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FIFA 23 Youth Academy Guide

Young players are frequently overlooked in FIFA 23's manager career mode, but if you know how to look for them in the game's Youth Academy, you can find hidden gems. However, if you started the game with a large budget, this strategy is not recommended because you would be better off looking for top talent in other ways. Instead, the article recommends using the top wonderkids transfer option if you have a large budget.

Focusing on finding young prospects through the Youth Academy can be a great way to simulate a more realistic experience in FIFA 23's manager career mode. These players may not immediately make your team competitive, but they may develop into valuable assets that can be sold for a profit later on. However, it may take some time to accumulate a large enough sale history to recoup a large sum like $1 billion, but that should be the long-term goal. The article will show you how to use the Young Academy to find the best young prospects in FIFA 23's career mode.

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Scout thoroughly and identify the best ones

The main feature of FIFA 23's Youth Academy is scouts. These are the characters in charge of providing information on how to find the best players in the Youth Academy. They usually require three to nine months on your team's calendar to produce results. As a result, it is advised to begin scouting for three months in order to build a solid pool of youth players.

In FIFA 23, scouts have two main statistics: experience and judgement. Experience refers to the number of players per monthly report, while judgement refers to the accuracy of the player rating predictions and the number of top players in the monthly report.

When you assign a scout to look for players, the focus should be on other criteria rather than the country. You can select any type of player you want without overthinking it, or you can choose specific players such as physically strong, dominant players on the field, and goalkeepers. Some players, however, may not bring the desired characteristics that the player selects.

FIFA 23 Youth Academy

Keep an eye for the stars

When searching for young players in FIFA 23's Youth Academy, keep in mind their maximum potential, which is displayed next to their current rating. As a result, it is advised to concentrate on players with a total potential of at least 90, as these players have the potential to be very good. Another factor to consider is the minimum potential of the player, which should be as high as possible. However, the signing price of a player for the youth team is a good indicator of finding a top talent. Teams will not let go of their top prospects cheaply, so targeting players with a high signing bonus is a wise investment.

It is also critical to promote these young players to the first team as soon as possible, as this can limit their maximum potential and reduce the potential return on investment if they are not yet ready to play at that level. With these strategies in mind, you increase your chances of finding the game's next great player.

Youth Academy

You will be given a set of players when you first access the Youth Academy feature in FIFA 23. These players may not be particularly talented or well-known, but they can still contribute to your team's success. You can either keep these players or start recruiting new talent from scratch to build your youth team. It is up to you to decide what to do with these starting players based on your team's and playstyle preferences.

To find new players for your FIFA 23 youth team, go to the Youth Scouts section of the game. Using the scouting feature, you can find new members for your team. The scouts you can hire for your team have star ratings for experience and judgement. The more stars a scout has, the more experienced and reliable they are, and they will be able to bring you better quality players to recruit; this will increase your chances of having a good youth squad with high-potential players.

You can customise the scouts search by specifying which countries to scout in and what type of players you want to target. After you've specified your criteria, the scouts will look for players who meet them. After the scouting period, you'll receive a report with the players discovered by the scout, and you'll be able to decide who to sign and who to pass on. Scouts in FIFA 23 have two main components: Experience and Judgement. The scout's experience allows him to bring back a greater number of players per monthly report, while his judgement allows him to find players with higher overall potential ratings.

FIFA 23 Youth Academy Guide

When choosing scouts for your team, you must consider the number of stars they have as well as your budget. Furthermore, having multiple scouts working for you at the same time is generally recommended, as this will provide you with a larger pool of players to choose from. Spreading your budget across three scouts is one strategy; this way, you'll get three different monthly reports each month, as well as a larger number of players, more options, and more chances to find a valuable player. If you can't afford three scouts at first, don't worry; you can always return to the youth staff section and hire more scouts later.

Hiring scouts will initially consume a portion of your team's budget, but if you recruit high-quality players, you can quickly recoup that investment. Furthermore, scouting for talented youth players can be very profitable in the long run, as you can develop these players and then sell them for a large sum of money. So hiring scouts may be worthwhile if you find valuable players who will benefit your team in the long run. After you've hired your scouts, you'll need to send them to different countries to find new talent. The longer you send the scouts out, the more expensive it becomes, and countries with higher costs often bring back higher-quality players.

You will also be able to specify the type of player you want to recruit. Goalkeepers, physically strong players, any player, defensively minded players, attackers, technically gifted players, wingers, and playmakers are among the different types. Each option will restore various attributes and abilities to players. Choosing the goalkeeper option, for example, will return the best goalkeepers, whereas selecting the physically strong option will return players with high power levels. They may, however, have less technical ability than other players.

Choosing any type will bring you the most diverse players to meet the needs of your team, while technically gifted will help you recruit players with better ball control and technical skills. It is important to note that each type has advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to determine which type is best for your team. The various types of players in FIFA 23 specialise in different attributes. For example, selecting the winger option will provide you with players with higher crossing and speed attributes, whereas selecting the playmaker option will provide you with players with higher passing stats and an additional boost to their attacking attributes.

The attacker and defensive-minded options are self-explanatory; they will bring back players who have the attributes and skills required for their positions. Attackers will bring back more offensive players, while defensive players will bring back more defensive players. It's important to note that depending on your team's needs, certain types of players may be more beneficial than others. If you want to improve your team's defence, for example, you should prioritise recruiting defensive-minded players. However, if you want to improve your team's attack, you should prioritise recruiting attackers.

FIFA 23 Transfer Market

The various types of players in FIFA 23 have distinct attributes, so you must choose which type to prioritise based on your team's needs. However, you should think about selecting the "Physically Strong" option because it will help you recruit players who are not limited by a maximum height and have high power levels, which can be a very beneficial attribute in the long run. It will provide you with more satisfaction in the long run because players with high power levels can compensate for other attributes that they may lack. However, it is critical to consider all of the factors and select the one that best fits your team and playstyle.

After you've established your criteria, you'll have to wait one month before receiving your first monthly report from your scout. The report will consist of a list of players found by the scout who meet the criteria you've specified. You will be able to sign these players for your youth team. It's important to note that the quality of the players in the report will be determined by the scout's experience and judgement, so having the best scout with the most stars will give you a better chance of having a good quality player list. It's critical to carefully review the report and decide which players you want to sign, as you'll only be able to sign a certain number of players per report.

One of the most important aspects to consider when reviewing the scout report is each player's Maximum Potential. This predicts how good the player will be throughout their career. Aim for players with high maximum potential because they have the most potential to improve and become valuable assets to your team. It's important to remember that a player's true potential is only occasionally visible, so you should rely on the scout's report's range. Maximum potential is a very useful attribute to consider when making a decision, but it is not the only one; you should also consider the player's current attributes and the cost of signing them.

It is generally recommended to target players with a Maximum Potential of 90 or higher and an overall (OVR) range of 50-60 when signing players from scout reports. Signing players with a high maximum potential and a good current overall rating increases the likelihood of acquiring a valuable player for your team. It's also important to consider the player's total valuation, which is typically measured in pounds, and aim for players worth more than a million pounds. More information about a player can be found to determine their value; this will give you an idea of how valuable the player is and how much you should expect to pay for them.


Defenders and goalkeepers are valued lower than other positions because their value is determined by their overall rating and potential rather than attacking or midfield attributes. So you can have a lower overall rating and maximum potential than others for these positions while still having a valuable player. Signing players with a high valuation is generally recommended because these players are more likely to succeed in the future. The players you've signed will appear in the game's Youth Academy section, with their current overall rating (OVR) displayed next to their name.

It's critical to keep your best players in the academy as long as possible until they're ready to play for your team. After a few months, you can judge these players when the results in their potential range are more varied. Players with 80-90 potential are considered future stars in the making, but it's important to remember that their potential is affected by dynamic potential, which means it can change over time. As a result, it is advised to keep those players in reserve for a short period of time before forcing them into your starting line-up or loaning them to other teams. Any players who are kept in reserve for an extended period of time will have a lower potential after a few months.


In conclusion, FIFA 23's Youth Academy can be a great way to find hidden gems and build a strong youth team in the manager career mode. It is important to use scouts effectively, focusing on criteria other than country and targeting players with high maximum potential and signing bonuses. Promoting young players to the first team as soon as they are ready is crucial to ensure they reach their full potential and maximize the return on investment.

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