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Star Citizen - Best Personal Weapons Guide

When it comes to FPS gameplay, armor is simply one factor. You should be able to do as least as much harm as you can withstand. With most armor in Star Citizen, you may carry two assault weapons at once, giving you the ideal mix of damage and range versus weight and size. Depending on the weapon you're using and the fire mode it's in, you can attack your foes in Star Citizen with various damage kinds. You can use this guide to decide which weapons suit your playing style the best.

Star Citizen Personal Weapon

The current version of Star Citizen has 3 different kinds of weapon damage. These include plasma weapons, laser/energy weapons, and ballistic weapons. Ballistic weapons deliver great damage per shot at close ranges before punishing each shot based on distance. Even while energy weapons have less spread, less recoil, and fewer ammo restrictions than conventional guns, they are more potent at a distance. Finally, the most damaging weapons are plasma, although they spread more and are heavier. The following weapons all have many slots for attachments. You can outfit your weapon with muzzle flash dampeners, silencers, stabilizers, tactical lasers, spotlights, and scopes.

Behring P4 - AR Ballistic Rifle

The traditional P4-AR ballistic rifle from Behring has a short barrel and short-bodied assault rifle with a collapsible stock. While it excels in close-quarters combat, it competes well in long-distance battle with its diverse fire options. The weapon's fairly conventional appearance indicates a robust and unchanging past, even though it has undergone minor adjustments to maintain its nearly flawless functionality. The marines who serve the United Empire of Earth receive it as standard equipment.

Star Citizen Behring P4

Although it performs well at most ranges, this weapon specializes in close combat. Due to its modest weight and small size, the P4-AR is portable without sacrificing maneuverability or endurance. However, you will require extra ammunition for your ballistic rifle, which can take up storage space.

The following significant landing zones, which you must reach with your quantum drive, are where you can get this weapon in-game: Live Fire Weapons: Area 18 (beginning point), Cubby Blast: Port Olisar.

The following "Rest Stop" space stations, which you must travel to with your quantum drive and are dispersed throughout the solar system, also include a "Live Fire Weapons" weapons shop where you can purchase these weapons: R&R CRU L4, R&R HUR L2, L3, L4, L5, and R&R ARC L1.

P4-AR Information: 

• 50-meter range

• Thirty rounds; damage Design: Ballistic

• 550 RPM for RoF

• 3397-3791 aUEC, price

Klaus & Werner Gallant Energy Rifle

This high-capacity, selective fire energy rifle is battery-powered. It ranks second in our list of the greatest assault rifles in Star Citizen because it is one of the game's most dependable and effective weapons. Are you using a rechargeable battery system? This weapon is the obvious choice when looking for a long-range assault rifle since, despite its indicated range, it can compete in a gunfight far beyond what is specified.

Star Citizen Klaus & Werner Gallant Energy Rifle

Excellent for close-range firefights. When firing at a rapid rate, energy weapons batteries require waiting. With a fresh battery, the Custodian can respond quickly and keep up with your rate of fire. Sadly, the interchangeable batteries also imply that this energy weapon, unlike most others, has a little amount of ammo.

The Conscientious Objects weapons store, located on Delamar in the landing zone, Levski, is where players can purchase this weapon in-game. You'll need to use your quantum drive to get there. You may also purchase this weapon from the "Live Fire Weapons" store at any of the following "Rest Stop" space stations, which are dispersed around the solar system and can be reached only via quantum drive: R&R CRU L1, L5, R&R HUR L1, L2, L3, L4, L5.

Gallant Information 

• 50-meter range

• Damage: 60 Ammunition Type: Power

• 450 RPM for RoF

• Cost: 4650 aUEC

Star Citizen offers a variety of weapons that can boost your performance significantly. It's important to have a good weapon with you. But to get these weapons, you must spend a lot of UEC coins, for which you must grind. But worry not; you can get these powerful weapons easily with Star Citizen Tokens.

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Kastak Arms Karna Plasma Rifle

The Karna is a versatile plasma beast with three distinct fire modes. This weapon can deal a lot of damage in a short period, thanks to the high damage plasma shots and the "Custodian-like" ability to swap out "magazines" to keep the fire on target. It has three firing modes: burst, automatic, and a unique charged "slug-shot" mode. Its futuristic appearance is enhanced by its streamlined design, which vents heat by allowing users to see inside the weapon through panels that can be opened.

Star Citizen Kastak Arms Karna Plasma Rifle

This weapon's high damage plasma shots make it effective against heavy armor but beware of the strong recoil. Your shots will inflict less damage to your target the farther away they are. Therefore, for the Karna to be most effective, stay within a reasonable distance.

Immense weight accompanies great power. Your stamina will be impacted by the heavy weight of the weaponry and the additional ammunition you will have to transport. The R&R CRU L5 space station's "Live Fire Weapons" are weaponry stores to get this weapon. To get there, you'll have to use your quantum drive.

Karna Information 

• 50-meter range

• Thirty rounds; damage Plasma type

• 500 RPM RoF

• Cost: 4700 aUEC

Gemini S71 Assault Rifle

One of the most ergonomically sound firearms in the game is the S71 assault rifle from Gemini. In addition to having a simple design, Gemini is proud of its dynamic weapon parts, which are frequently visible while the gun is firing or in ready condition. Furthermore, the S71 is frequently used in the single shot mode for excellent accuracy, producing a snappy, powerful "clack" with each trigger stroke.

Star Citizen Gemini S71 Assault Rifle

The most accurate assault rifle in terms of ballistics, usually with a scope. Comparatively to other ballistic weapons in its class, the weapon is easier to keep on target thanks to the lower calibre bullet. However, this gun is far less effective than usual energy weapons because it is a ballistic weapon.

You can find this weapon in-game at the following significant landing areas, but you'll need to use your quantum drive to get there: Skutters – Grim Hex or CenterMass – Area 18.

S71 Information 

• 50-meter range

• Thirty rounds; damage Design: Ballistic

• 300/900 RPM RoF

• Cost: 3981 aUEC

Kastak Arms Custodian Energy Rifle

A 35-Megawatt laser weapon with a small form factor and an interchangeable battery "magazine," The Custodian. It uses two ways to fire: a regular full-auto stream of lasers and a high-damage charged burst blitz fire. Although this weapon's range isn't exceptionally long, it can quickly dispatch a foe with minimal armor when used in close combat. Similar to the P90 in real life, the ammunition battery is loaded from the top of the weapon.

Star Citizen Kastak Arms Custodian Energy Rifle

Excellent for close-range firefights. Most energy weapons contain a rechargeable battery that must be waiting for when fired rapidly. With a fresh battery, the Custodian can respond quickly and keep up with your rate of fire.

The following significant landing zones, which you must reach with your quantum drive, are where you can get this weapon in-game: Live Fire Weapons: Port Olisar (the starting point); Skutters: Grim Hex; Conscientious Objects: Levski; Cubby Blast: Area 18; The following "Rest Stop" space stations in the solar system, to which you must use your quantum drive to visit, also have a weapons shop called "Live Fire Weapons" where you can purchase this weapon: R&R CRU L5, R&R HUR L1, L3, L5, and R&R ARC L1.

Custodian Information 

• 30-meter range

• Damage: 60 Ammunition Type: Power

• 800 RPM RoF

• 2262-2706 aUEC as price

While the development of Star Citizen is ongoing, all of these weapons could change. These broad data will continuously give an overview of assault rifle basics and FPS fighting. In addition, your firefights will be more adaptable thanks to new weapon attachments and other ammunition types. Despite these upcoming changes, several important factors are still to consider while choosing a weapon in the current game. And this list will serve as a jumping-off point for your exploration of the assault rifles in Star Citizen, regardless of whether that reason is range, stability, fire rate, or ammo capacity.

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