightforward dungeon in New World.

You will find the dungeon in the Amrine temple, north of Windsward town and South of Everfall. This dungeon is an ancestral guards' location, and they are some of the adversaries you will have fight encounters against.

Starstone Barrows (Destroyed Obelisk)

  1. Level: 35+

  2. Location: Everfall

  3. Orb: Starstone Tuning Orb

When playing the Starstone Barrows expedition, you will meet face to face with the destroyed obelisk. This dungeon is considered an extension of the Amrine temple and has stronger enemies and far harder puzzles.

Starstone Barrows brings some very problematic traps. You must be careful with the obelisk lasers as if you touch them, you will be dead instantly. The light barriers also kill you in one hit. When exploring the place, you will see lots of inspiration from greek mythology. To complete, there will be two bosses on your way. 

You will find the Starstone Burrows in the south part of the Everfall region, close to the city. This is a skeletons location. You will also find ancient guards again, so be prepared for all of them.

The Depths

  1. Level: 45+

  2. Location: Restless Shores

  3. Orb: Depths Tuning Orb

If you don’t want to suffer more than you should, the minimum level for this dungeon is 45. Talk to the alligator named Nekumanesh, as it will give you a mission to complete inside. This dungeon is a corrupt location, so prepare to face lots of them, alongside an old acquaintance, Captain Thorpe. On your way, there will be overcrowded camps, sodden tunnels, and rotten hallways to travel through in the depths.

Besides more puzzles and monsters, the depths dungeon is the lair of two more bosses. To find The Depths, go to the southeast part of the New World map. It is located in the center of Restless Shore, east of Weaver’s Fen town.

Dynasty Shipyard


  1. Level: 45+

  2. Location: Restless Shores

  3. Orb: Depths Tuning Orb

Those who explore the Dynasty Shipyard and find a way to look carefully at it while dealing with its nine bosses will see an Asian-inspired setting that meets the eye. The shipyard sends you to an Asian temple, which is also a corrupted location. There, a villain called the Empress is building up a fleet that could change the balance of power. To be specific, there will be two main bosses and several mini-bosses.

So, it is time for gamers to get ready to stretch the sword arm and the brain cells, as you will need them to go down there and take care of the villain. Good luck with that. Failure is not an option. You will find Dynasty Shipyard close to the imperial palace, northwest of Monarch’s Bluffs.

Lazarus Instrumentality

  1. Level: 60

  2. Location: Reekwater

  3. Orb: Lazarus Tuning Orb

The first max-level dungeon ends up in the Lazarus instrument set. Prepare yourself to suffer as you force your way through hordes and hordes of skeletons and deal with some complicated puzzles. Still, this is a great place for you to have some fun and mess up with your party.

Lazarus Instrumentality also holds a boss here and there for you to take care of. To find the place, go to Reekwater. This expedition is north of the Reekwater town, east of the Everfall region.

Garden of Genesis

  1. Level: 60

  2. Location: Edengrove

  3. Orb: Genesis Tuning Orb

The Garden of Genesis or, if you prefer, Garden of Origin leads you to an old abandoned temple, which the domain has been now claimed by Aeternum’s nature again. This enchanted area is a primitive location, so you know what kind of enemies will find.

You will have to defeat the Blighted Greenskeeper and all the other bosses to complete this dungeon. To find the garden of Genesis, go to the northern part of Edengrove, east of Great Cleave, and southeast of Shattered Mountain.


Dungeons are one of the major features in New World and other MMOs. No matter what you play, places such as these will ensure you a great amount of gold, XP, and rare items that will make a huge difference in your gameplay. That’s why MMOPixel prepares you, showing all you need to know to do well in dungeons.

If you want more information, tips, guides, and news about New World or any other great MMO title, hit MMOPixel and stay tuned and ahead of everyone else. You can get information about more than 40 different titles.

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