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NBA 2K23 Ronnie 2K Rebirth Quest - How to Unlock and Complete

After finishing the Rebirth questline, Ronnie 2K is back in The City in NBA 2K23 and offers players the crucial power to create more player designs in the game's MyPlayer mode. Ronnie 2K must be located in The City to finish the questline, although his location will shift numerous times over the game's narrative without the use of any map markers. We're here to help you finish this challenging mission and gain some fantastic gifts along the way because the game takes great pleasure in keeping the location and timing of your search for him a secret. The location of Ronnie 2K in NBA 2K23 is listed below.

Ronnie 2K has served as the icon of the NBA 2K franchise for many years, and his recent fame has allowed him to take on a significant role in the MyCareer feature in 2K23. You'll discover, though, that he does better than simply act. Ronnie must be found in The City for gamers to finish the Rebirth objectives and receive several worthwhile gifts. The problem is that when each questline phase is finished, Ronnie will move on to another site.

NBA 2K23 Locations of Ronnie 2K - How to Find Ronnie 2K in the City

During the quest, Ronnie 2K will pop up in four distinct locations and give away a different gift each time. To receive Ronnie 2K's rewards, your player must achieve particular total ratings for each fight.

65 OVR for the first area and prize

Find Ronnie 2K on the northeastern part of the field once your player has an aggregate of 65 or higher. He's just to the left of the Knight Station icon, close to the Northside Knights area. He stands close to a trashcan and stands out since he is wearing a bright pink pullover.

75 OVR for the second place and prize

Take the train to the Western Mall Station once you have a 75 overall. Located east of the station, between the local Embellish establishments and Finders Keepers, Ronnie will be waiting. He'll give you the option to select your spawn location this time before you go into the city as payment. Quickly access the map and pick any train station by highlighting it and pressing the "Select" instruction.

The third destination and reward in the Rebirth quest for Ronnie 2K are 88 OVR

When you reach a total score of 88, proceed to North Station, which is west of the Northside Warriors zone. Northeast of the station, Ronnie is positioned in front of a huge 2K Sports sign. Players can play console games in The City while wearing only their underwear, according to his third incentive.

90 OVR for the fourth destination and reward

Finally, after getting a 90 overall, head to the South County Vipers zone, which is southwest of Ronnie 2K's second place in The City. Near the boundary of the domain of the Vipers, Ronnie is awaiting. He stands in front of the substantial wooden board. Ronnie will eventually permit you to utilize the rebirth function when you finish this round of hide and seek.

NBA 2K23 Ronnie 2K Rebirth Quest

What is Rebirth used for?

In essence, the rebirth option allows you to save your actual activity while making a new MyPlayer for MyCareer mode. Your player will return to having a 90 overall rating and several already-unlocked badge awards. Although you'll still need roughly 200,000 VC to enhance your stats, finishing the Rebirth quest will allow you to avoid spending a lot of time creating brand-new players from scratch.

What does NBA 2K23's Ronnie 2K's Resurrection Quest entail?

Ronnie 2K is again and this time he's in the game, which will please NBA 2K fans! In NBA 2K23's MyCareer feature, users can locate Ronnie and speak with him to unlock additional choices, including the highly awaited resurrection quest. The resurrection quest is a crucial component of the NBA 2K23 experience since it enables players to develop a new personality and carry on their achievements from their former nature. It should be remembered, though, that the Resurrection Quest varies based on the device you're using to play NBA 2K23. Variations of NBA 2K23 for existing and the next consoles differ from one another.

How can I access Ronnie 2K's Resurrection quest in NBA 2K23?

As usual, there is a heck of a lot of material to sort through in NBA 2K23. You can access material designed especially for the next generation of devices if you're using one to play games. This also applies to the City, which may be accessed by completing particular tasks in Ronnie 2K's Resurrection Quest.

To begin, the NBA Summer Association match must be completed. After that, get a 65 rating and talk to Ronnie 2K in the city's northeast. When you get a 75 rating, keep on grinding and playing, then go to the southwestern corner of the city to interact with Ronnie. You'll receive the Revive location skill as payment this time. When you receive an 88 rating and speak with Ronnie for the last time at the northwestern corner of the city, the task is complete. You can now explore at will and take advantage of everything NBA 2K23 New Generation has to offer!

Venue of the NBA 2K23 Resurrection Quest: Where to locate Ronnie 2K in The Metropolis

A variety of additional events that players may complete to earn more rewards have already been added to NBA 2K23. The mystery of the Ronnie2K Resurrection quest is proving to be difficult for some players to solve. For the enthusiasts, Ronnie 2K is returning, and so this time he appears realistically in NBA 2K23. Players must find Ronnie in MyCAREER to complete the Resurrection quest and build a new avatar that will take over their prior character's achievements.

On many systems, the Resurrection quest in NBA 2K23 behaves differently. Ronnie remains in the same spot for all gamers even though NBA 2K23 editions for current- and the next gaming devices differ. 

NBA 2K23 Ronnie 2K Location

How to complete the NBA 2K23 Resurrection quest

In NBA 2K23, obtaining the Resurrection quest is fairly easy and intuitive. To access the mission, all you have to do is create an avatar and participate in the summer league. Finding the Resurrection quest in the menu is the sole thing left to complete before beginning it. Visit your quest log and click on the secondary quests tab to do that. Resurrection needs to be one of your unique side tasks. If you can't find any map marks, don't freak out. Finding your goal in this situation is part of the task.

You can start completing the task once you locate Ronnie2K in The Metropolis. It comprises four steps, each of which has a prize. The initial is the Ronnie2K and Sophie t-shirt, backed by the special ability to stroll around shirtless, the spawning point choosing perk, and lastly Rebirth. It may be simple to earn the Resurrection mission in NBA 2K23, but finishing it is another matter. You won't be left following shadows around The City while wearing only a shirt thanks to our comprehensive Resurrection quest guide. On our authority, no.

Ronnie2K Location in NBA 2K23

  • To access the Missions menu in MyCareer, press start: Resurrection will be listed under Side Missions, and you'll have to locate Ronnie2K someplace within the city.

  • Visit the manually marked waypoint: Ronnie is only a quick sprint (or skate) away.

  • Ronnie can be reached to start the mission: Ronnie might be located close to a trash can under a tree. He can be spoken to start the quest's objectives.

Players will receive significant benefits for completing the Resurrection quest, such as 60,000 MVP Credits, a Sophie T-shirt and Ronnie 2K, and more. And that's all the information gamers require to access Ronnie 2 Rebirth K's Quest in NBA 2K23. Keep a close eye on Twinfinite for all the other information NBA 2K has to provide this season, and be certain to read the many guides we've got on anything from the classic teams that are included to the price of VC bundles.

There might be some additional NBA 2K23-related information and news listed below that you might find useful. Always feel free to contact us in the comment area if you have any queries concerning the game for which you are unable to locate the answer, and we'll try our best to assist. If you need to make some purchases in the game and falling short of the MT coins, the best and quick way to get them isby spending real money.

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How to access or finish Ronnie 2K's Reborn Quest

You can start a new MyPlayer Build with Resurrection without having any negative effects on your achievements. Resurrection is a challenging quest to finish, though, because of the grind required to get your player's OVR up to 90. To obtain several gifts as part of the completion of Ronnie 2K's Resurrection quest, you must fulfill all the conditions in four distinct places on the map.


Users will begin all infinite rebirth starts with up to 25 gained Badge credits, the choice to enhance to a 90 OVR, and all prior earned combat system mission prizes handed over. Although Resurrection builds theoretically have an advantage in the progression of Credentials and Attribute upgrades, users will still need to spend more than 200,000 VC to fully max out their setups.

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