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FC 24 Pro Clubs Guide: Creating and Managing Your Virtual Pro

In EA FC 24, there are multiple game modes that are designed to test your player's skills and abilities. Similarly, Pro Clubs in FC 24 offers a unique and immersive online experience where you create and manage your Virtual Pro, collaborating with friends or other players in a team setting. This mode focuses on teamwork, strategy, and individual skill development.

Creating and managing your Virtual Pro in FC 24 Pro Clubs is a comprehensive process that involves customizing your player's appearance, assigning attributes, selecting a playstyle, and managing the team effectively. Each aspect of this process contributes to building a unique and competitive player who can excel in various match situations and team dynamics.

To master your character's mechanics and playstyles and effectively manage them, you need to understand the ins and outs of Pro Clubs and learn how they operate through dedication, strategy, and teamwork.

If you need a detailed roadmap to navigate your character's path in Pro Clubs, complete with helpful tips and tactics, you're in the right place. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of all aspects of controlling your virtual professional in Pro Clubs, from the fundamental principles to more advanced techniques, in order to ensure a seamless and straightforward gameplay experience for you.

Creating Your Virtual Pro

Before you proceed further with managing your character, the first thing you must focus on is creating your virtual pro because it touches various aspects of the character creation that directly and indirectly impact your gameplay.

Physical Attributes

Physical attributes include Height and Weight of your player which determine the physicality and performance of your player on this pitch. Taller players may have advantages in aerial duels, while shorter players might be quicker and more agile.

Here, in physical attributes, body type matters as well. So, while choosing the body type for your player, make sure you choose a body type that reflects your desired play style, whether it's lean for speed or stocky for strength.

Face & Hair

Use the in-depth face customization options to create a unique look for your player. Modify characteristics like the form of the nose, eyes, mouth, and jaw. When it comes to hairstyle and facial hair, there are numerous options available for you to select from in order to create a unique look for your Virtual Pro.


Accessories add enhancement to your character's look and appearance. You will get to choose from a range of gloves, wristbands, and boots to add a personal touch to your Virtual Pro.

FC 24 Player Creation

Assigning Attributes to Your Virtual Pro

Assigning attributes to your character is an important part before you head towards selecting the playstyle and managing the Pro Clubs.

Skill Points Allocation

Here, you have to be mindful of two things and they are Initial Allocation and Performance-Based Progression.

Initial Allocation

Starting Points: You can start with a limited number of skill points to distribute across different attributes. Focus on key areas that align with your chosen playstyle and position. 

Balanced Approach: A balanced approach is needed while allocating skill points to your virtual pro to make sure your player is versatile or specializes in specific attributes to excel in particular roles. For example, if you allocate more points to shooting and pace, your player will be particularly effective as a striker.

Performance-Based Progression

Earning Points: Earn additional skill points by performing well in matches. Scoring goals, making assists, completing passes, and successful tackles contribute to your progression.

Incremental Improvement: Regularly assign newly earned skill points to continuously improve your player's attributes, making them more effective on the field.

Selecting a Playstyle for Your Character

Primary position involves choosing your role, you can go with selecting a primary position that matches your preferred playstyle, such as striker, midfielder, defender, or goalkeeper. After choosing your position, focus on specialization. Working on specialization will help you in performing optimally in your chosen role.

The secondary position involves flexibility. Choose a secondary position to provide flexibility in different match situations. This allows you to adapt to various tactical setups and team needs.

Playstyle Selection

In playstyle selection, you will see defined roles. Each playstyle focuses on different attributes. For example, a Playmaker will have enhanced passing and dribbling abilities, while a Finisher excels in shooting and pace.

Playstyles also provide specific attribute boosts that enhance your character's performance in their designated role.

Managing Your Team Effectively

As a virtual pro, it is very important to manage your team otherwise you will end up losing opportunities and matches. Here, you can either create a new pro club or join an existing one. As a manager, you have many responsibilities. Those responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting Players

  • Setting up Formations (3-4-1-2, 4-1-2-1-2, 5-4-1 Flat, etc)

  • Developing Strategies for winning matches and performing on the field.

So, as a manager, make your team more complete by ensuring that each player's style can benefit or help the other players. The reason is, for example, if a player is good at defending and creating chances but not that attacking-oriented you would prefer to team him with someone who is best at generating scoring opportunities.

A well-rounded team with a diverse set of skills will be able to adapt and overcome different types of opponents. because if a team is playing against a strong attacking side then you must have very strong defenders and midfielders who can counteract the play. This is where having creative and versatile attackers comes into play when a team faces an opponent with such strength in defense.

Role Assignment

While assigning roles to the players, make sure that they are assigned roles based on their preferred positions and positions and also ensure each player understands their responsibilities within the team setup. For example, some players may excel as forwards, while others may prefer playing in midfield or defense.

Evaluate each player's abilities, like their speed, dribbling, passing, tackling, and shooting. Their role within the team should be based on these strengths. For example, a center-back with strong defensive and physical qualities might be the most successful position; on the other hand, a central midfielder with good passing accuracy and vision might be more successful.

After roles are designated, it is essential to convey the duties linked to each role. This involves their main responsibilities on the field, like offensedefense, generating chances, or controlling the ball.

As an illustration, a forward may have to score goals and put pressure on the other team's defense, whereas a midfielder may be responsible for dictating the pace of the game and distributing the ball efficiently.

FC 24 Gameplay

Competition & Leagues

Participating in competitions and leagues is very important as it will improve your overall ranking. Compete in various divisions. Aim for promotions to higher divisions by winning matches and earning points. Participate in cup competitions that offer additional rewards and prestige.

Also, put your focus on the performance of your team. Keep track of your team's performance statistics, including goals scored, assists, and defensive records. Monitor your position on global and regional leaderboards to gauge your progress against other clubs.

Communication & Coordination

Effective communication and coordination among players and team members are essential for promoting the development of your club and its members. Utilize the voice chat feature within the game to communicate effectively with your team for improved coordination.

Builds For Clubs

EA FC 24's Pro Clubs mode has introduced extensive customization options, making it more complex for players to build their ideal club. Below are some examples to help you understand the builds.

Goalkeeper (GK)

Objective: Maximize Goalkeeping attributes to enhance crucial save-making abilities.


  • Height: 6'7″

  • Weight: 149 lbs

  • PlayStyle+: Far Reach+

  • PlayStyles: Far Throw, Footwork, Cross Claimer, Rush Out, Quick Reflexes, First Touch

  • Additional Stats: Pace and Agility for quicker rush outs and faster direction changes.

Full-Back (LB/RB)

Objective: Balance defensive security with offensive capability.


  • Height: 6'1″

  • Weight: 123 lbs

  • PlayStyle+: Whipped Pass+

  • PlayStyles: Jockey, Intercept, Rapid, Quick Step, Technical, First Touch

  • Key Attributes: Defending, Pace, Stamina, Strength, Agility, Dribbling, Crossing, Curve.

Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

If you play wisely and follow the right the right path then you can get an edge over other players. Below are some tips, tricks, and strategies to help you manage your virtual pro much better.

  • Consistent play will help you in understanding your teammates much better and build chemistry by understanding their playstyles.

  • Make sure to form a balanced team where there is a balanced composition with players excelling in different areas.

  • Be prepared to adapt your tactics and formations based on the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.

  • Regularly review and adjust your player's attributes and playstyles to stay competitive.

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In the world of EA FC 24's Pro Clubs, the journey of managing your Virtual Pro is a dynamic blend of customization, strategy, and teamwork. From creating your player to mastering playstyles and team management, every decision shapes your experience on the digital pitch.

By embracing the guidance provided in this guide, you equip yourself with the tools needed to thrive in this immersive online mode. So, step onto the field, forge bonds with your teammates, and enjoy the exhilarating journey of Pro Clubs.

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