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FC 24 Guide to Scoring from Set Pieces: Free Kicks and Penalties

The most realistic soccer experience is provided to fans by FC 24, where we can take part in a variety of competitive matches. In FC 24, the opportunity to score from a free kick is one of the most thrilling moments. Taking advantage of set pieces, including penalties and free kicks, in FC 24 is a powerful way to improve your goal-scoring ability. With free kicks, you may set yourself up for scoring opportunities from a variety of positions and distances. 

When it comes to free kicks, mediocre players might not be at ease or certain that they will score, while exceptional players will be dissatisfied if they don't. You can quickly go from being an ok player to a very good player by becoming proficient in the free-kick technique. EA Sports FC 24's free-kick and penalty system is incredibly accurate, much more so than previous FIFA games; to score regularly, you must have a deep understanding of every angle and detail. But if you memorize a few important rules, you'll score free kicks and penalties in EA FC 24 frequently. 

Regardless of your level of experience, we'll provide you with all the advice you need in our in-depth guide to improve your attacking skills in EA FC 24. You'll be able to score more goals and play with much better gameplay after reading these tips.

What are set pieces? 

Set pieces are an inevitable part of every football game. These consist of penalties, corner kicks, and free kicks. Every EA FC 24 game will provide supporters with numerous chances to score either directly or indirectly through corner kicks or free kicks; penalty kicks are uncommon, though. You may make these situations into fantastic opportunities to score goals if you take the proper strategy and select the ideal individuals. Don't forget to keep enough stock of FC 24 coins, the in-game currency of FC 24 to use as and when required. If you are falling short, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Free kicks

A free kick is a set piece in FC 24, where the attacking team receives one following a foul committed by the opposing team. The attacking team can take advantage of this to score a goal with a direct shot or a pass to a teammate.


Low Free Kick: type of kick in which the ball is struck low, usually to find a gap or to get under the jumping wall.

Inside Foot Curve and Low Outside Foot Curve: These methods entail bending the ball around the wall and into the goal by using the inside or outside of the foot.

Chipped free kicks: These are intended for accurate kicks that are frequently made over the wall and into a certain player or region. 

Knuckleball: A difficult shot where the ball is struck in such a way that its trajectory is unpredictable, and goalkeepers find it difficult to predict.

Classic Free Kick: The customary method of claiming free kicks, which frequently entails curving the ball around the wall or taking a straight shot at the goal.

How can one score a Free Kick Goal?

  • Choose the best free-kick taker: Seek out athletes who have strong curve and free-kick accuracy metrics.


  • Aim for a Free kick: It's important to position the aim. The on-screen cursor can be used to aim the ball in the desired direction.
    - Aim above the head of the player 
    who is furthest to the left in the wall when taking a free kick from the left.
    - Aim over the head of the player who is furthest to the right in the wall while taking a free kick from the right side of the goal post.
    - If you are shooting from a vertical posture towards the goal post, aim your shot over the head of the defence wall's middle player.


  • Execute: Making sure the shot is executed precisely is the last stage, Select the shot type according to your position for example 
    Knuckleball: Ideal for longer distances, this shot is strong and surprising. 
    Inside Foot Curl: Perfect for sideways free kicks. In this shot, the ball is wrapped around the inside of the foot.

FC 24 Free Kick


In EA FC 24, becoming proficient with penalties may greatly enhance your gameplay and raise your scoring chances. It takes a combination of ability, planning, and practice to execute a penalty properly. Aiming a penalty in a game is like aiming a shot. The ball will move from the centre in the direction of your choice with a little push in that direction. Take care not to aim too far out from the center as you can push the shot too far up or past the posts.

How to get the perfect penalty shot?

  1. Precise placement like the corners of the goals to improve your scoring chances. 


  2. Execute power shots more quickly and precisely. In the game, power shots are performed more quickly and powerfully, increasing the likelihood of scoring. 


  3. Have the perfect timing to strike the ball. 


  4. Make use of feints and other techniques to fool the goalkeeper. 


  5. Last but not least, practice rigorously.


Basic shooting technique: to improve the accuracy of your penalty, attempt to press the shooting button when the composure ring is very smallWhen you strike the penalty with a little composure ring, you can apply a lot of force.

Basic saving strategy: to improve your chances of reaching the side you want to dive take one step to the side as the opponent is about to shoot the ball in the run-up. Additionally, ensure that the input is tidy and directed towards either the top or bottom corners.

FC 24 Penalties

Top penalty takers: 

Bruno Fernandez: One of the best players in EA Sports FC 24 is Bruno Fernandes, a player who loves taking penalties. Bruno's penalty score is similarly 90.

Raul Jimenez: Raul Jimenez, a striker from Mexico, is once again the best penalty taker—at least according to ratings.

Neymar Jr.: He is such a skilled penalty taker that regulations have to be put in place to prevent him from deceiving goalkeepers. Neymar's penalty rating is 91.

Harry Kane: Harry Kane is an expert at taking penalties. At 92 penalty points, he is the best there is.


With extreme accuracy, you can dominate matches and dramatically raise your goal total in FC 24 by becoming proficient in these set-piece skills. In conclusion, it takes a combination of skill, strategy, and practice to become proficient at penalties and free kicks in EA Sports FC 24.

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