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Best Elden Ring Darkmoon Greatsword Build Guide

It’s been some time since the initial release of Elden Ring, which further indicates that the Legendary Darkmoon Greatsword also went through a lot of changes. Yes, it’s gotten much better and stronger, especially in the Elden Ring 1.09 Patch. To help you get the most out of your Darkmoon, we have here Best Elden Ring Darkmoon Greatsword Build Guide. 

In the recent patch from “From Software,” Darkmoon Greatsword got buffs related to attack range and speed, giving it much better recovery and allowing you to initialize combos much more effectively. With that being said, it is now one of the best weapons to exist in the game whether you are talking about PvP play or PvE play.

Pros of Darkmoon Greatsword in Elden Ring 1.09

Just like we mentioned before, Darkmoon got a lot of buffs, meaning it is now a better weapon overall. Here’re it’s pros as a weapon for the build now;


There is no damage and FB for this Greatsword. You can basically put the Ash of War Moonlight Greatsword and you will get the light of the Dark Moon on top of your weapon. 

In simpler terms it means, the buffs on the weapon will provide you with extra damage, like 65 Magical Damage and 15 Frostbite Damage which makes the Frostbite buildup much faster. You also have extra destructive skills on top of all this.

Projectile Damage

When you charge the attack with your Moonlight Greatsword, it will fire the Magical Moonlight Projectives that deal a ton of damage to the enemies you are trying to hit. The Projectiles are ranged and have quite a good distance to them.

Who doesn’t enjoy Melee and Ranged on one budget? It’s basically two birds with one stone. You have both an insane Ranged Attack and a Melee Attack with magical damage and frostbite damage.

Poise Damage

Everyone knows that these blades have amazing Poise Damage on top of their Physical and Magical Damage. When you have the projectiles from the charged attacks, they will break the stance of enemies. 

Another amazing thing about these projectiles is that you can effortlessly spam them. Afterward, it won’t let the enemies attack you in combat and you can in return just drink their health.

You have two choices here, either you go with the Critical Hit or you stick with the Moonlight Projectiles, the damage you are dealing in the short interval will break the enemy's stance. They can’t recover from that broken stance immediately, giving you a chance to complete your combo.

Stance Break at a Distance

When you are using Projectiles, you can just initiate combat at a distance. There is no need to get close to the enemies and get hit in return. But in case you do get close to them, there will both be a Melee hit and a Magical projectile hit on the enemies.

There are two types of damage you are dealing with here and benefits you, especially in the PvP combat. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to charge your way in because the enemies can sometimes utilize the time you are charging to hit you back.


Either you want more damage done to the enemies or you want to play a little safer from a distance. It’s a higher risk to output here because in Melee you are approaching your opponents and then you are in the range of their attacks. While in the range, the enemies can’t approach you, while the damage is a bit low.

Elden Ring Darkmoon Greatsword Build Guide

Elden Ring Darkmoon Greatsword Build Guide

Now let’s get started with our Elden Ring Darkmoon Greatsword Build Guide. Just like we already mentioned that this is a beauty for both the PvP and PvE scenario, we will be mentioning the Builds that work out great for both of these play styles. 

You can either go for the quick wave or you can conjure a slower one with higher damage. You can also trick people or troll them by charging the Darkmoon Greatsword with the Moonlight Greatsword and then canceling it. On a heavy attack, you can do around 6k damage to the enemies, while there are also other ways to enhance the weapon damage. 

Building around Greatswords is quite expensive here. Don’t worry, now you can Buy Cheap Elden Ring Runes and Items here at MMOPixel.com to save your precious time and money.

Best Stats for Darkmoon Greatsword

Darkmoon Greatsword is all about Intelligence Stat because it has the best scaling with Intelligence. It further means that you don’t have to actually put points in the Strength and Dexterity more than the weapon requires from you. Our recommendation would be to get around 80 Intelligence in the game and then stick with the following setup.

Stats for Level 125

After you achieve Level 125, you can basically go for the 80 Intelligence Darkmoon Greatsword Build. It will maximize the damage, while also going for full-on intelligence. 

Don’t forget to put around 11 Dexterity and 16 Strength that are required to hold the weapon in your hand. To survive on this build, you will also need the 50 Vigor. There is no need to go for the Mind Stat here because you are using the Ash of War which works for around 60 seconds and costs you only 60 seconds.

  • 80 Intelligence

  • 50 Vigor

  • 16 Strength

  • 15 Endurance and Mind

  • 12 Dexterity

  • 9 Arcane

  • 7 Faith

These are the stats you should be aiming for at Level 125 for Elden Ring Darkmoon Greatsword Build

Stats for Level 150

In case you are looking for a bit of a more powerful build, then you should go towards the 150 Level and then have 10 points in Vigor on top of the previous one. It will enhance your overall build, giving it much better survivability. 

The 15 remaining points should be put in Mind or Endurance for various other needs in the game. There is no need to pump the other stats any further, especially Intelligence because it is already capped out.

  • 80 Intelligence

  • 60 Vigor

  • 23 Endurance

  • 22 Mind

  • 16 Strength

  • 12 Dexterity

  • 9 Arcane

  • 7 Faith

Best Weapons for Darkmoon Greatsword Build

It’s just obvious that you will be wielding the Darkmoon Greatsword with +10 on your Right hand and in your Left hand you will be having a Shield or a Staff.

Our recommendation here would be to stick with the Lusat’s Glintstone Staff or the Carin Regal Scepter. Coming to the shields, you can stick with that spectacular Jellyfish Shield.

The reason for having a Jellyfish Shield is to maximize the damage output from the Darkmoon greatsword. It will enhance your damage to 20 percent because of a particular skill known as Contagious Fury. 

The staff is also quite a good match with the Greatsword because of Ranni’s Darkmoon Spell. You can maximize your ranged attacks with this particular spell.

Best Armor for Darkmoon Build

There is nothing else that suits as perfectly as the Spellblade Armor Set here. Again, your main goal here is to get the maximum damage out of your build and weapon. The spell blade will provide you with 2 extra bonus damage for each set, meaning if you have the whole armor, you will have 8 Bonus Damage on top.


  • Ritual Sword Talisman - It gives you 10 percent bonus damage when your Health is full

  • Magic Scorpion Charm - Provides you with a bonus 12 damage with every hit you do

  • Shard of Alexander - Enhances the Ash of War’s output damage

  • Godfrey Icon - Enhances the Moonlight Blast which is 15 Percent Moonlight Greatsword Bonus


  • Cerulean Hidden Tear - The caster won’t have FB depleted for 15 seconds after its use

  • Magic Shrouding Cracked Tear - This will boost everything with a 15 percent damage enhancement, from Ash of War to the weapon itself

Best Spells for Elden Ring Darkmoon Build

Best Spells for Elden Ring Darkmoon Build

You just need the Ranni’s Darkmoon here, but you might ask us why? For the most part, you have 80 Intelligence with this build and you can utilize the staff to cast sorceries from your left hand. 

Either in the PvP Scenario or the PvE, you can still use Ranni’s Darkmoon with the Darkmoon Greatsword to make a jaw-dropping combo. Ranni’s has an amazing range that goes well with the Moonlight Greatsword in the Darkmoon. 

You can basically hit the bosses from the arena’s edge and maximize the damage output before engaging in combat officially. Both of the abilities can be spammed in the game to just take chunks of enemy health in seconds.


Well, that’s all in our Best Elden Ring Darkmoon Greatsword Build Guide to help you make the absolutely monstrous character at Level 125 and Level 150 or further than that. Keep in mind that the deal breaker is the Moonlight Greatsword skill for the Darkmoon that allows you to use Projectives on the charged attacks. You can put the following things in order here to get maximum damage out of your build.

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