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Star Citizen Missiles Guide

Star Citizen isn’t always about exploring verse, rather you will find the combat in the game as well. Yes, there are futuristic missiles that are carried by the missile racks and differentiated based on their use. Realistically, every ship has a specific number of Missiles it can carry which is determined by the size of the Missile Rack. Furthermore, to understand how they work and which type to use in scenarios, we compiled this Star Citizen Missiles Guide. So, without any delay, let us get started with this Star Citizen Guide.

Missiles in Star Citizen

Missiles are self-driving weapons used for many purposes in Star Citizen. They are carried by the Racks on ships and the size of the rack determines how many missiles a ship can carry.

There are various types of Missiles in Star Citizen alongside the Tracking Signals and Sizes. Later in the Star Citizen Missiles Guide, we will discuss them in detail.

Missiles Rack

Just like in Real life, there are Missile Racks that load up the Missiles and allow you to fire them. As we already mentioned that there are various sizes of Missile Racks, allowing you to load a specific number of missiles, it may be higher or lower.

Mostly, it depends on the Ship you are using, if it has a bigger Ship Rack size, you can pretty much dominate the enemies with missiles. But, considering the other option, if your ship has Smaller Ship Rack, you need to be careful with each missile on board.

Missiles Tracking Signals

IR/Heat Tracking Signals: Every ship in Star Citizen makes heat and then it radiates into the space. Once the ship gets hot, it becomes effortless to detect it through the IR/Heat Tracking Mechanism. This is one of the quickest Tracking signals in the game, easy to trick, and displays a Fire Symbol when targeted with this type of missile.

Electromagnetic Tracking Signals: Ships in Star Citizen make electromagnetic energy, due to the Shields/Systems, and then it radiates into space. These Electromagnetic Energies can be detected based on the emissions. This is a medium-timed Tracking Signal and displays a Lightning Bolt Symbol when targeted with this type of missile.

Cross Section Tracking Signals: Active system that lightens the ship. It is more like radar and the echo is measured, making it possible to detect an object or ship in outer space. It takes the longest time but is the hardest to track. You will need to run and hide for the Cross-Section Tracking to be fooled. Finally, the bigger size a target has, the better it will work.

Types of Missiles

Frankly, the types of Missiles are based on only three flavors, the Strike, Proximity, and the Custer.

Strike: These Missiles Explode upon making contact with the object or in our case, an enemy. These missiles Damage the Hull and can only damage the ship after making contact with it physically.

Proximity: These Missiles Explode when in rathe with an object or enemy. These missiles will damage the shields of ships and can damage them upon reaching a certain range, unlike the Strike Missiles.

Cluster: These missiles divide into smaller warheads, striking a single target multiple times. The clusters have lower damage but deal with it multiple times.

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Size of Missiles

Missiles range from Size 1 to Size 4 and everything above that is considered a torpedo. So, the size 5, 7, and 9 missiles are named torpedoes. Each of the sizes has a different arming time and the lower Size it is, the fastest the arming time.

Arming and Travel Speed: The smaller the size of the missile (Size 1) the fastest it will be with arming and the travel speed will be highest. Size 1 Missiles have around 1500 m/s speed, while the Size 9 Torpedo have around 500 m/s speed. The difference makes it clear that you should use Torpedoes against a stationary target, while you need to use faster missiles against a moving target.

Maximum Lock Range: The Max Lock Range of Missiles is nearly the same, as the S1 to S3 have a 10km range and the S4 has a 20km range. The Torpedoes, on the other hand, have a 35km to 50km range.

Minimum Lock Range: The Minimum Lock Range of Missiles is strangely different as S1 can lock at 800m minimum, S2 at 1km, S3 at 1200m, and S4 at 1500m. Finally, the S5 locks at 1750 and S9 at 1km, which are named torpedoes.

Size 1 Missiles

In the Size 1 Missiles, you will get that CS, EM, and IR Locking Mechanism, along with the Proximity and Strike capabilities. Keep in mind that there isn’t any cluster in the Size 1 Missiles Category.

Size 2 Missiles

In the Size 2 Missiles, you have everything along with the Cluster Option. It can be found in Rattler 2 and alike.

Size 3 Missiles

In the Size 3 Category, you will find only 1 of each option like CS, EM, and IR. Some examples of these missiles are Arrester 3, Thunderbolt 3, and Viper 3.

Size 4 Missiles

These missiles can be found in the category of ships like Freelancer and Warhead. CS, EM, and IR are found in one ship per category. Some examples of these Missiles are Raptor 4, Pathfinder 4, and Assailant 4.

Size 5 and 6 Torpedo

Ships like Vanguard Harvenger, Andromeda, Anvil Ballista, and Anvil Gladiator have these Size 5 Torpedoes. While Size 6 can be equipped by ships like 890 Jump and so on.

Size 7 and 8 Torpedo

Size 7 Torpedo can be equipped by Anvil Ballista and size 8 by the Idris or alike.

Size 9 Torpedo

In this category, we are talking about Retaliators and Eclipses. These Torpedoes include Strike and each of three Tracking Mechanisms. Some of the examples of Size 9 Torpedoes include Argos 9, Typhoon 9, Seeker 9, and so on.

Size 10 and 12 Torpedo

These sites are reserved for RSI Polaris and Javelin. These are extended categories and require special ships as we mentioned.

How to use Missiles in Star Citizen?

Using Missiles in Star Citizen is simple, below we have details on using the Missiles.

  1. When you are in the Ships driver seat, simply press the middle mouse button to enter the Missile Targeting Mode.

  2. With the right mouse button, you can switch between different Missiles.

  3. Arming the missiles is done by pressing the G Button repeatedly.

  4. Now moving to the Crosshair, when you move it on the target it locks onto it with a completing circle.

  5. With the Left Mouse Button, the Ship will fire the Armed Missiles.

  6. In the Free Look mode (Pressing Z), you can also lock onto the Target which makes things quite easier if they are above, you or in a strange spot. You always don’t have to face the enemies.

  7. When firing, some missiles cause engine burn. Don’t rush things as you can get in the range of your missile, causing damage. Fly at a low speed here.

Final Verdict

Knowing Star Citizen, the Missiles can sometimes be hard to understand, especially for beginners. There are various sizes and each one with its specific attribute. Then, there are various Missiles Tracking Systems coming in various categories. To understand everything clearly, we compiled this Star Citizen Missiles Guide with everything in detail to get you up and running.

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